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2013 Year in Review and Going Forward

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Clock watcher (Photo credit: Craig A Rodway)

This blog is just celebrating its 3rd anniversary and it has been a roller coaster.

Like any blog, I started out strong with multiple posts a day to get it rolling and get content up quickly.   I kept up daily posts for the first six months and then started to slow down but averaged a post every other day in 2011.  In 2012, I slowed down a bit more and posted every 2.5ish days (147 in 2012 vs 174 in 2011).  But in 2013, I slowed down and actually took a break for several months allowing my posts to recycle themselves on the blog but with the occasional fresh post or a new guest post.   In about October 2013, I came back to posting on a three times a week schedule which is what I have planned to maintain.

I am hoping to stay on the three posts a week plan for 2014.  It does get difficult to continually come up with topics to write about though.   I have been trying to get more guest posts to help with that and ones that deal more with social media as that is not a strong point for me.  My own direct sales business is not doing a lot (of my own doing) which also makes it more difficult to come up with topics as I am not seeing what people are dealing with.

If you are reading this, and you have topics you want to see addressed, please let me know.   There is a contact form on here, don’t be scared to use it!  I have had a few people contact me with questions which have ultimately made their way into blog posts.

The end of 2012 also saw the creation of 5 books on direct sales being sold through Kindle and Amazon.  To date, I have sold 43 books with the most popular being “The Business End of Direct Sales – Accounting and Taxes (Direct Sales Help)” selling 26 copies.   While that is not a lot, I am happy as I was not sure how these books would do and if anyone would buy them.  I had planned on making a book with all five books combined but it never happened.  Maybe in 2014.

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