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How to be a Good Customer

Calling Home

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One of the biggest frustrations for a direct sales consultant is dealing with customers or hostesses and not getting any resolution.  So here is what you can do to be a good customers or hostess.

Respond to Phone Calls – If your direct sales consultant contacts you, please return their calls.  They likely are not calling you just to chat as they have other people to be in touch with (and quite honestly, a lot of reps do not like making calls, so it’s hard work for them to do!).  Chances are they will leave a message if at all possible to tell you why they are calling – so please return their call with the information they have asked of you.

Respond to Emails – Just like the phone, please respond to emails they send you.  The consultant may know that you prefer email or they may prefer email.   In a perfect world, they will call you but they may try email instead or especially if you do not return their phone calls.

Make a Decision – If you tell the direct sales consultant that you want to host a party, but when they call to schedule you, and you keep putting them on, please quit.  If you do not feel that you can host anymore due to changed circumstances, tell them this.  If you cannot host for a few months, please ask them to call you back in a few months time.   This should not be a problem for the consultant and they will appreciate you letting them know.

Fill out your Form – When you are placing an order at a party or outside of a party, please fill out the form completely.  This means item number, name of product and the price.  Sometimes people do not have the right number for the right product, and this can help clear up any confusion.

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Preparing for Customer Care Calls in Direct Sales

As much as many direct sellers hate the phone, it’s important that we use it to keep our business moving.  Many do not even realize what you can accomplish by making customer care calls but have you considered these reasons:

  • Check to see how a customer likes their purchase
  • Call to see if the customer needs to purchase additional product or replacements
  • To introduce a new catalogue or product line
  • To advise of products being discontinued
  • Add bookings to your calendar
  • Get orders and reorders
  • Asking for referrals
  • Invitation to events

When you are getting ready to make your calls, there are a few things you can do to make them more pleasant for you.

  • Be positive when picking up the phone and smile.
  • Be professional.  People decide within 15 seconds if they are going to talk to you.
  • Ask if now is a good time to talk.  If not, ask if you can call back at a later time and if there is a time that would be better.
  • Have a purpose when you pick up the phone and let them know right away
  • Personalize your call. Add notes to your call list for the next time you call and refer to them.  Ask about their new baby or the new job.
  • Be confident! You have something exciting to share so make sure this comes through.
  • Have a script prepared. But.. do not write it in paragraph form, make it in bullet points so that it feels more natural.
  • Follow up on your presentation before hanging up. If you called to ask about a booking but you got side tracked, return to it and ask before ending the call.


Chances are a lot of the reason why you avoid doing calls is that you do not feel confident or how to approach them.  Follow these ideas and you won’t even notice the weight of the phone.



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Using the Phone – Customer Calls

When it comes to the phone, many of those in direct sales are afraid of it or do not want to go anywhere near it.  But there really is no reason that a person needs to be afraid of the phone and there are actually ways that a person can prepare themselves and take that fear away.

Why We Avoid Customer Calls

Lightening up the PhoneTelephone

Making Successful Direct Sales Phone Calls

Don’t forget your manners when you are making customer care calls.  If you aren’t sure what you should or should not be doing, read this article as a bit of a refresher.

Proper Phone Manners for Direct Sales Consultants

And if you get that dreaded voicemail, there is no reason for you to freeze up and hang up as quickly as possible.  If you prepare in advance, it is easy to leave a good voicemail message that will get you a call back.

Leave Voicemail that Gets Results
Creating a Good Voicemail Message


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