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Direct sales consultant won’t take my credit card

Sometimes you are at an event or party and the consultant will not let you pay by credit card.  It can be a real hassle and sometimes cause the cancellation of the sale.  But, the consultant likely is not turning you down out of spite; there is likely a valid reason why they cannot accept a credit card payment.

Credit Card

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Cannot process – The main reason that a consultant will not accept your credit card is that they do not have a way to process it.  Not all companies will put cards through and therefore the consultant needs to get their own account.  This is not always possible or worth the cost.

Fees – Due to the fees associated with credit card payments, some consultants have a minimum purchase required to pay with a credit card.  The fees assessed vary from a percentage per transaction, a flat fee, or even a combination of both.

American Express – A consultant may accept Visa and MasterCard but not accept American Express.   This is due to additional steps to get approved for American Express as well as additional fees for processing these cards.   As they do not tend to be as popular, not as many people bother getting setup to accept them.

Trade Shows – There are many consultants that will accept credit cards at parties but will not accept them at trade shows.  This is due to the fact that you take the product home with you at the event and if your card is declined, the consultant may not be able to collect the funds owing.  Some consultants have started to get accounts where they can get instant approval through their Smartphone but depending on their credit card processor, this may not be an option.

While it can be frustrating not to be able to use your credit card, there are many valid reasons why it may not be accepted.


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