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Recruiting in Direct Sales

If you have been in direct sales for any amount of time, likely someone has talked to you about recruiting and building a team.  Maybe it was because someone approached you about signing up or you were interested because you wanted to expand and increase your income.  Regardless, there are several things that you will want to know when it comes to finding direct sales recruits and to help you decide if recruiting is something that you want to do.  

Should you be recruiting in direct sales?

Where to find Recruits

Recruiting Using the Internet

Building a Team in Direct Sales

Who to Recruit to Direct Sales?

One thing that I have found handy is to have a recruit kit ready to go.  Having a paper one that you can mail out to potential recruits or hand out at parties is important and it is also important to have one that you can email.  I also created a FAQ that I could include as I found it much easier than typing/answering the same questions every time.

Create a Recruit Package

Create a Recruit Letter

Recruiting Questions You Will be Asked

Once you have people on your team, you can’t just ignore them.  It is important that you help them with their business and get them going.  Some people will not require much from you while there will be others who you will need to take under your wing and help out.  It can be tough to figure out where to spend your time and who to work with, but hopefully I can provide you with some assistance in the below articles.

Helping your Recruit Wait for Their Kit

Working with your Team

Team Recognition in Direct Sales


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Creating a FAQ

Do you have a lot of ads posted or find you are getting a lot of inquiries about joining your direct sales team?  Get tired of answering them and feeling like you just keep repeating the same things?  I highly recommend creating a FAQ document that you can use at in person events and through email.  

I had created mine within a year of being in business as I was heavy into recruiting and this answered a lot of questions without me having to repeat myself.  I always encouraged people to ask me more in depth questions but this usually was enough to satisfy them in the thinking process and also to bring up items they may not have thought of.

Topics I included:

  1. How long shipping took to me and one other place in the country that I knew of
  2. Cost of shipping
  3. Where products were made
  4. Level that commission started at and went up to
  5. Quotas
  6. Do you have to recruit?
  7. How credit cards would be processed
  8. Local taxes
  9. Income tax

What you choose to put into your FAQ is up to you.  Look through emails you have had from prospective demonstrators and see what questions are common.  Think back to the questions you asked when you joined as well as those asked by those on your team.  If your company has a Facebook page or there is a page full of consultants, see if any of the frequently asked questions could go into your document.

You also want to keep this short.  One or two pages at the most in a question and paragraph format, preferably a shorter paragraph under 100 words or so.  If you cannot do it that short, maybe it is a question to deal with when talking or you could ask someone else to help you shorten it.

Pros and Cons of Working as a Direct Sales Representative While in College

College is expensive. With both student tuition and the cost of living rising, it’s a wonder that anyone is able to afford college at all anymore. Of course, if you look at the growing mountain of student loan debt, you’ll see that a lot of people are having a difficult time paying it off, but if students could find a way to save more money while in college or pay off loans while still in school, the debt problem could be alleviated.

English: Front and southern side of the buildi...

Even though most college students work part-time jobs while attending school, many of these jobs only pay minimum wage and require students to work in the evening or late at night, making it difficult to focus on school. What if there was a way to hold down a good job, make good money and do it on your own time, all while being a full-time student? It’s possible…it’s called direct sales.

Whether you choose to represent a company that sells cosmetics, home ware, vitamins and supplements, candles or jewelry, the products sold by direct sales companies often appeal to everyone and can be sold anywhere at any time. To help you decide if working as a direct sales representative while in college is right for you, here are the pros and cons.


  • Direct sales is a business that allows you to make your own schedule. Of course, the more you put into it, the more money you will make, but even part-time effort will reap good benefits
  • You are provided with marketing material that can be disseminated wherever you wish. You can sell to your teachers, peers, family and friends, and some companies now allow you to create your own business webpage for online marketing.
  • Product parties are perfect for sorority sisters and other large groups of friends. These parties may be hosted in sorority houses, dorm rooms, churches or other meeting rooms. It’s a fun event that is different from the regular old college get-together.
  • For added convenience, products can be sent to you for personal delivery, or they can be sent straight to the customer.
  • Your target market doesn’t have to end on campus. If you have friends and family in another city or state, you can sell products to them, too!
  • The direct sales business model is highly organized and easy to manage. Should you have any questions, there is always a phone representative ready to support you.


