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Generating new business with online marketing: How

Online marketing has emerged out as an indispensible tool for generating new business. In today’s cut throat competition, it has become mandatory to advertise your business online. The moment you build your business website, you set forth a profit target or revenue which you look forward to generate from your business site. It is required to clearly communicate to your prospective customers about your business along with enlisting the different benefits of procuring your products. Besides, you need to monitor your business including the revenues which your business has generated. The following are ways of generating new business with the help of online marketing.

Define your business goals

Before you device any online marketing strategy for your new business, you need to set your business goals and objectives. To be specific, you can categorize you goals as general goals and online marketing goals. The former would help you in understanding the amount of money you want to make every month along with working out the number of leads you want to achieve and lastly the profit you look ahead to make. Whereas in your online marketing goals, you need to set a target of generating the number of leads from your website along with the estimating the amount of money you look ahead to invest per lead along and the total money you want to spend through other ways of lead generation.

Optimize your website

This is among the most important step when you talk about generating new business with online marketing. You need to optimize your site as per your exact requirements. You are supposed to make your value plan extremely clear over each and every page of your website, so that when visitors come there, they simply understand what they have found out. This step would require a couple of things starting with a competent website design. Your site should be easy to navigate, competent enough to cater the right message instantly along with addressing the needs of your prospective customers. In terms of marketing this is known as designing for a persona.

Secondly, your site should have a proper call to action backed by a clear business proposition since without that the action call will simply not work. Take your visitors to pages where you have exact information which your prospective clients are looking out for. Thirdly, you need to check the competition of your niche area over the web. You need to search out keywords which match your business. This will help you in search engine optimization and other forms of internet marketing like Adwords and PPC. Lastly, you require a proper SEO strategy for your websites so that when your prospective clients search products or service related to your business; your site should come over the top at different search results.

Content marketing

The best way to attract your prospective clients is to via content marketing. With content marketing you can help in rendering information to your visitors in various forms including newsletter, articles, PRs, reports, books, etc. The best way is to create a blog showcasing your business and the products or service you deal with. This can pull good traffic towards your blog or website and thus can help you in getting new business. In this way, effective content marketing pulls your prospective clients and convince them to produce products from you.

Social media

Today, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have become more than networking sites. Here, the online marketers use several marketing tools to promote their brands. There are many opportunities to promote your business over these platforms. All you need to do is to exploit these opportunities and pull good traffic towards your business site or blogs. People coming towards your site could be then converted into your clients thus giving your new business.

Wrapping up

Today, the online marketing has become an integral method of attracting new customers and making business profits. If you are interested in using this method, the above steps could certainly help you in generating new business with online marketing. Hence online marketing is not just a tool but could be called as a key to success.

About The author: Margaret Jules is an internet marketer/blogger. She loves travelling, meeting new peoples and SEO Services. These days she is working on feature that is related to SEO Morpheus that has affected due to recent Google and penguin update.

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Using BizBrag to Promote Your Business

In recent years, many businesses have turned to social media as an easy way to market products and services. Direct sales businesses can benefit greatly from utilizing social media, as they are typically localized businesses that serve a certain niche. However, with the plethora of social networking sites available today, it can be difficult to choose which sites to use; it can also be very time consuming to monitor all of your social sites and hop around to each site updating it on a regular basis. It is also hard for direct sales businesses to rank well in search engines, as they are small local businesses; in the beginning stages of your direct sales business you simply do not have enough internet traction to make an impact on a search.

If you are experiencing these set backs with your direct sales business, you may be able to solve your problems thanks to the unique internet tool BizBrag. BizBrag is currently the only social platform that allows you to extend your content to both search engines and your social networks in order to increase your customer base.

When you begin to use BizBrag, you first create a “Braggit.” A Braggit is a simple, stand alone web page in which you can use text, images, video, etc. to market a specific product or service, job opening, upcoming event, and more. After you create your Braggit, you can publish it, so that it becomes visible on the web. You can also send your Braggit to one, a few, or all of your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Pinterest, and more, to extend your business’ social reach.

BizBrag also uses search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the influence of your Braggit and allow it to rank well in search. SEO refers to the process of increasing your website’s visibility on a search engine results page. The higher your page ranks on a results page, the more likely a user is to click on your link and reach your website. Braggits have built-in SEO technology, and are ad-free, localized, and content-rich. Because search engines value content, this allows Braggits to rank well in search engines. Also, Braggits contain “call to action” buttons that can be linked to your website or fan page, and use specific key works that you want to rank for.

As a member of BizBrag, you also have access to our BragForce, a social network of businesses that share each others Braggits in order to reach new potential customers and find interesting content for their pages. As a BragForce member, you can partner up with complimentary businesses or businesses in your area, and work together to increase each other’s social reach by sharing one another’s Braggits. In doing so, your business is exposed to a completely new pool of customers.

Each Braggit also comes with a report card, containing analytical and social data. Analytical data includes number of clicks to your website, traffic sources, and key words. Social data includes the number of likes and tweets your Braggit has gotten, as well as how many members of your BragForce have forwarded your Braggit to their social networks.

By using BizBrag to help market your direct sales business, you will be able to find new customers and utilize social media and SEO to help grow your business. To learn more, you can visit www.BizBrag.com.

Where Social Media Lets You Stand Between Your Business and Customers

It’s no secret at this point anymore: there is nothing more efficient in establishing a B2C relationship than the utilization of social media. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have given businesses of all types the opportunity to better understand their customers and audience like no other. However, despite the fact that these websites have been such an influence in the trade for more than four years now, it seems that many businesses do not understand how to conduct and develop these relationships. All of the tools are there for the taking, yet they don’t all seem to be used.

