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7 Simple (and Cost-Effective) Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

The best way to ensure repeat customers is to make sure the customers know you appreciate them. However, finding out whether the customers know this or not can be difficult. Sometimes they’ll let you know, sometimes they won’t.   cust apprec

Customer review sites make this easy; for instance, you can read real customer reviews on OpenTell.com, but even then there might not be enough information for you to gauge how they feel. Here are seven easy, and most importantly, cost effective ways of showing customer appreciation.

1. Personalize your service to them.

If you can, show a bit of personalization in the service you provide them. Leave a few kind words, or use their name on something. It doesn’t take much, and a little personalization goes a long way.

2. Check in with new customers. 

Send customers a report of your service, or give them a call after they buy a product and ask how it’s working. It doesn’t take long – you could even assign the task to a subordinate – but the simple gesture lets the customers know they are respected.

3. Create a ‘wall of honor’ of your best customers.

Many restaurants do this. Including photographs of your regulars on the walls makes the place feel more personable, and goes a long way towards building loyalty.

4. Give special treatment to long time customers.

Maybe on their birthday or on a special occasion, give your best customers a one-time deal or discount of some sort. Make sure it’s understood to be a single deal, but this will help build a relationship with your customers.

5. Remember their names.

This goes a long way. You see hundreds if not thousands of people each day, but by remembering the names of as many people as you can, you inspire fierce brand loyalty. Names hold power.

6. Ask for feedback.

Ask your customers how their experience was, and ask if there is any way you can improve it for next time. Most of the time the customers will be too surprised to answer, but this can be a great way of getting first-hand feedback.

7. Go out of your way to provide amazing customer service.

Don’t let rules and policies stop you. Bend them just a tad if the situation calls for it, and make sure you provide absolutely legendary service for a customer if they need it.

Following these seven simple steps will inspire customer loyalty and show your appreciation for them in ways they’ve never before experienced.



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Business Networking and its networks: 5 kinds that you may use

Someone has pointed out rightly, “ Its not what you know, Its who you know…”Business Networking is a marketing method that is based face to face contact method, or any other method such as phone, email and networking sites etc for sale opportunities. The value of networking can never be over stated especially when someone is starting a new business.

Some of the kinds that can be used:

Business Networking is something that can be improved with time. Networking is somewhat time consuming. It is not a one day job one needs to be patient and calm.

Some of the ways to establish a good business networking is as follows:

1. Smile: Joy is the source of smile but at the same time smile can also be the source of joy. When you are showing someone a smiling face it will always depict that you are happy and positive in his or her presence. It is a very important while networking as it brings you on the same level as other person does letting the feelings of inferiority disappear.

2. Help Others: “What goes around, comes around”. Always help and give others instead of taking and receiving for yourself. Be helpful to others and in return you would be helped in return. Networking is not a zero-sum game. Its not that one person will always give and the other person will always take.

3. Be positive: One should use positive language and see the good in people. Speak ill of no one. One should be patient, calm, serene and tolerant. At networking events one might get the chance of delivering a presentation. While delivering presentation, avoid giving hard selling pitch. The aim should be to educate others rather than selling your own products. Sometimes a strong selling presentation is regarded as insulting to those sitting and listening it.

4. Be tidy: Dress handsomely and look sharp. People tend to get associated with those that look the part. Always try to make an eye contact while speaking. And don’t forget to tell someone every now and then that how awesome they are. Business networking is a very enjoyable activity and it is way lot productive than it actually seems to be.

5. Plan the networking: Just as all projects need managing similarly business networking also needs managing. Some people manage it with shapes and connections on a sheet of paper while others prefer a spreadsheet. A plan is necessary as business networking is very time consuming activity. It is vital to know what you want as you would be asked by powerful contacts and one need to give a clear answer to it.

These are some of the things that should be remembered when networking. Business networking brings with it the advantage of personal introduction which are always beneficial for business development purpose. It provides a great source of connections as it opens the door to have a talk to highly influential person. Being known and getting famous is one of the biggest benefits of networking.

