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Seven Tips to Get More Bookings at Your Next Direct Sales Party

Hosting your first demonstration, or home party, for your new direct sales home business can be daunting. You hope and pray that someone will be interested enough in your products to purchase them, of course, but you also hope that you will get at least one future booking. Using these seven tips may help you to get more bookings at your next direct sales party.

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1. Exchange shows – chances are you know other people who have direct sales businesses. If your goal is to book another party, ask them to do it and then tell them that you would book a party through them in return.

2. If the school doesn’t object, leave a catalog or two in the teacher’s lounge where your child goes to school. Teachers are always on the lookout for bargains and things that will benefit their children. If you sell educational toys or items, you may be able to obtain more than one booking.

3. Leave brochures or catalogs in the waiting room at your doctor’s or dentist’s office on your next visit. Also leave a copy with the receptionist or ask if you can leave one in their lounge.

4. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see if there is a Welcome Wagon for new people moving into the area. If there isn’t a Welcome Wagon, ask them if you could leave a stack of brochures or business cards to be placed in welcome packages for new citizens.

5. Send catalogs or opportunity literature to people chosen randomly from the telephone book. Make sure to keep a record of everyone that you have sent this information. If you choose to try this tip in the future, you want to send the information to other people.

6. Begin your demonstration by mentioning to the guests that the hostess will be receiving free gifts for having the party. Also tell them what the hostess is working toward and exactly what she needs to receive that item. Don’t be afraid to boldly ask them to book a party to help the hostess reach that goal.

7. Make the suggestion that by booking a second show in the future, the hostess will be guaranteed an opportunity to see and try new products as they are released. This is particularly effective if your hostess last held a show in the spring. Hosting a party closer to the holidays would help her save money on her own holiday shopping.

These seven tips for getting more bookings at your next direct sales party are just a drop in the bucket. Take a few minutes to think of other things you could do to get bookings. If all else fails, ask family if they will host a party for you.

Keeping the Momentum in Direct Sales

Now that you are going again, are all updated and ready to party, its important to keep your business going and growing.  This can be the easiest thing to do once you start getting parties, but if you are having difficulties, do not give up. It may take a bit of time to get your business growing and busy again, but it will happen if you keep at it.

Organize your Calendar

Make sure you know when you are available for parties and when you are not.  You want to be booking at least two parties at every event you do – one to replace the one you had and one to grow your business. Even if you cannot get a hostess to 100% commit to a date, if you can get them to tentatively commit and pencil that date in, chances are it will follow through.  But if they tell you that they will contact you, you likely will never hear from them again.

Following Up

If you called someone originally about booking a party and they were not ready at that point, make sure you put them on your list to call again.  I keep a spreadsheet of all my customers and who I have called and when.  If they tell me I can call again in a few months, I will make a note of call in September – new baby.  Then, when I call, I can ask how the new baby is which impresses them and I am calling when they asked me too.

Keep Up

One of the biggest things I always tell people is to keep current on all your communications.  If you have social media accounts you should be checking them on a regular basis.  If you have an email account, you should be checking it at least daily.  If you have voicemail, you should be returning calls within 24 hours.  I have had many customers who have told me that they contacted several consultants but that I was the only one that replied.  You want to be the first response as they will likely book/buy with whoever gets in touch with them first.

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