  • Direct sales requires self-discipline; a trait that can be difficult to maintain with a full-time class schedule. As a product sales representative, you are your own boss. What direction you want to take with your business is totally up to you, but great organizational skills and a self-starter attitude are necessary for direct sales success. Be sure you can handle being both a student and a boss before signing up.
  • Selling to family and friends can cause you to put your guard down, in terms of payment. It is necessary to request payment for an order at the time the order is placed. Otherwise, you may end up with a box full of products that will never be claimed or paid for
  • Sales goals may be unattainable for full-time students. Goals and policies vary from company to company so be sure to check before agreeing to represent the brand. Many companies have sales goals that are discretionary, and these are the best options for students.

Lastly, if you choose to work as a direct sales representative, you can also recruit friends and family to work with you toward greater sales goals and more profit. Good luck!

Melissa Miller loves to write about many things but is especially fond of subjects related to education, health, parenting and family finance. Currently, she works as a freelance blogger, contributing most of her work to www.AssociateDegreeOnline.com. Please send your questions and comments to Melissa at MellisaMiller831@gmail.com.

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Parties can Equal Direct Sales Recruits

Fall is in the air.  Many people are getting ready to send their children back to school.  But the direct sales consultant is excited about more than the return of the school year – they are excited about people holding parties!  They have been to convention and are revitalized with the new product that has been released and want to share it with everyone!

The fall season is the busiest time for direct sellers when it comes to sales and accumulating any points for incentives.  Not only do many companies unveil more new products for this selling season but consumers are in the mood to spend and are prepared and willing to host parties for the benefits.  But, while they are looking to purchase, they are also looking for methods to create an income stream to pay for the holiday spending.

With this, it is important that you are prepared to talk about the benefits of joining your direct sales company when you are doing a party presentation.  Show them how they can start their business and have a debt free Christmas with just a bit of work on their end. Depending on their success, they may continue well on past the holidays to help with other financial goals.

There is a good chance that your hostess may have already thought about joining up with a direct sales company.  She may not have decided which one or is using her party as a chance to make a decision.  More and more people are getting into direct sales as a way to generate extra income for a multitude of reasons.

One of the biggest benefits people see in direct sales is the ability to control their income and to take home their money the night of the party.  Of course, there are expenses that must be accounted for or money put aside for, but depending on your commission rate and the party sales, a person can easily clear $100 and up for a few hours of work.

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Where Should You Recruit?

The short answer is everywhere you possibly can.

You want to recruit locally and you want to recruit those who are at a distance to you.  Recruiting those who do not live near you can be harder but it is not impossible by any means.  This allows your team to grow wide and then deep where if you only recruit locally it can become tough to recruit after a while (especially in a small community). Of course, it all depends what your goals are with your direct sales business.

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.

Skip the Army and Join Direct Sales

Local Recruiting

These recruits are easy to find.  They are the ones that come to your parties, ask questions about the product and are curious.  They may approach you after the party and ask about joining or you may have to talk to them a bit afterwards to find if they are interested.   Obviously not everyone you talk to about the opportunity will sign but if you talk to enough people, you will gain a teammate.

While you may think that local recruits are the best, sometimes they can be more difficult to work with.

Distance Recruiting

There are several methods you can use to find these people:

Attend a local party but are not actually from the area

Find your website through a variety of methods

Someone you strike up a conversation with while you are on the road

These recruits can be tougher to work with as they are not local.  Find out what they want to do with their direct sales business and help them the best you can.  Find them local meetings they can attend or other consultants in their area that they can get together with.  Help them advertise to get parties going and invite them to join any team training you do through online methods or through the phone.

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Book Review: Be a Recruiting Superstar

By Mary Christensen

With over 25 years of experience in direct sales, you know that Mary Christensen’s advice comes from the heart and can be trusted.  To be successful in your direct sales business, not only do you have to get bookings and make sales, but you need to grow your business by finding the right people.

When you read this book, you will learn what your recruiting style and how to identify and approach those who will be an asset to your team.  You will learn how to do and say the right things to convert those prospects to your team and overcome any objections people may have.  This book will give you ideas to get them selling so that everyone meets their goals.   With confidence, you will find people who never considered a direct sales business will approach you about joining!

Not only do you get a book full of ideas, but there is advice, worksheets and exercises to help you become a recruiting superstar like you should be.    While some of her ideas may not be for everyone, and although she sometimes comes off a bit preachy, you can take the information and adapt it to better suit your personal situation and style.

I like that she explains how to make phone calls no matter what reason you are calling someone.  It is definitely important to know why you are calling someone instead of fumbling for a reason when they answer the phone.  By stating the reason that you are calling, people see you as genuine, realizing that you are calling for a specific purpose, which helps to build trust.

