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Five Tips For Talking to Prospects in Person

mikegi / Pixabay

When you’re a part of an MLM business, you need PEOPLE to help your business grow. The only way to get these people is to make them as wildly interested in your business as you are. This requires talking to them in the right way. Following are five tips for talking to prospects in person and turning them into successful recruits:

1. Put yourself in the prospects’ shoes. See things the way he, or she does. Consider what you’re hearing about their finances and other important factors that will affect a successful recruit.

2. Identify with the prospects’ interests. Be ready to explain what your prospect will get out of joining your company. This is the bottom line for them. They’re not interested in being sold on a business opportunity.

3. Approach prospects the way YOU would like to be approached. Think back to the person that recruited YOU. He, or she, must have said SOMETHING right or you might have walked away without looking back. Remember that when approaching each new prospect to increase your chances of a successful recruit.

4. Ask the right questions. If you ask enough questions, the prospect will be doing the majority of the conversation. Listen to what he, or she, is saying to you because, in essence, you’re being told HOW to successfully recruit this prospect.

5. Look your prospects in the eyes. Looking them directly in the eyes gives a feeling of confidence and helps you appear sincere and honest about everything you’re saying.