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Book Review: Book More, Sell More by V.L. Main

I was approached by the author of this book to see if I would do a review of it.  I willingly agreed as I have wanted to provide more reviews on this blog.    In return, a copy was sent to me to read and review.  The opinion here is mine and was not influenced at all by the free book.  Book More, Sell More by V.L. Main

In “Book More, Sell More” there are 11 different ideas that are explored as well as some bonus ideas to inspire you.  But what I like is how she breaks down each idea with the benefits for customer and consultant, what types of products work best for this idea and the concept.  She discusses what you need to do it, who you are targeting and how to launch it.  She discusses add on’s for the sale, the record keeping aspect as well as how to handle any sales or recruit leads that come from it.  Some of the ideas also include information on the pros/cons of the promotion, ideas for follow up and variations of the idea.

Near the end, there are additional ways that you can get sales as well as a discussion on creating your own newsletter to keep in touch with your customers.  Just like the sales ideas, she breaks it down to help you with this from how to do it, what type of information to provide and some information to keep you from being discouraged.  Another idea I liked is the idea of a boot camp that you can use to get yourself motivated and going or you could use it to do a team challenge.

I enjoyed this book as it provides a variety of different ideas to get more sales. While several ideas were not new to me, the presentation of the information and the breakdowns were definitely helpful.  For a new consultant, or one who is not sure how to get more sales or bookings, or does not want to spend a lot of money, there is definitely some helpful information in here.

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