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Time Management for Sales Professionals

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Unlike money, time is equally available to every individual globally. Each and every one has just 24 hours to plan and execute actions, deeds and activities of the day. Here is where time management comes in as every individual has to complete all the daily tasks within the time available.

With time management techniques, people could improve on the quality of work and quantity of work addressed to each day. Getting more things done in less time always gives a certain amount of satisfaction to an individual, but then having said that; allotting time to the most important tasks is also one major aspect that should be not be forgotten.

Time Management is a whole new ball game when it comes to executing sales deals on a daily basis. Every minute counts as the responsibilities of each person piles up if not addressed in stipulated time. Hence, planning every minute is vital when it comes to managing time. The following steps can help manage time effectively:

Analyzing current Time tackling strategies – Time Management firstly starts with figuring out one’s current strategy of performing daily tasks and segregating time for each and every client to be met every day. Tracing out loop holes and areas of improvement is a major step. Giving a thought to the time taken currently for each task to figure out any scope of improvement is necessary. Prepare a time-log and keep track of what is done every 15 minutes for almost 10 days to get a time graph on activities done. Try and improve productivity if the need and scope of doing more is traced out.

Prioritizing – A list of direct sales activities should be prepared with the estimated time to spend on each personal task and client meetings as the table could be daily or weekly. The next step is to give importance to each deed and get things done accordingly. A To-Do list can be made with all the activities ranked according to their importance and follow to get optimum productivity. Having and going according to such list helps the sales executive to decide and focus on the daily tasks and client negotiations. Moreover, the priorities can be set according to the importance or the urgency at which the activity needs to be completed.

Organizing and Scheduling – The requirement is being focused on prioritized tasks and deadlines at all times. In such cases, a planning tool can be of great help. Setting reminders, and jotting down important points for further reference actually help to address the issue on hand and presents ways to tackle them effectively. The four important steps to be kept in mind while making a planning tool are –

  • Record: Make a record of all activities and targets according to priorities on a daily basis
  • Review: Go through the individual targets in the planner so that the important tasks can be addressed at the right time
  • Remember: Have a rough draft of the plan in mind and the tasks mentioned to make planning and tackling tasks easier
  • Synchronize: Get a copy of your plan on all electronic devices for easy prioritizing

Avoid Procrastinating and Multi-Tasking: Putting off direct sales activities for later has always been an issue for people. Reasons for doing so are usually because the task or the deal seems overwhelming or unpleasant. In such cases, all one needs to do is to break the process into smaller portions and get those portions done on a daily basis. There is also a problem of getting started with disinterested tasks or clients, in which situation; a preparatory task of collecting data or required materials should be put into action or a pre-planned approach to the meeting with clients should be figured out.

It has often been claimed that multi-tasking does not really help to get tasks done on a daily basis. Shifting focus from one task to the other often results in wastage of time and lead in difficulty in focus on the tasks and maintaining focus when needed. So an ideal solution is to get a portion of one task done completely before shifting attention to the other. In case of meetings, sales executives should make sure that the negotiations are dealt with patiently and sufficient time is segregated to each and every client in order to achieve daily targets with comparative ease.


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Direct Sales Growing in Popularity

Posted on 25 October 2010 by John Hurd

Not since the last recession have direct sales businesses grown so rapidly in popularity. Originally believed to be for “hobby entrepreneurs” and never really considered as a way to make a second income, this business has seen a major resurgence in the past year.

Companies like Avon and Tupperware are reporting an increased interest in people coming to them for ways to make more income. From the laid-off to those who still are in a career, there’s a lot of interest in selling a little something extra on the side.

If you’re considering getting into direct sales — and I recommend that you do — then there are a few things you should keep in mind when looking at companies to work for.

First, find out how you’re going to be selling product. Often, direct sales companies require you to purchase goods directly from them before you’ve even made a sale. It you’re not confident there’s a market for this product near you, or you simply cannot afford to carry stock, then I suggest looking at other opportunities.

Next, look at where your income is coming from. A direct commission from sales you make is most ideal. Some companies pay out an incentive for recruiting other people to sell the same product. And often this payout greatly exceeds the commissions from selling the actual product. Many people feel disappointed by businesses that run on this model, as once you recruit too many people, no one is left to buy the product.

Also, make sure you have an interest in what you’ll be selling. Use the product yourself, get comfortable with it and find the ways it is benefiting your own life. Selling a product you don’t believe in is far more difficult and stressful and won’t turn into the side income you’re looking for.

And, finally, ask around and do your research. What are people saying about this business online? Does anyone already promote this product in your area? If so, go out and meet them and find out about their experience.

As direct sales businesses continue to rise in popularity, getting in now could help you establish a secondary income to help you get through the rough patches of day-to-day expenses.

** Direct sales are just one way to earn some cash on the side. In my breakthrough book, “Sixty-Five Ways to Get More Money Than You Need,” I reveal proven moneymaking strategies you can use right away without any special training. You can get your own copy of my book by clicking on the link below: