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Increase Your Sales by Improving Your Social Skills

When I was growing up, never in my wildest dreams did I think of becoming a writer. I knew how to write a basic sentence when I was I kid but I did not really thought about it that much. I did not realized at that time how important it was to improve one’s writing and social skills. People do not realize how important it is to interact with the people that matter to you. It is only where they are required do a sales pitch to their prospective clients that a lot of marketing professionals begin to notice how crucial improving ones social skills is in their business and in their success.  Increase Sales

Some salespeople are not very good at communicating their thought and ideas through speech and through their writing. A lot of times they do not know how to translate those ideas in a good way. Here are some tips that salespeople can do to improve their social skills and increase their sales:

1. Read and Learn

Reading can give the information that you need when you are writing a sales campaign.Reading important information about your product, customers and the market you are in can help you make the sales pitch or the article that you need to make a lasting impression in the minds of your customers. You also need to be updated with the latest trends in your society so that you are not left behind and so that you can gather important information for your sales pitch. The key to becoming success in direct marketing in making the connection with your customers and that is why it is important to learn more about their attitudes and lifestyle.

2. Practice Your Social Skills

There are no shortcuts to success. The key in improving your social skills is to take the time and energy to work on your networking abilities. It does not happen overnight. It is not easy but if you put in the effort you can succeed at it. There are times when you will fail but the important thing is to never give up.

3. Write down Your Goals

Goal setting is an important factor to becoming a better marketer. It can help you monitor your progress and see how far you have come. Goals are important when you are trying to achieve something important. It can give you the inspiration to work for something useful and meaningful not just in your business but more importantly in your life.
Those are some tips that salespeople can do to increase their sales by improving their social skills. It is important to be patient for the rewards will be worthwhile.

About the Author:

Elizabeth Terry works as an essay writer online to help people work better. She also participates in different charitable causes to help other people live better lives.

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Can I change to another sponsor?

Unfortunately, this is not something that most direct sales companies will allow.  Typically the only way to get rid of a bad upline is to leave the business, sit out for a while, and then return.  If this is not an option to you, go to the person above your direct sponsor and see if they are willing to help you.  There are many that have no problem helping their second line, knowing that if something happens to their frontline people, then you will roll up and be part of their frontline.

You may also find others in the company through various methods that are willing to help you out.  This may be through various Internet groups, message boards or on Facebook.

While having a bad sponsor can be discouraging, if you really love the products you will find a way to work with it and continue your career.

Are there any tricks or tips to help my fundraiser go smoothly?

How to Communicate Your Ideas

Image by kevindooley via Flickr

As with anything, the best thing you can do is communicate.  Talk to the organizer before the event and put in writing when things are going to happen when.  I have heard stories of consultants having issues with the organization so putting it in writing and giving each person a copy will hopefully help.

  • Date fundraiser starts
  • What the consultant is providing and if there are costs associated with it
  • The cost of the fundraising supplies if the organization is paying
  • Date fundraiser closes (I suggest a date a few days before you actually want to close due to stragglers)
  • What the consultant expects back and if there are costs associated with it
  • Does the organization give you one big order – 20 A, 27 B, 21 C – or do they give you the small orders?
  • How does payment work?
  • When shipment is expected (will be based on closing/ordering date)
  • Where the shipment will be delivered?
  • Who will be sorting out the shipment?
  • Are there any other things that you think need to be discussed with the organization when doing a fundraiser?
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Use Your Customers Preferred Communication Method

A big part of your direct sales business is learning how to communicate with your customers.  You may have a method that you prefer but it may not be the same one as your customers.  For the best results, it is ideal to find the one that you both like or can agree on.

I have a story about this I want to share.

I was looking for a new massage person as the one I was seeing left.  I saw a recommendation on Twitter for this lady whose contact was through Facebook.  I don’t have an issue with Facebook communication so I went over there and sent her a message.  And waited for a reply.  When I did get a reply, she told me she does not check her Facebook private messages very often and to please text her instead.  I do not have texting on my phone (I’m a bit of a dinosaur in that regard) and as a result, she lost out on my business to another location that communicates in a way that I can which is via regular phone.  Even if this person had given me an email address to contact her at we could have come out to some sort of arrangement as that is my ideal method of communication but that option was not given.  There goes my business.  And while I do not go for a massage all that often, I probably go at least half a dozen times a year.

The point of my slightly long winded story is that it is important to communicate with your customers and use the various methods available to you.  We know that small orders can make the difference and that they add up so why not stay in touch and make sure we are not losing those orders?

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Making Successful Direct Sales Phone Calls

Making phone calls is part of the direct sales consultant life, no matter how you may feel about it.  Granted, a lot of hostesses prefer texting or other means of communication, but it is still a good idea to use the phone once in a while.  Here are some tips to have better phone communication and some of these likely will carry on to other means of communication.

Attitude – How you feel comes across in your voice.  If you are grumpy or in a bad mood, the person you are speaking to can likely hear it in your voice.  Have you heard to smile when talking to someone because they can hear it?  It definitely is true!  If you do not think you can speak pleasantly to someone, either wait to call them or figure out a way to put yourself in a better mood before picking up the phone.

Disruptions – Not only can customers hear you but they can hear background noise.  If you are chewing gum or drinking something, there is a good chance these sounds will come through the phone and you will not sound professional.  If you have kids, find a place that is off limits to the kids, or you can close the door, and make your calls from there.   Nap time may be a good time for phone calls.

Use a Corded Phone – This may seem like a weird tip but if you are using a cordless phone, you may be tempted to do other tasks when speaking to your customer and you may miss something they say.  It may also cause background noises that your customer does not need to hear.  If you really need to do something, ask your customer if they can please hold on, and go do it (provided it is quick) or ask if you can call back if it is something more detailed.

