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What Are Your Goals?

No matter what activity you are involved in – trade show, home party, recruiting session – it’s important to set goals for the event.  Its part of how you evaluate how you did as well as set your goals and plans for the next one. Of course, not every event is going to be the same but it will give you some ideas. You can always adjust your goals.

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Party Goals

You should always have a goal of having enough sales to qualify for a party. If your company calls a party $150, then you should be setting that as your sales goal, at a minimum. Personally, I prefer to set my goal to $200 to $300.   If you know what the average order size is, you know how many people need to be in attendance for that to work.

I always set a goal of booking 1 party and having one person talk to me about the opportunity. It could be from someone who is not in attendance; I have had people tell me a friend is interested and I have left information to be passed along.

Trade Shows

When I attend trade shows, I have a goal of at least 2 party bookings and 1 recruit. I typically have a sales goal which is enough to cover the cost of my table. If I can get the bookings and they hold though, that is a success as the parties should easily cover what my table cost and it should net me future sales in the future due to bookings.

Adjusting Goals

Now, adjusting your goals may not be a good thing unless you are adjusting them up. But do not set them too high or you may end up disappointed.

Party Goals

If you arrive at a party and see 20 attendees, it can be tempting to upgrade your goals to $500.   Unfortunately, that may not work as maybe a lot of the attendees just came to see the new baby the hostess had or her new house.   On the other hand, if only three people show up, you could still get a $500 show as the three attendees need to restock their supplies.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are so unpredictable that I don’t think it is wise to adjust these goals no matter what. A lot of people come out just to see what is going on or to visit a friend who has a display.

Ultimately, what you get out of an event is up to you. If you sit back, and don’t interact, you are not likely to get anything. But if you engage, you should make your goals and more.


Evaluating 2013 and Planning for 2014

Another consideration this December while things are slow is how your year went and what you are hoping to get in 2014 with your direct sales business.

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Had you set goals for yourself and your business at the beginning of 2014?  If so, you should go find them and take a look again.  How have you done with them?  Have you accomplished everything you intended to do or did you fall short?

If you did not attain your goals, take a look at them and evaluate what happened to prevent it.  Are these still goals that you want to accomplish in 2014 or do you have other goals and plans for the new year?

Want to accomplish the goals in 2014 that you didn’t quite make in 2013?  Figure out what out happened in 2013 that you didn’t make them and set a plan to accomplish them in 2014.  Was it a lack of parties, did something else happen in life that you had to take time away from your business, or was it something else that prevented you from attaining your goals?

If you did accomplish what you wanted to in 2013, what are you going to do in 2014?  Do you want to increase your goals?  Or do you want to maintain what you did in 2013?  There is nothing that says you have to do more, heck, you can decide to do less in 2014.  It is all up to you and what you want from your business.

The biggest thing to remember when it comes to setting new goals or plans, is that they have to be measurable.  For instance, you cannot just say, I want to get recruits.  You need to say, I want to get 5 recruits this year or I want to recruit 3 more people than I did in 2013.  For sales, you could say that you want to do 20% more than you did last year or set a dollar value.  It is up to you.

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2013 Goals with Direct Sales

With the start of the New Year, many people are looking at what they accomplished in 2012 and what they are hoping to accomplish in 2013.  Maybe you have not figured out your goals, or maybe you have them figured out but are not sure how to get to the desired result.  Fear not, I have some information and a book recommendation to help you out. 

Cynthia Kersey has a book called “Unstoppable Woman” and it is a book that helps you to work through your goals to determine what you really want and to come up with steps to get there.  One of the biggest things that she advocates is that you need a buddy to work with and keep accountable to.   I have worked through this book in the past and it definitely is helpful and really makes you think about what you want and how you are going to get there.  To read my entire review, check it out here:  “Unstoppable Woman” by Cynthia Kersey

If you need some help with your goals, I suggest you check out my post about how to set goals in direct sales and see if that will help you.  Setting Goals in Direct Sales

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Help with Setting Direct Sales Goals

Chances are you have some sort of goals with your direct sales business or you wouldn’t be in business.  Whether it is to pay off a bill each month with your income or to be able to quit your day job, you want to accomplish your goals.  But knowing where to start and what to do to accomplish your goals can be overwhelming to the point that you give up instead of even trying.

Fear not!  I have a solution for you!

Cynthia Kersey – The Successful Woman

I followed this book a few years ago with a group I was in to achieve our goals.  It goes through 30 days with you and helps you break down the steps that are involved with making your goals.  She also recommends that you have a goal buddy who you touch base with once a day and discuss what you accomplished and what you did not accomplish.