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Using Your Calendar

When you are in business yourself, its important that you keep track of any commitments that you have.  This means keeping track of when you have parties, when you have events or anything else that is relevant to your business.  If you miss something, it can make you look like you do not care about your business or that the event is not that important to you.

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While I will admit I am not perfect, and we all make mistakes, it is best to try and minimize these.

Some examples:

Years ago, a lady called me a day or two before her party.  She had scheduled months prior with a different consultant but she had never heard from her.  She had about a dozen people coming to her party but no consultant.  She wondered if I could do the party for her.  I was able to cover her event and it was over $1000.  My best party ever!  Sure, I didn’t have a chance to do hostess coaching but this lady was a great hostess on her own.

I screwed up last year and got my date confused for a trade show.  That Saturday morning, my phone rang but I ignored it.  I didn’t check the voicemail for a few hours and it turned out that I was missing the trade show.  I hadn’t marked it down in my calendar and I had a different date in mind for it.  I quickly packed up and was going to head out to it, but I ended up not going as I realized by the time I drove to the event and got setup, there would be maybe an hour left.  Yes, it probably did not look that great for me, but my experience shows that most people come through in the morning.

Are these two examples enough to tell you why you need to make sure you keep track of your events and your calendar?

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I’m having a tough time controlling my calendar. Any ideas on how I can keep things running smoothly?

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Ah yes, no matter what we have going on, there is never enough time in a day to get things done.  There are a few things you can do depending on what exactly the problem is.

First, start with marking you calendar with everything that is going on.  If kids have soccer every Monday at 6:30, mark that down.  If you have a monthly book club that meets the second Tuesday of every month, write that down.  If you volunteer somewhere every Saturday afternoon, make sure that is recorded.  Now you know what time of yours is already booked.

Determine what you need to get done and how much time it is going to take.  Then schedule it in.  Maybe you have nothing going on Wednesday, so you set that aside for bookkeeping and phone calls to customers.  You could set Thursday aside for delivering orders if you have any, and if you don’t have any, maybe it would be a good time to do some advertising.

Of course, life may get in the way and you will have to move some of these things.  Maybe someone wants a party on Wednesday night.  That likely isn’t an issue and you can move your bookkeeping to Sunday afternoon or somewhere else that suits you.  Don’t forget to schedule in important things though such as a date night with your significant other or time to hang out with the kids and be silly.

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