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Uniqueness is Crucial with Online Direct Sales Promotions

When you join a Direct Sales company, no matter which one it is, you may feel like just one in a crowd of many hundreds, possibly even thousands, of consultants. If there are several people from the same company in close proximity, being unique in a sea of many is crucial for your online direct sales business.

Be Unique

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One way to make yourself stand out from among the crowd is to have a webpage associated with the parent company that you’re working with. You may have already been given a company webpage, but everyone has one of those. The name of the game is being unique, and a company page doesn’t say that.

Before purchasing a domain name, however, read up on your company’s rules for online marketing. You don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize your standing with them. If they don’t have a problem with it, by all means, create your own web page.

Optimally, you should already have a domain name picked out before you start your business, but don’t feel locked in to having the company name as part of it. In fact, you can choose something different from the company name so you can keep the domain if you ever separate from them. Come up with some ideas and then see if they’re available. Don’t be afraid to purchase more than one if you really like the name. If at all possible, try to find a name with a dot com extension – not that they’re any more valuable, but they’re more recognizable and easier to remember.

After you have your website domain purchased, you can begin to fill it with unique information. Don’t use only the information provided by the company. Add other value to the site, as well. If your company sells cookware, why not include great recipes that can be made with that cookware. If your company sells toys, provide articles that extol the virtue of playing with those particular types of toys. The options are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

OK, you have a domain; it’s filled with original content that compliments the product your direct sales company has to offer. What else can you do to stand out in the crowd? What else will make your online presence unique from the many other consultants or associates? Why not try adding audio or video to your website?

If you have spent any time at all on the internet, you’ll have seen the popularity of websites such as YouTube. Audio (podcasts) and video (webcasts) files haven’t been added to very many business websites yet, so if you put one on yours you’ll be seen as an innovator – someone to emulate as the popularity of the business tool expands. Besides, as well as being able to communicate with your team and prospective customers on a different level, podcasts and webcasts are just plain fun.

Regardless of the fact that you are running a direct sales business and have been given the same training and tools to do so, you don’t have to be like everyone else in the company. There are ways to make your online direct sales business stand out. Create your webpage with your own domain name, provide great content that will drive people to your site, and then add audio or video segments for your customers and team members to enjoy. You’ll be glad you took the initiative and decided to be unique.

Top 5 Ways to Promote Your New Business

Starting a home based business may not be as easy a task as many would think. The market is full of new competition and seasoned players. It is challenging and many lose hope. However, you can always start and run a new business in an effortless way by making wise and informed decisions. You also need to employ the right marketing tips to promote a business and enhance your profitability.

The use of custom promotional wristbands is an innovative and effective method to promote your business. They are popular and effective because you can use a custom message that suits your business to achieve the marketing goals that you have in mind. Additionally, a company logo can be incorporated in a wrist band to enhance its efficiency. Since many people love wristbands and they are products that can use efficiently over a long haul, you will always know that the marketing message has been delivered. They are also stylish and durable. Because of this, you can use them to target prospects on different occasions. They are an effective promotional tool and allow you to achieve your marketing or advertisement goals in a cost effective way.

Using giveaways is an effective way to promote a new business. Giveaways can be used during contests which are targeted at prospects to win prizes and freebies. Many people across the globe love free offers, promotions and to participate in competitions where they can win lots of prizes. They are effective promotional products in the sense that you can print a marketing message on the products so clients can know of the products and services you offer.

The use of social media is an effective and top way to promote a new business. Many people today are active users of social sites such as Facebook. In this reason, it is important to have a social page on different networks where you can reach out to target customers. Run competitions, open chats and interact with clients. Learn what they expect of you and promise to deliver services that meet and surpass their expectations. Identify a network that most of your prospects use and utilize it efficiently to promote the business.

Uses of PR and publicity methods are an excellent way to promote your business. Design an effective press release and send it to media outlets. More importantly, ensure your story has high quality content and an interesting angle because it increases chances of being included in news headlines. This allows many people to learn of the business as well as products and services you provide.

Blogging is another effective way to promote a new business. Set up a blog that will be used solely to enhance brand visibility. Communicate all details about your products, services and business on the blog. More importantly, ensure the information is factual, interesting and informative. This will help to attract more target prospects hence promoting your business in a cost effective way.

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Why Discounts can Be Dangerous in Direct Sales

Everyone loves a discount, except the person selling the product.  But, keep in mind that depending on where you are shopping, their markup could be at least double their cost, making a 50% markdown equivalent to their cost.  Unless you are receiving that much in commission or you enjoy losing money, you cannot afford to give that type of discount within your direct sales business.

De-valuing Product – One of the biggest arguments against giving a discount to customer is the fact that they will come to expect it in the future.  This is especially true if you offer the discount to a hostess and her customers in order to get them to book a party.  Once you do this, it will be expected the next time and they likely will not even book until you promise them the same incentive.  You may even have to increase the discount to the point that you are losing money on the party.  Not only will this hurt your business but it will hurt other direct sales consultants as the customer will approach others in the same business expecting the same deal.  They may even try approaching consultants with other companies to get the same benefit.

That said, there are times that a discount is appropriate such as clearing out older inventory that is no longer in season or that there is an issue with such as a crack or tear which does not affect performance.

If you feel the need to give a discount, you may want to consider offering a bonus or gift with the purchase instead as an incentive.  One good reason to support this is that if they try something else, they may like it and purchase that in the future as well.  This can be a great way to increase your sales instead of decreasing them with a discount.


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