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Who to Recruit to Direct Sales?

When it comes to recruiting, it can be tough to know who you should approach and who you shouldn’t.  But I can tell you one method to determine this.. Ask everyone!

In the various resources I read about direct sales, this is a common theme that comes up.  A Direct sale consultant does an event and asks a variety of people if they are interested in joining, gives them information, etc but prejudges others and does not offer them the opportunity.  But in reality, this person is one of the more interested parties.  By excluding them, you have declined them the opportunity to make money for themselves and whatever else their motivation might be.  And all because you pre-judged them and felt that they would not fit.

Now, sometimes this is because a consultant is only looking for certain people to join their team.  I have heard of this especially from consultants who have larger teams and only have so much time when it comes to training.  But, there is no reason that they could not get the person’s contact information and then have someone else contact them about the opportunity.

If you do not feel comfortable asking people, try passing around a survey at the end of the event?  Keep it short and simple.  Name, what event they are at, email address, phone number, if they had fun, if they are interested in having an event of their own and if they are interested in the opportunity.  Have them hand these in to you when they order or in advance so you can discuss when they do order.   This will help to break the ice and give you somewhere to go from there.  You could even say something about how they have not marked off their interest and why is that?  Your goal at a party is always to have a few bookings as well as a recruit lead.


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