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Picking a Consultant to have a Direct Sales Party With

There are many direct sales consultants out there that would all love to host a party for you.  But how do you decide which one you want to invite into your home?  There are a variety of methods that people use and which one you pick is up to you.


choices (Photo credit: danielmoyle)

Booking at a Party – Quite often people will book their party with the person who was the consultant at an event they attended.  A lot of people do not know half a dozen different consultants with each company so they pick the person that is easiest and that they have met already.  But if you do not get along with this person, there are other options.

Ask Friends – If you have not been to a party recently and are looking for a direct sales consultant, you can try asking friends if they know anyone.  You may be surprised at who they know and that they can hook you up with.

Company Website – A great method to find consultants is to visit the company’s website.  Chances are there is a spot where you can enter where you live and it will list several consultants in the area that you can get in touch with.  If you are not sure, pick a few different ones and send them a few questions.  See how they respond and see which one seems to mesh with you the best.  Even if you do not see anyone in your area, you can contact the company and they will find someone for you.  I recently acquired a customer who did this – the consultant search wasn’t working for her, she called my company and they sent me the lead.

Local Classifieds – Another place you can look for a consultant is your local classified ads.  Depending on the website you are using will determine how successful you will be.  I know that I have difficulties getting ads posted on some sites as others like to report them so that they are the only ones.

Facebook – Try searching for the company you are looking for on Facebook.  I find that those who are local to me come up first in my searches.  If the consultant has a fanpage or information in their profile, they should come up.

Search Engines – Go to your favorite search engine and type in “Company Name” and your city.  I have had a few people tell me that they located me that way.

Between all these methods, you should be able to find someone to come in and do a party for you.  If you can’t, it may be an indication that you should join the company as you may have an area that no one is in yet!

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Can I bring kids to the party?

This is a question to ask the consultant as everyone feels differently about kids at the party.   There may be rules about having kids at parties depending on the product but for the most part, kids can be allowed if the hostess wants them there.

Alpaca Bites Kid Goat

Alpaca Bites Kid Goat (Photo credit: Tc Morgan)

One thing to consider is if your kids can behave for an hour or two while the event is going on and ordering is taking place.  If you do not think they can, it may be best to leave them at home or not attend.   Maybe their grandparents would like to watch them for a few hours or they have friends they would like to visit.

If you feel that they can behave themselves for a few hours, it likely is okay, but check with the consultant.  Depending on the product, kids may not be welcome due to the break-ability factor or due to costs.  I find at my candle parties the kids are sometimes the most engaged as they enjoy sniffing all the scents and they make no secret as to what they do and do not like.

One exception to this is adult toy parties.  Anyone under 18 or the age of majority where they live is not allowed.  This is not because the consultant does not want the kids there; it is due to the law.  A consultant can be fined and have her business shut down if she does not follow the rules.  If she is not sure, she can also ID people.  I know of reps that have left as there were minors in attendance who would not leave.

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What Direct Sales Consultants Want You to Know

There are several things that a direct sales consultant wants their customers to know.  Here are some examples:

Tupperware home party in Sarasota, Florida

Tupperware home party in Sarasota, Florida (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

  • This is a job for us, not a hobby.  We are taking time out of lives to come to your home and present our product, and we expect you to do your part to make the party successful.
  • Please do not ignore us.  We have been doing these parties for a while so we know what steps to take to ensure that your party is a success.   Listen to our suggestions and if you do not agree with us, please ask us the reason behind it.  There is likely a good reason due to past experience.
  • If the party starts at 7 pm, please stress to your friends to be at your house by 7 pm.  It is disrespectful to me by not starting until 7:30 not to mention for those that showed up by 7 pm. If you know people tend to run late, tell them 6:30 or 6:45 so that they arrive on time.
  • Not all of us do this full time.  For this reason, do not expect us to return your phone call within 2 hours.  Please give us the courtesy of 24 hours before you look for another consultant or decide that we are not interested in helping you.  If we are at our other job, we likely cannot return your call immediately.
  • For me, a good party has to do with how many people buy.  This should be true for you as the more that buy, the more free items you get which is likely part of why you invited me.
  • Keep food and drinks to a minimum before the party.  I do not want to hang around for 3 hours because everyone is too busy eating.  I have family and friends that I have left to come do your event; I would like to get home to them.