Just how involved should you be on your Facebook fan page? Well, in short, you shouldn’t be afraid to be as engaged as possible. From my perspective, a 23 year old, I have taken a liking to the smaller businesses on Facebook who are consistently communicating openly with those who “like” them. They aren’t just creating advertisements and letting fans know of deals (thought that is of course important).

You will often see a representative of the business responding directly to comments made by customers on certain matters. This isn’t any secret to what the return can be: this sort of personalization as a fan makes me feel that my thoughts and comments are actually being heard. Is it a little extra work to try to achieve this sort of reach out? Sure – but can you really imagine other equally effective ways?

These are just some points to consider coming from a prospective patron to your business; the kind of conduct I like to see.

1. Media Media Media

So you have a Facebook fan page, and you’ve racked up an ample number of fans who have liked you. They have provided you with some internet influence, so what is a simple way to thank them? Give them a little access to what you’re doing as a business by including plenty of videos and pictures. People love when they are provided with some “exclusive” access to what people at your company are doing.

For instance, as a fan of small craft breweries, I love how generous the marketing teams are with releasing media. Whenever they are preparing to produce a new product, they might snap a few shots of raw material shipments that just came in for the fans to see. Not only does this entice some excitement in the fans, but also provides them with a sense of belong to the company – that they are part of the process.

2. Posting/Comment Involvement

As mentioned earlier, it looks like some businesses don’t quite get what kind of opportunity they get when someone publicly tries to get in touch through social media. When a fan places a post on your wall or comments on something, respond to them! I get kind of bothered when I reach out to companies and they don’t respond. I know there’s a lot happening, but I also know that you saw what I posted (unless you don’t c

heck your pages anymore – which I doubt.)

Simply put: just be more responsive with your fans. Individual reach out is extremely powerful, as this sort of personalization seems to have never taken the lead in customer relations. Sure, phone calls and emails can arguably be applied in the same concept, but through social media – the individual is speaking to the company.

3. Integrate Apps

Apps are what keep the social media wheel turning, and given that there are so many to choose from, it can be a little intimidating in knowing what to use for maximum effectiveness. Facebook allows you to integrate your fanpage with very helpful apps that will expand your information to fans.

– Twitter

You might notice how some Facebook pages have posts from the same person/company’s Twitter. The Twitter app on Facebook will put what whatever you tweeted right on your Facebook page, which in turn expands your news and updates to a wider audience.

– Skype Me

If you’re feeling bold with how you want to connect with your audience, you can put a Skype app right on your Facebook, which allows for open conferencing and discussion with the people who care about what you have to say, as well as showing that you do consider the thoughts of others.

There are plenty of others, and luckily Facebook makes it easy for you you to filter out and see what is most important to you.

4. Instigate the Conversation

Some might say that enacting on a conversation towards a customer is a bit of a precarious move; that you don’t want to get too close to your fans. I say: what’s so wrong with that? Any company that approaches me personally (say, write on my wall; contact me individually) is going to get my attention like no other. Obviously, you’re not going to be reach to everyone, but to those that you do, they will remember it and tell their friends just how focused and personal you are to them.

While these points I have made are not in terms of metrics for generating sales, it is about customer relationship establishment. Of course, this kind of trust that gets put in place when you and your business such a high level of transparency can generate the kinds of relationships that you seek. All in all, don’t be afraid to be more open with the potential patrons. They are already following you in one way, so reward them, and the rewards just might reciprocate just as you were hoping.


Mike Lamardo is a blogger and marketer based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Expanding into various subjects, his work can be seen in ZME as a music critic, the Washington Times Communities as a blogger about the business and awareness of craft beer, and as an entertainment writer for DX 3.

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Using Cutting Edge Social Media To Promote Your Direct Sales Business

Infographic on how Social Media are being used...

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Guest post by Sarah Howard

Social media is a new innovation that allows people to connect and interact in a new and exciting way. Businesses are quickly realizing the boundless power of social media and are utilizing it in their business strategies and the way in which they operate. So how can your direct sales business benefit from using social media tools?

Social media tools that direct sales businesses should consider using are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  •  Google
  • Tumblr

You can use social media to allow clients and customers a chance to preview upcoming projects and products. People enjoy feeling as if they are part of the business rather than just another number, so give them a glimpse into how your company works with photos and slide shows. Direct sales businesses may also want to ask for feedback on sites like Facebook and Twitter before launching new features to gauge public opinion before the debut.

YouTube is a great way to show off your company’s expertise in any areas in which you excel. Don’t just tell the public what you do, show them with videos. This gives your direct sales business a unique opportunity to boost its reputation and brand. Videos are also an excellent way to get people excited about new products since they get to see first hand what they are in store for.

If you’re looking to draw more traffic to your website, sites like Digg and StumbleUpon are just the social media tool you need. Digg and StumbleUpon allow users to share and recommend content with their friends. Look into installing a widget like AddThis or Facebook’s “Like” widget that will automatically link to their site.

If you do decide to use social media tools, make sure that you create an interactive experience rather than one that is one-sided. Engage your audience in conversation, answer their questions and ask them questions in return. Let the public see that you are more than just a company or a name brand, let them see who and what they are supporting and giving their money to. Business owners should also think about adding things like coupons and special online deals for their customers. Doing this can bring in new business and keep regulars satisfied and coming back as they spread the word about your excellent service.

Social media is a powerful tool, one that every business can benefit from. Do a bit of research and see how your particular company can implement your direct sales business on Facebook, Twitter or StumbleUpon, and consider posting videos on YouTube to showcase your products and projects. Put your business out there and start socializing.

Sarah writes on behalf of Team24 a healthcare jobs specialist. Team24 work within locum recruitment and are always on the look out for qualified doctors and nurses nationwide.

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