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Basic Information about Fundraisers

It seems that most companies these days have a fundraising component to them that you can promote as a consultant.  Your company may have rules about who can participate and it may not.   Make sure you know what this involves as this can be a lucrative option.

That said, fundraisers can be difficult to get.  Everyone tends to want them as they are a great method of generating sales and repeat customers.  Think about how many people who could be introduced to your product if the organization needs to sell 500 units of your product to make their goals!  And if only a few of them came to you later to have a party, you could be setup quite nicely!

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A few things to keep in mind when doing a fundraiser:

  • Communication is key!  You need to keep in touch with the organizer and make sure you are both on the same page.
  • Make sure they know what is expected of them and what you will be doing.  I highly recommend going through this with the organizer and writing it down for both of you.
  • Set the end date a few days before you really want it to end.  This should get those stragglers in by the real end date.  Hint:  Don’t tell the organizer you are doing this – sometimes they are the straggler!

When it comes time to sort of the fundraiser, see if the organization is okay with you doing a little bit of promotion with it.  For instance, you may want to put reorder stickers on your product if it is something that you can do that with.  You may want to put some business cards in the bag for them.  Maybe you want to offer them something special if they book a party or their own fundraiser within 30 days of delivery.

If possible, you may want to follow up with those that purchased to see what they think of the product.  This will depend on the information that the organization gives you and what you ask for.  If you only get the grand totals of product, you may not know who ordered what which will limit your ability to make calls.

A fundraiser is a great way to get your name out there and to give your business a boost, especially if you are able to continue promoting it after the event is done!

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