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Direct Sales Party Games – Good or bad?

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to direct sales party games.   But if you do it right, you won’t annoy anyone with whatever direct sales party games you choose to play, the event will go off with a hitch, and the games will actually improve the results at your event.
Depending on the type of direct sales company you are with will help to determine if you need to play something like an ice breaking game.  When I was in romance, I typically would play a fun, simple game at the beginning which made everyone laugh and relax to get the party going and it helped to break the ice.

If you are doing an event for a group that you have had several times before, you could make your presentation into a game instead.  You may have them play a hide-and-seek type game with the catalogue where you ask them to find a certain product or give them hints about a product and see if they can find it.

A lot of direct sales representatives like to play a booking game at the events.  It keeps them from seeming pushy asking everyone if they want to host a party but it still puts it out there and lets everyone know about the benefits.

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