My New Book: Picking a Direct Sales Company and Getting Started

If you have been around this blog for a while, you may have noticed that I jump around in what I post each week.  I used to actually post by topic and would have a topic of the week but as I got further in, and had a harder time coming up with ideas, that started to change.  For this reason, I decided it might be a good idea to put posts into a book format. 

Due to all the content on this blog, almost two years worth, I decided to split it up into a series of five books.  Yes, I know, it sounds like a lot, but this blog currently has over 350 posts on it.  Many of them cover similar topics so they have been organized for easier reading.

The first book that I have released is “Picking a Direct Sales Company and Getting Started”.  As you can imagine, this book is about how to select a direct sales company and then what you can do while you wait for your kit.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Direct sales versus a retail business

Picking the best direct sales company for you

Signing with the company directly or with a sponsor

Interviewing a potential sponsor


Waiting for Your Kit

I also have four other books in the works and hope to get at least two more released this month.

Book 2: Everything about Getting Sales, Trade Shows and Fundraisers

Book 3: What You Need to Know About Recruiting

Book 4: Assistance with Advertising and Social Media

Book 5: The Business End of Direct Sales – Accounting and Taxes

If you do not have a Kindle, that is not a problem.  There is a free Kindle application that you can download and it works on your computer, your phone or any other tablets you may have.  I personally run this on my phone and my iPod and it works pretty decently.

Who to Recruit to Direct Sales?

When it comes to recruiting, it can be tough to know who you should approach and who you shouldn’t.  But I can tell you one method to determine this.. Ask everyone!

In the various resources I read about direct sales, this is a common theme that comes up.  A Direct sale consultant does an event and asks a variety of people if they are interested in joining, gives them information, etc but prejudges others and does not offer them the opportunity.  But in reality, this person is one of the more interested parties.  By excluding them, you have declined them the opportunity to make money for themselves and whatever else their motivation might be.  And all because you pre-judged them and felt that they would not fit.

Now, sometimes this is because a consultant is only looking for certain people to join their team.  I have heard of this especially from consultants who have larger teams and only have so much time when it comes to training.  But, there is no reason that they could not get the person’s contact information and then have someone else contact them about the opportunity.

If you do not feel comfortable asking people, try passing around a survey at the end of the event?  Keep it short and simple.  Name, what event they are at, email address, phone number, if they had fun, if they are interested in having an event of their own and if they are interested in the opportunity.  Have them hand these in to you when they order or in advance so you can discuss when they do order.   This will help to break the ice and give you somewhere to go from there.  You could even say something about how they have not marked off their interest and why is that?  Your goal at a party is always to have a few bookings as well as a recruit lead.


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Direct Sales: Good Customer Service

It is important for you as a direct sales consultant to provide good service to your customers.  Chances are you are not the only rep where you live so if you do not satisfy your customers, they will find someone else to purchase from.  I know I have gotten a few customers due to this but at the same time, I may have lost a few.

Answer Questions – One of the most important things you can do is answer a customer’s question completely.  Speak in regular terms, not in direct sales terminology, and use as much detail as is required.  I always like to ask the customer if they understand, especially if the explanation is a bit confusing or I see their eyes glaze over.

Double Check Totals – I admit, this is one I am guilty of.  I find it best to add totals at least twice and if the two do not match, to do it a third time but I don’t always.  If I realize later on that I added wrong, I will make sure to give the customer change when I deliver their products or if I undercharged them, that I take the hit.  When dealing with customers only online, I detail the various charges when giving them their total as quite often they have done the math themselves.

Contact Information – This cannot be stressed enough.  Make sure that those you are doing business with know how to find you.  Email address, phone number, fax, whatever else you have.   The last thing you want is to lose a sale because someone cannot find you.

Thank You – This is another one that I am guilty of not doing.  Thank your customers for their order.  This does not have to be time consuming or expensive to do.  For online orders, you can take a minute or two and send a quick email to your customer.  For offline orders, you can send out a postcard or even make a phone call thanking them for their business.  For party orders, you can slip the thank you card into their bag or send it out a week or two after they have their product.