Phone calls are important in this business, even if most of your calls just involve leaving a message on an answering machine.  By sounding happy and professional, you will be more successful with your direct sales business than if you sound grumpy and cross.

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Writing procedures builds your business

You want to work for yourself so you can keep the profits, set your own rules and enjoy working, right? So things like procedures and manuals seem a bit heavy and boring – especially when you’re busy trying to get things done.

I’m a bit of a free spirit myself – I hate being restricted and having to do things someone else’s way, and I never used to get excited by a procedure or manual either!

Consistency builds strong foundations

Consistency really is a key to business success.

Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being consistent builds your reputation and encourages people to come back and recommend you to others.

It also makes life easier for you – for example, if you always put the same information at the start or finish of a presentation it becomes habit and you won’t forget to say anything important.

A written procedure makes it much easier to stay consistent – just the act of writing it down will help cement the steps in your mind.

Once you build a team of consultants, a written procedure is a good way to help them remember their training and do things the most efficient or effective way. This way you get consistency throughout your team, not just from yourself.

Spending time to save time

Writing procedures will take some time – but probably not as much as you expect. Just jot down the steps as you do something and you have the basis of a procedure.

Once you have a procedure written down, it can save you time by:

  1. You don’t have to remember how to do something you don’t do very often (for example recording unusual items in your accounts or completing an online tax return)
  2. Training recruits is easier as you need only show them once and let the procedure remind them
  3. Giving a copy to your team so they don’t have to ask you about basic processes and concepts as often
  4. Ensuring tasks are done correctly and accurately, saving you needing to retrain
  5. Knowing your team has the procedures to do things correctly without extra effort on your part – which means less work for you when it comes to training.

Professionalism starts with little things

Being seen as professional builds trust and credibility for you and your business. That doesn’t mean you have to be impersonal and formal, but you do need to take care of the details.

Professionalism is built on consistency and perceptions.

Once you build a team and need to train people, you will appear much more professional handing out written procedures than giving some unprepared talks without notes. Impressing your team with your professionalism makes it more likely they will act professionally and try to live up to your standard.

Not sure where to start or need to learn more? Tash has written a no-nonsense eBook on writing procedures, as well as giving tips on effective communications in her blog.


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Communicating with Your Direct Sales Target Market

Something that I learned in a Marketing course I have been taking is the importance of identifying the unique attributes of different generations.  Knowing and understanding what makes each generation different will aid in communicating with your customers, making your direct sales business move forward.

Baby Boomers – I know you have heard this term before, everyone has.  This generation is older – in their 50’s and 60’s.  They are looking for products that have to do with anti-aging and making them feel/look younger.  They prefer communication to be via phone or even through the mail, depending on what it is.

Generation X – These people have grown up in a repressed economy so they tend to be more cautious.  But they are also environmentally conscious and look to support companies that care for the environment.  Due to the large buying power of this age group, many companies are looking for products that they can market to this group now and as they continue to get older.  Communication is still using the telephone but they are adapting to email so you may have some luck with technology such as email or Facebook.

Millennials – The millennial is the current generation, born after 1985.  They are likely in university or just finishing up and heading into their first jobs.  They grew up with technology so much of it doesn’t faze them and they prefer communication be electronic whether it is email/texting/social media.  Your best bet to get a hold of a Millennial customer is to send them an email/text as they likely have a cell phone  or smart phone that does not leave their side.

For me, I am between Gen-X and the Millennial (due to my birth year) but I know that I tend to lean towards the Millennial traits.  If I had my way, no one would ever call me and I would not even need the phone aspect of my Smartphone.  But my dad is a Baby Boomer, and he loves his telephone and has a love-hate relationship with his computer.  For the most part, he prefers not to use it.  He tends to reply to emails saying, I will call you, if he can even find the reply button.  As you can see, the best way to communicate with the two of us is very different.

Knowing the best way to communicate with your customers can help you when it comes to follow up as well as getting repeat business.  If you use their preferred method of communication, you are more likely to get a response from them and move your business forward.

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Just Pick up the Phone

I asked on my Facebook last week to find out what the biggest challenge that direct sellers had.  One answer was picking up and using the phone.  I will admit that this is something that I am not great at either so I went searching for some resources.

Here is a great video by Julie Anne Jones with a different perspective to help you with your mindset.  This is definitely something I will be keeping in mind when I need to make calls.

Julie Anne Jones – Just Pick Up The Phone!


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Communicating with your Hostess for her Catalogue Party

As I said yesterday, one of the best things you can do for your catalogue party is keep in touch with your hostess.  People may be asking her questions about the product, how a special works or other details that she doesn’t know about.  By keeping in touch with her, you are helping her to succeed.  She may simply need more catalogues or order forms which would be great for you both!

It is best to ask your hostess what method of communication she prefers.  Some people prefer the phone; some prefer texting while others prefer email or other communication such as Facebook.  If she has setup a Facebook event page for her party, make sure you have access to it and try to visit it every day just in case people have questions they are posting there.

Make sure she knows that she cannot let this party sit open indefinitely, set a clear deadline.  This is due to the fact that the person who ordered when she first got the books is going to start wondering where their product is after a week or two.  They may never ask the hostess and assume that it is the consultant that is causing the issue and not placing the order.  I know I get hostesses contacting me after their party wondering if their product is in yet, so I would imagine customers sometimes get even more anxious.  I know I have!  If you have the customer email addresses, it might not hurt to throw out a quick emailing stating you have received their order but hostess is not closing until X date so they should receive their product about Y date and to please contact you if they have any questions.

If you keep in touch with your hostess and set a clear ending date, you should be able to get a decent party without a lot of major effort on your part. But remember, a catalogue party is truly the last option as you will do much better with a physical event where people can see, touch and smell your products.


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