Overall, I think this is a great book for a person to pick up if they are thinking about building a direct sales team or has started building and needs help going forward.  It can also be great for a refresher or if you are feeling burnt out with your recruiting efforts.  With so much information thrown at us from so many places, it is nice to have one good resource with everything we need.

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Recruiting Questions you will be Asked

P question

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When you are ready to start recruiting, you will find that the people you talk to will likely have many questions for you.  Each person is different in what is important to them, but over time you will notice that there are typically five different questions you will be asked.  By being prepared for them in advance, you will be able to give an answer without a lot of thinking.

  • How much can I make?
  • How much time is it going to take?
  • What does it cost to get started?
  • Can I really do this?
  • Is it going to be fun?

How you answer is going to be different for every person but it’s important to have a general answer.  Some people might ask all of these questions, some people might only ask one or two.

What do you find is the most popular question?

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Recruiting using the Internet

The Internet can be a great source for recruits. Many people have successfully built their direct sales business by using the Internet for both sales and sponsoring.

One thing you have to remember is that email is impersonal, and easy to ignore. You will get inquiries, and not necessarily many sign ups. Try and get phone numbers for follow up if at all possible.

Look for places with free advertising – Some companies do not allow you to pay for online advertising. Write up ads either based on info from your company website, or from your own head. If you are using your own head, make sure to verify your information from the company website though if it is a more factual advertisement. Make sure you check the terms of the classified site you are using, as some are very fast to delete your ads if they feels they are against the terms.

You can get bogged down with finding free places to advertise. Try and find sites that are popular and people around you have heard of. The more eyes that see your ad, the more likely you will get a response. If you aren’t sure of what a good site might be, ask friends and family what sites they use when looking for something.

Disclaimer: If you are doing any online promotion, you need to make sure you get online at least once or twice a day to check emails. The Internet world is a fast one, and if you don’t respond quickly, they will find someone else or lose interest.

Message Boards/Yahoo Groups:
There are a lot of these out there, and a person could spend days on them. When you are on message boards to recruit, there are a few pieces of advice to follow. Get onto the site, introduce yourself, and get involved. Don’t just post your business, post in the chatter threads – ask questions, get known. Make sure you check out their advertising policies. Some boards only allow you to advertise in certain folders, or on certain days of the week.

Social networking Sites:
Do you have a profile on Facebook/MySpace or any of the other popular sites? If not, you should have one. If you already have a profile, then create a fanpage. This is a great place to post when there are promotions, monthly specials – both sales and recruit, and any other information. On a fanpage, you can keep all the information strictly about your business. On a regular profile, you should have both personal and business, you don’t want to sound like an ad only and have people ignore you.

Nowadays a business must have an Internet presence, but they can also use it to their advantage to advertise and build their business.

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Where to find Recruits?

So you’ve decided to start recruiting but you aren’t sure where to start?

The best leads are from your parties.  Listen to the people and what they are saying.

Hints at a party:

  • She asks about the products.
  • She has a lot of the products and tells everyone about them.
  • She brings someone with her.
  • She lingers after the show waiting to speak to you.
  • She makes eye contact when giving your recruit spiel.
  • She spends time looking over the catalog, checking all the details, and looks at the recruiting information.

These are all hints that you should talk to them.   You want to plant seeds during your presentation saying things like, does this seem easy to you?  It is.  I earn on average $100 from doing a 2 hour party.  Or, you could buy that at 25% off if you were a demonstrator.  Things like that.  If someone is helping with your presentation, tell them you want to talk to them after, as you think they will make a wonderful consultant.

Make sure you ask every person if they are interested.  You never know who will sign up and be your next superstar!

You always want to have a recruit package, or three, with you at a party.  This should include a current catalogue, the current signup specials, several business cards, and whatever else you feel appropriate.  I have a cover letter outlining the business, an FAQ page, and the top 10 reasons to buy the product.

Make sure to talk to your potential recruit, ask if they have any questions, answer them, and make an appointment for a follow up call.  If you don’t know the answer, ask them if you may get back to them with the answer at the follow up appointment.  You may get lucky and have someone sign right there, but usually they need to discuss it with a partner, a family member, a friend.  Follow up within two or three days.

Important: Answer their questions honestly.  I do tell people, I personally…. X y and z.  But that doesn’t mean it will happen to you.  I know others who A b and c.  People can tell if you are lying, don’t.  You are better for it.

If you follow these steps, you should start getting some results from your recruiting efforts.  Not every person you talk to will sign, but for each person that says no, you are that much closer to the person that says yes.

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