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Picking out a Direct Sales Team Name

One fun thing that you can do when you start building your direct sales team is to name the team.  It helps to build some team spirit and can give you a bit of fun in the process.

There are a few ways that you can name your team.  You can just pick the name yourself and be done with it, you can ask your team for suggestions or you can gather suggestions and then do a draw.  Offer a prize to the team member that comes up with the best option in order to help get a few more ideas into the pot and to come up with something great.

A few ideas to consider for your direct sales team names.

  • Something location based may not be a good idea – teams expand and grow.  My team is in Canada and the US so something Canadian would not work for me.
  • Gender Neutral – Most companies have both male and female consultants, so you may not want to pick something that is exclusive to one gender.  This is especially true if you are selling gender neutral items such as food items or vitamins.
  • Generic – Chances are, there are some generic names within your industry that you may want to avoid.  These may include names that include your company name with other common words like “The Awesome Company Team”.  Try to be more creative if you want people to be proud of their team name.
  • Unique – The more unique the team name you select, the more that people will start to remember it and your team as you get it out there.  This can be important when you go to bigger meetings or convention and you want to identify yourself.  Of course, at that point, many teams end up dressing up and doing other crazy things to be noticed.

When it comes to direct sales team names, it is not a requirement to have one.  But it can add a little bit of fun to your business as well as to your downline.  You can come up with a name when you have one recruit or wait until you have twenty – the choice is yours.


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  • Getting Started (directsaleshelp.com)
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Being invited to a Competing Direct Sales Event

There are times in your direct sales career that you may be invited to a party your friend is hosting with the competition.  Depending on their product line, they may have items that your company does not carry and you want to purchase, but they may not.  If you have absolutely no interest in attending, there are several things you can do.

Decline the Invitation – The easiest thing you can do is decline to attend the event.  No harm, no foul and life goes on.

Attend but Not Purchase – Another option is to attend the party but not purchase anything.  Be aware that this may annoy your friend and the consultant, but maybe not.  We all know that not everyone who comes out will purchase, you are just that person that time.

Make a Deal – I saw this interesting idea recently on Facebook.  Tell your friend you will attend and purchase (chances are they sell something that you don’t) but in return, you expect your friend to host a party with you and spend the equivalent that you spend at their party.  This may get them off your case about attending, or you may end up with a party!

Of course, the question comes up of “Does your friend know that you sell for another similar company and that she should be hosting with you instead?”  If she is not aware of your status with direct sales, it is no wonder she didn’t book with you.

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Should You Badmouth Your Competitors?

There are times when you are at a home party or an event and someone comes up to you and asks why they should purchase your product instead of your competitors.  It can be very tempting to say that the competitor’s product is inferior or bad quality, but I suggest you take the higher road and handle it differently.

Focus on Your Product – Instead of saying that their product is not as well constructed, why not point out how your product has met certain manufacturer’s standards and has been approved by whatever commission may govern your industry?  If it is a food product, maybe some products have been declared kosher – this may be a benefit to someone so point it out.  Maybe your company has been ISO approved; make sure your customer knows that.

Features – Another option is to focus on the features your product has.  Don’t say that the product that  X sells does not have this certain feature but say, our Y product has this feature which no other product on the market has.  This feature is great for this and that reason.

Sometimes you might be asked point blank if you find that the other company is competition and how do you handle that.  For me and my candle business, I state that I do not find the other company competition because of this and that reason.  I am not telling a lie; I have found the points that I feel my company excels at and focus on those.

If you only focus on the negatives (why the other company is bad) you will look bad to potential customers and that word will get around.  Also, your potential customer still does not know why they should deal with you instead of with the other person.  But by pointing out the good, they know the benefits of your product and will want to deal with you.

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Motivating your Direct Sales Team

If you have a direct sales team, one thing you may have to do occasionally is help motivate your team and get them going.  This can be difficult if you do not know what their goals are or what they want to accomplish.  Thankfully, it can be relatively easy to ask them this question.

The first thing you need to be able to do to motivate them is to know what they want to accomplish.  Do they want to make sales, recruit or do something else like fundraisers?  What are they currently doing?  What is holding them back from doing something if they are not doing anything?  If you do not know what they want, you cannot provide ideas.

Next, give them ideas or create challenges for them to make these goals.  For instance, if they want fundraisers but they have not approached anyone, challenge them to approach five people in the next week.  They may protest that they do not know five people that would want a fundraiser but they could be surprised.  Ask if they know anyone involved in sports, in music, or even anyone who may be battling an illness and could use some extra funds to help pay medical bills.  These are all people they could potentially approach about a fundraiser.  Is everyone going to jump at the chance to do a fundraiser – no – but, it will help the person get comfortable talking about it and you never know what may come of it.

Make sure to check in with them a week later or whatever deadline you set to find out how it went.  If they were successful, congratulate them and ask them how it felt, if they feel confident doing that going forward and possibly give them another challenge.  If they were not successful, ask them what happened.  Was it something they chose not to do, did they ignore the challenge or did something come up in life that just prevented them from being to do this?  Maybe you can re-challenge them or change the challenge a bit to make it easier for them.

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How to be Taken Seriously as a Direct Sales Consultant

For many people in direct sales, those around them do not take them seriously enough which causes them to lose confidence in their abilities.  But fear not, there are things that you can do to show those doubters that you are serious about your direct sales business.

Talk the Talk – Prove to them you are serious.  Work your business by going to the meetings, doing some advertising and get events on the books.  Attend trade shows to find new clients and keep up on the training and changes within your company.  If you do not know about a change in the commission schedule which happened three months ago, you do

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not look very serious.

Treat it like a Business – Treat your direct sales business like it is a real business.  Too many consultants just treat it like a hobby, ignoring it the way they ignore a book they do not like.  But if you are working it constantly, you shoul

d be seeing the results.  This means getting tangible results from your efforts such as putting out advertising and getting parties booked from it.  It means taking the time to make customer follow up calls in order to increase re-orders and

bookings.  It may mean setting office hours in which you close the door to a room to do these tasks.

– One of the best things you can do to show others that you are serious is to attend the training meetings that happen.  Some may be in person while others might be over the phone or online.  Regardless of the method, attending these can provide valuable information to help you with your business.  If you are not able to attend due to a conflict, make arrangements to get the information in another method.

One on One – See if your upline can provide you with one on one training.  I have done calls directly with my upline to discuss issues that I am having with my business.

Pacing Partner – Some people like to have a pacing partner to work with who has similar goals to work with.  It may work better if they are also at approximately the same place you are with your business.  The idea is to keep in touch on a regular basis to update the other one on how they are doing.  Notes can be compared and ideas exchanged on what may help.

Some of these training methods will not be directly noticeable to those around you, but if you take the steps to work your business, it will end up showing up to them.  They will see the increase in the direct sales events you are doing and the increase in revenue and will have no choice but to believe you are capable.

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