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Tips for a Successful Catalogue Party

Hostess Wish List – Have your hostess create her wish list when she first decides to have her party.  Then, get the list from her and figure out the sales she needs to make in order to get that product for free.  If it takes 300 dollars, remind her it only takes 10 $30 orders or 5 $60 dollars, which depending on your product, probably is not difficult.

Guest List – There are many different lists out there that you can provide your hostess with so she remembers to talk to people.  If your company hasn’t provided one in your manual, you can create one yourself.  Just search for “guest lists” or “people to invite” and you likely will get all sorts of ideas to pass on.

Favourite Product – Have your hostess point out her favourite item to everyone that looks at a book.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to make sales!  While she may feel a bit awkward, one of the easiest ways to do this is have her put a sticky sticking out on her favourite page, and when she hands a book off to someone; she can simply say “Do you see that sticky?  It’s on my favourite item, the X!  I have this in my house and love it!”  The sticky helps her guest to remember what it was later on as well and sales will likely increase as well.

Keep the Catalogues moving– Make sure that the hostess always has a few books out with people to look at.  This helps to keep the sales adding up so that the party will close on time with the most sales possible.

Deliver Products Yourself – Depending on where the party is, you may want to deliver the products yourself.  This way you have a chance to meet your customers and you can offer a little bit more customer service.  You can also ask if they would be okay with you calling in a few days to see if they have any questions about their products.

Offer to Make Calls – If your hostess doesn’t feel comfortable talking to some people about the products, tell her to get their phone numbers for you and you will call.  Make sure she talks to them first as you do not want to call and have them tell you they have no interest.

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Communicating with your Hostess for her Catalogue Party

As I said yesterday, one of the best things you can do for your catalogue party is keep in touch with your hostess.  People may be asking her questions about the product, how a special works or other details that she doesn’t know about.  By keeping in touch with her, you are helping her to succeed.  She may simply need more catalogues or order forms which would be great for you both!

It is best to ask your hostess what method of communication she prefers.  Some people prefer the phone; some prefer texting while others prefer email or other communication such as Facebook.  If she has setup a Facebook event page for her party, make sure you have access to it and try to visit it every day just in case people have questions they are posting there.

Make sure she knows that she cannot let this party sit open indefinitely, set a clear deadline.  This is due to the fact that the person who ordered when she first got the books is going to start wondering where their product is after a week or two.  They may never ask the hostess and assume that it is the consultant that is causing the issue and not placing the order.  I know I get hostesses contacting me after their party wondering if their product is in yet, so I would imagine customers sometimes get even more anxious.  I know I have!  If you have the customer email addresses, it might not hurt to throw out a quick emailing stating you have received their order but hostess is not closing until X date so they should receive their product about Y date and to please contact you if they have any questions.

If you keep in touch with your hostess and set a clear ending date, you should be able to get a decent party without a lot of major effort on your part. But remember, a catalogue party is truly the last option as you will do much better with a physical event where people can see, touch and smell your products.


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What exactly is a catalogue party?

A catalogue party is when you give your host some catalogue and order forms and they go out and collect orders for you.  If you are able to, it is helpful to lend your host some samples or product so they can show them to people.  This will help to get more sales as people are visual.

Provide them with all the information that they will need such as the methods of payment, how to calculate shipping, taxes and anything else that they may require.  A copy of the monthly specials that are available to them or customers is a good idea.

Contact your hostess about halfway through the catalogue party to see how things are going.  It is best to give no more than two weeks for them to submit their orders to you, more than that and people start to get antsy and wonder where their products are.

Make sure that you give your hostess lots of catalogues.  This way she can leave them with people in different places to help gather orders.  Tell her to point out her favourite products to people as testimonials will help to get more orders.