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Skyrocket Your Sales: The Power of Listening to your Customers

Many salespeople believe that their sales pitch is everything. They work hard to develop a script or answers to common questions and rebuttals, making sure that they have every base covered. They spend their time telling people about their products, and spend very little time listening to responses that are not orders. These salespeople are missing out.

The voice of the customer is your most important tool to getting sales. When you make your sales pitch more of a conversation, and listen to your potential customers, you will get more orders. It really is as simple as that.

You may have heard that as a manager, as a friend, or when meeting new people, that it is better to listen than to talk. We do, after all, have two ears and only one mouth. There is a reason for this. When you truly listen to your prospects, it is much easier to identify their needs, and present solutions that will sell themselves.

The key to this is to ask your customers probing questions. Probing questions are those that prompt the individual to respond in a favorable way. They are not open ended or general. They are very specific questions to elicit a specific response. For example, if you are selling health insurance, you do not want to ask your customer how are they doing today, but rather, are they feeling healthy today. This will open up conversation about their health, and whether or not they are satisfied with their current health coverage or plan.

This example would be a great opener for conversation, but further questions should be more specific. “Do you have health insurance?” Or, “Are you currently looking for a healthier lifestyle?” As you get them to talk about themselves, their problems and needs will naturally come up. You can then present solutions to their problems by offering information about your products and services.

In most cases, this approach leads to a soft sell. You do not even have to ask for the order, because the customer will see for themselves that they need what you are offering. All you must do is listen to them, make them your friend, and then offer them a solution. They will take that solution and run with it.

This is the best way to generate repeat customers as well. Because you have taken the time to listen to them and get to know them better, they will feel that they can trust you in the future. They will feel as though you are a trusted friend, and return to you for all of their related needs.

Author Bio

Jennie is a customer service consultant and author of numerous books on marketing.  She recommends enterprise feedback management from Mindshare to businesses looking to significantly improve customer satisfaction.

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Frequent Customer Program

Have you ever gone to a store where they stamp or punch a card where you earn free items after so many purchases?  Or where you collect points when you buy things?  Well, you may want to start your own frequent customer program as well.

How you set it up is ultimately up to you but they all work essentially the same.

Start by deciding what you want to offer your customer

Then, figure out how much it is going to cost you

Next, figure out the minimum amount of sales you have to make to cover that

Therefore, they have to purchase at least that much in order to get the stamp/punch.

But chances are you are in this business to make some money, so you will want to increase the sales that they have to make before they get the free product.

Let’s say you are making 25% with your company.

You want to give them a free $10 item – your cost is $7.50.

In order to make $7.50 at 25% you need to sell $30 (7.50 divided by .25)

So you may want to make the program that they have to purchase $50 to earn a free Widget.  [Profit $5 (12.50 – 7.50)] but you may prefer to make it $100 instead [Profit $17.50 (25.00 – 7.50)]

Do I need to accept credit cards?

There is no rule saying that you have to accept credit cards in your direct sales business, but most people find that their sales increase when they do.  People think more about how much they are spending when they have to write out a cheque or count out cash, but when they just charge it they do not think about it as much.

From Dave Ramsey’s website (a well known and respected financial coach)

When you pay cash, you can “feel” the money leaving you. This is not true with credit cards. Flipping a credit card up on a counter registers nothing emotionally. A study of credit card use at McDonald’s found that people spent 47% more when using credit instead of cash. This is money you could have saved!


What exactly is a catalogue party?

A catalogue party is when you give your host some catalogue and order forms and they go out and collect orders for you.  If you are able to, it is helpful to lend your host some samples or product so they can show them to people.  This will help to get more sales as people are visual.

Provide them with all the information that they will need such as the methods of payment, how to calculate shipping, taxes and anything else that they may require.  A copy of the monthly specials that are available to them or customers is a good idea.

Contact your hostess about halfway through the catalogue party to see how things are going.  It is best to give no more than two weeks for them to submit their orders to you, more than that and people start to get antsy and wonder where their products are.

Make sure that you give your hostess lots of catalogues.  This way she can leave them with people in different places to help gather orders.  Tell her to point out her favourite products to people as testimonials will help to get more orders.