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Networking with Other Direct Sales Consultants

When I first started in direct sales, I didn’t know many other consultants.  I knew a friend or two that did party plan sales but that was it.  But when I started selling that changed as I was doing trade shows.  Again, at first I sat back and watched and didn’t really interact, but as time went on, this started to change.  This was partly due to other consultants coming to talk to me and partly me talking to other consultants with questions about their experiences.  Now, I tend to talk more than sit at my table at events (when there are no customers, of course)

You may be wondering why I am telling you this.  It is because networking with other direct sales consultants is important for your business.  And actually, not even with direct sales consultants but other businesses in general.

Finding More Events

If you are just starting out, or if you want to find more events, sometimes other vendors can be the best way to find them.  You can ask other vendors how they find events to attend and how they felt they did at them and if they were worthwhile.  Quite often, you will find vendors that will take your card to contact you when they find shows that are still looking for vendors.


Another benefit to networking other than finding other events is getting feedback.  Ask another vendor to look at your table setup and tell you what they think.   They are a potential customer so take their feedback and work with it.  I have been told by vendors that my table looks too busy so I have tried to cut back how much I put out.


Everyone is a potential customer.  At the last event I did, there was a lady helping out someone else and she commented about how many of the vendors were hanging out/buying from other vendors.  And it is true – this happens quite often.  You will do a show, get introduced to a product and buy it on the spot.  Or maybe you see them, are intrigued and go away and wish you had bought something.  And low and behold, they are at your next event.


Just like you can gain customers at events, sometimes the vendor at the table next to you will decide to join your company.  You never know what consultants are not happy with their company and want to change or maybe want to add a second company for a few more dollars each month or for personal use.

No matter why you attend trade shows, it can definitely be to your advantage to network with the other direct sales consultants.  If nothing else, it can help with boredom if your event is slow.


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Re-Starting Your Direct Sales Business – Getting Up to Date

Most of us will stall out in our direct sales business at one time or another.  But a stall does not have to mean you quit, it just means you need a break.  This could be due to a family emergency or just feeling burnt out and needing to step back.  When you are ready to get going again, there are some things to help you make the most of it.  Note: Different companies have different rules about inactivity; make sure you are still active when you are ready to restart. If you are not, you will need to look into the rules to be re-instated.

Find out what you missed

Depending on what type of correspondence your company sends out, it may not be too difficult to find out what you have missed.  But it may be easier to contact your upline and talk to them about what information is important.  It can be difficult to wade through a few months worth of information and find out what you need to know and what you don’t.

Familiarize yourself with Product

It may be worthwhile looking at the training materials you received when you first enrolled as well as information about the products.  This is especially true if product lines have changed since you took your break and new products have been added.  Make sure you know the benefits of each product and how to sell it including upsale items.

Check your Kit

Go through your kit to see if everything that you have is still current.  If an item has been repackaged, you may want to buy an updated version if there is a significant change.  This is likely something that your upline can help you determine.   Pull out anything no longer valid or in rough shape.  Order those products that you need to have a fully rounded kit or to replace those that have seen better days.

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Offering Party Perks on your Own

There are some consultants that find that their company does not offer incentives that they feel their customers want.  For that reason, these direct sales consultants go out of their way to offer their own perks to the hostess and customers.   There are several ways that you can do this without cutting too far into your profits.

Bundles – Your company may offer some sort of bundle, but restrict the colours/scents/flavor to the ones that they select.  One thing that you can do is offer your customer a customized bundle but at the same price.  Make sure that yShopping Bag, Orangeou state that it is only those specific items but they can select what colour/scent/flavor they want at the same price point.  Be careful that customers do not try to substitute here as they might to try and get a better deal.

Packages – Maybe your company offers items that would go together well but yo find customers do not tend to buy the items together.  Try offering packages putting the items together and allowing them to still customize the colour/scent/flavor that they want but you put together a package that includes three complimentary items for one price.  You do not even need to discount it much as people will be happy that they can just pick a package and be done.  A package that might cost $78 retail could be marked to $75 retail and it will sell just fine.  Create a few packages at different price points but do not go crazy with a dozen different ones – it will just confuse people and they will not buy anything.

Free Gift – Another perk that I have seen offered is a free gift with purchase.  This can be something that you ordered on a supply order for cheap or a sample of a different product.  People do not tend to be picky about what they get for free; they are just happy to get something extra.

There is no rule that says you have to offer above and beyond what your company offers when working in direct sales, but sometimes it can be beneficial and help you to meet goals and quotas.

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