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How a Blog Can Help Grow Your Direct Sales Business

Having a website for your home based business is almost a necessity in today’s high tech, internet-crazy world. Having a website might not be enough, though. Take a look to see how a web log, or “blog”, can help grow your direct sales business as well.

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Many direct sales businesses offer their sales associates a website that links directly back to the parent company’s site. You might even have taken a bold step and chosen to purchase a domain name and created your own business website. Those are both good ideas, but perhaps you should also add a blog to your arsenal of online marketing tools.

You want to use every available option when promoting your direct sales business, whether offline or online. You wouldn’t think of starting a new home business without purchasing business cards. Why would you consider having one without using a blog to help generate leads and possibly recruit new team members?

A blog can be effective for promoting your business. It can also help you meet new prospects, either as customer or as part of your downline. Blogs can also be a creative outlet when you’ve had to deal with the restrictions of some direct sales companies. A blog can truly help your business reach a new level.

Before you jump on the blog bandwagon, however, you need to read and understand your company’s policy about using the internet for marketing. If they do not allow personal internet advertising it would be better to set this idea aside. Use whatever means they allow to do your marketing.

Consider your goals for having a blog and write them down. Know what you want to accomplish with your blog before you write your first sentence. Think about the people that will be reading your blog, usually your prospective customers or downline, then design your blog with them in mind. Find an area to focus on – whether sales, recruiting, or training – and build your blog around that focus area.

Blogging about your direct sales business gives you an outlet to discuss new products and specials that will be coming up, and gives your team members and customers a sneak peak at new items before they are available. Blogs also allow you to share things that may be related to your business but not a direct part of it. For instance, if your products relate to cooking, use your blog to post recipes for your readers to enjoy. Try to remember who your target market is and provide them with things they will find valuable.

It is easy to see why blogging has become so popular. Millions of people use their blog to express themselves every day. Why not take advantage of this tool and use it to help your direct sales business grow? All it takes is a little bit of time and thought, and a desire to offer your customers and team members another outlet to success.

Promoting Your Direct Sales Blog

A blog does not promote itself, so you need to learn how. This is a list of some of the more popular items, but is definitely not a full list.

So you have started a blog for your direct sales business, you’ve got some create content on it, but you have no one reading. It is time to start promoting your blog. There are many different things that you can do – some are free, some will cost money. Start with one or two that appeal to you, see what kind of results you get, and then branch out on more.

  • Submit Your Site: Find as many directories as you can to submit your blog to. Visit some sites directly such as Google, Yahoo and the other large engines and submit your site to them directly.
  • Network: Participate in discussions on various networking groups and make sure to include your link in your signature. Many of these forums do not allow advertising, but if they do, make sure to promote your link there too. These can be forums that are local to you, that target your ideal market, or other forums about promoting your business.
  • Comments: Visit other blogs and leave comments. Quite often you are able to leave your own URL on those sites as part of your posting profile. You should not type it into your comment as it may then be viewed as spam.
  • Pay Per Click:Use pay per click advertising to drive traffic to your blog. Do your research when choosing to use this method as the money can add up quickly if you target the right niche.
  • Links:Create links to other blogs within your posts if someone is better at explaining a topic or you feel they have information already posted that your readers would like to know. You may want to add some of these blogs to your list of blogs you recommend and have a link to.
  • Freebie: Offer a freebie to people if they come to your site and subscribe to your blog. This could be several blog posts put together to make an e-book or it could be something different. The content should still be relevant to what your blog is about.
  • Social Media: Have your blog post to different social media sites and make sure that the URL is in your profile on these sites.
  • Write Articles: Write articles for sites such as Ezines where you are able to have a resource box that can point to your blog. This helps to establish you as an expert and people will click on the link to find out more on the topic.
  • Guest Posts: Write guest posts for other blogs or other people’s newsletters. They will likely give you a link with a bit of info about yourself where you can include your link.
  • Business Supplies: Make sure that your blog address is on any business supplies you give out. This includes business cards, letterhead, and other printed material. If you create digital documents, this information should be included as well.
  • Optimize your Blog: If you do not know how, hire someone to assist you with search engine pptimization or learn it yourself. This will help the search engines find you easier and faster.

While this is only an inkling of the different methods of promoting your direct sales blog, it is a start if you are lost and do not know what to do. As you work on promotion, chances are you will learn of other methods that may work better for you. It doesn’t hurt to try them out.

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