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Book Review: Making Millions in Direct Sales

By Michael G. Malaghan

This book is copyrighted in 2005 and in going through it, it is more focused on the person who is a sales representative for a company.  As a result, the focus is not on party plan people but there is enough information that it is worth reviewing for the site.    making milliions

First of all, there are 8 activities that the book is based on:

  • Sell
  • Prospect
  • Hire
  • Train
  • Replicate Yourself
  • Motivate
  • Manage
  • Lead

I did like that at the end of chapter, there were a list of questions to ask yourself and book recommendations if you wanted to read more on that specific topic.

In going through the book, some of these topics caught my attention as ones that someone in a party plan might be interested in:

  • Phone appointments – 11 ideas to increase success rates
  • How to find leads as well as how to work with them
  • Tips on how to find recruits as well as how to interview them
  • Working with new sales reps as well as the veteran reps
  • How to set goals using a workshop approach (could work in a conference call or team meeting)
  • 12 career wrecking demons and how you can resolve them
  • How to be a good manager
  • 60 ways to energize your meetings (but don’t use them all at once!)

Again, due to the age of the book some of the ideas presented are no longer as relevant or practical (such as the ones on the Internet) but there are still many tried and true methods in here.

If you are someone who is struggling, this book may be good to pick up and read through to see if there are ideas you can incorporate.  Make sure to look at the books recommended as you never know what or where you are going to find the tip that makes you successful.

Buy:  Making Millions in Direct Sales

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2013 Year in Review and Going Forward

Clock watcher

Clock watcher (Photo credit: Craig A Rodway)

This blog is just celebrating its 3rd anniversary and it has been a roller coaster.

Like any blog, I started out strong with multiple posts a day to get it rolling and get content up quickly.   I kept up daily posts for the first six months and then started to slow down but averaged a post every other day in 2011.  In 2012, I slowed down a bit more and posted every 2.5ish days (147 in 2012 vs 174 in 2011).  But in 2013, I slowed down and actually took a break for several months allowing my posts to recycle themselves on the blog but with the occasional fresh post or a new guest post.   In about October 2013, I came back to posting on a three times a week schedule which is what I have planned to maintain.

I am hoping to stay on the three posts a week plan for 2014.  It does get difficult to continually come up with topics to write about though.   I have been trying to get more guest posts to help with that and ones that deal more with social media as that is not a strong point for me.  My own direct sales business is not doing a lot (of my own doing) which also makes it more difficult to come up with topics as I am not seeing what people are dealing with.

If you are reading this, and you have topics you want to see addressed, please let me know.   There is a contact form on here, don’t be scared to use it!  I have had a few people contact me with questions which have ultimately made their way into blog posts.

The end of 2012 also saw the creation of 5 books on direct sales being sold through Kindle and Amazon.  To date, I have sold 43 books with the most popular being “The Business End of Direct Sales – Accounting and Taxes (Direct Sales Help)” selling 26 copies.   While that is not a lot, I am happy as I was not sure how these books would do and if anyone would buy them.  I had planned on making a book with all five books combined but it never happened.  Maybe in 2014.

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