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Creating A Host Coaching Checklist

It is very easy to get off track and confused as to where you are in regards to a direct sales party and your hostess coaching.  But with a simple checklist, it can be easy to keep track of where you are and what the next step is.  Not only does it keep you on track, but you will not forget important items that you want to mention.

Hostess Checklist

  • When it comes to my party checklist, there are a variety of things that I keep track of.
  • Hostess name, phone number, email address, physical address of party
  • Where hostess found me
  • Who hostess booked off of if applicable
  • When I mailed their hostess package
  • First phone call – Discuss hostess benefits, pick a date, set a time, go through requirements for a party
  • Second Call – Going over any questions she may have, customer specials, and the hostesses’ wish list.  This is also a good time to explain how to fill in an order sheet and what types of payment are accepted.
  • Third Call – Typically the day of the party or the day before – Any questions she may have, finding out how many people are attending, confirm address and let her know approximately when I will be arriving.   Depending on what all you put in the hostess package you mailed, you may want to go through this information with the host.
  • Thank you letter mailed out (I usually put this in the hostesses bag but others mail them later)
  • Day the order has been placed
  • Day the order arrives
  • Day order has been delivered to the hostess

You may want to add other items to this depending on how you run your parties and business such as when you mailed out a thank you card for hosting, when the invitations were sent out or anything else that you may do.

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Party for One, Please

Sometimes it happens where your hostess is excited and she tells you that she has 10 people who are coming to the direct sales party.  You arrive at the appointed time, get into the house and get your display all set up.  The appointed time comes and no one is there.  You and the hostess decide to wait a little bit, still no one.  Getting antsy as she has all this food and no people, she starts calling around to her friends to find out that no one is coming.  But there is no need to panic; this can still turn out okay!

Do a Modified Presentation

You still have one attendee – your hostess.  You have already driven there, setup and booked your evening.  So you may as well do your presentation for her.  With only one person, it should be relatively easy, painless and quick.  You know she is interested in the product or she wouldn’t have booked the party.

One on One

A great thing about this party is that it is one and one and cozy.  Your hostess will feel comfortable asking you questions that she may not have with all her friends around.  You can also get to know her a little bit better and share information that you may have not been able to with everyone else around.


This is where it can get tricky.  Hopefully she had already gotten a few outside orders before you showed up.  Now that she has seen the product, she can be a spokesperson and try to get a few more orders.   If she saw a few items she had been hemming and hawing about, and decides that she wants them, she will hopefully go to the effort of drumming up more business.

Another Party

It is a good idea to try and get this hostess to book another party with you.  While there is no guarantee this will not happen again, it is a rare occasion when no one shows up so hopefully next time will be more successful.

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