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Talent Search: Five Ways to Recognise a Superior Salesman

Not everyone has what it takes to succeed in the world of sales. For every person who can make a thousand-pound sale in one phone call, there are several people who struggle to connect with customers. Learning the five things you should look for in a salesperson will help you find the right man or woman for the job.


A good salesperson is someone who is tenacious and has a never-give-up attitude. When that person hears someone say no, the individual steps things up and does whatever it takes to make a sale. This might involve offering a larger discount, showcasing the benefits of one product over another, or calling that client back on a regular basis until the customer agrees to buy.


People who are naturally friendly succeed in the retail and sales worlds more often than those who are cold or a little withdrawn. Customers want salespeople who can walk a thin line between being friendly and being a little too personable. This approach does not work for all customers, but is wonderful for many others. The salesperson has to be able to give the customer a feeling of camaraderie in a short span of time.


The sales world is a field dominated by extroverted and outgoing people, and there is no room in that world for introverts. No one can expect to make a sale without having an outgoing personality. These are the people who can make clients instantly feel comfortable. They can make small talk, remember names, make jokes, and make customers want to buy. Their comfort creates the client’s comfort, and thus they are much more likely to buy. They are also able to ask the questions that other people may shy from without a hitch in their step.


Self-starters are the people who can make decisions on their own and work away from the office. They do not need someone standing beside them or holding their hand, and they can work in an office setting or on the go. Finding these salespeople isn’t always easy, but you can use job sites to find the right applicants. Sales Vacancies and similar sites let you search job postings and find qualified people looking for jobs when you post a listing.


According to Lawrence Watkins, discipline is one of the most important skills necessary in a qualified salesperson. Watkins points out that those with discipline have the ability to follow through and make sales after others would give up. It might take twelve cold calls before finding a sale, or it might take a dozen calls before a client agrees to buy, but a disciplined worker will stick with it.

The best salespeople have a variety of skills and traits at their disposal. They never give up, they follow through with clients, and they can work in a variety of different settings. Use this list to narrow your search.


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Opinion: Mary Kay Ladies Are Really Just Pawns in a Pyramid Scheme

If you want to read the article, you can check it out here:  Mary Kay Ladies Are Really Just Pawns in a Pyramid Scheme
I will tell you up front, the link is not on a business blog.  It is a blog that is more feminist/gossip/health.

I want to reply to a few points and to many of the comments in the article that rubbed me the wrong way.

Pyramid Scheme:
The definition of a pyramid scheme is one where most of your sign-up fee goes to the person you are signing up for.  Any direct sales company that I am familiar with – such as Tupperware, Gold Canyon, Epicure – send you product worth way more than you pay to sign up.  Yes, as you make sales the person that signs up makes a commission off you, but how is that different than anyone who works in retail or elsewhere making commission?  They sell to Susie and sales person makes money, their boss makes money, bigger boss makes money and it continues up the ladder.

The article talks about companies that require you to purchase inventory.  Personally, I have not heard of any company that makes you buy inventory to get started.  I had heard of a Canadian company that “loans” you several thousand dollars worth of inventory but you know that upfront.  While a company may recommend that you purchase inventory to allow you to show more, this is definitely not a requirement.  If you cannot afford it, do not do it.  Instead, invest the money you make from each even to purchase more if you feel you need it.

Making Money:
The majority of people in direct sales do not make a lot of money at it.

  • The median (50% more; 50% less) gross annual income for a direct seller is $2,420.
  • The median (50% more; 50% less) gross annual  income for a direct seller working less than 5 hours per week is $420.
  • he median (50% more, 50% less) gross annual income for a direct seller working 40+ hours per week is $34,130

Want more stats?  You can find more here:  A Few Interesting Stats

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Fall is Coming in Direct Sales!


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Fall is coming whether you are ready or not.  If you are in direct sales, it is time to start thinking about the fall and product launches and holidays.  Chances are your company has had its convention already and the fall books have been released or are about to be.  But is your calendar booked up for fall yet?  Probably not.  Use this time to lay the groundwork so you can hit the ground running when September hits.

Host a Fall Launch – If you are able to get some of your fall product before people can officially buy it, have a launch party.  You might want to make it exclusive and invite only your best hostesses and customers (you could invite everyone who has ever purchased from you if your list is small but call it an Exclusive event!).  Give them a present for attending, invite them to bring a guest and offer extra treats if they book their party at your event.  Tell them that even if they cannot attend, if they call you between a certain time (outside the launch hours as you plan to be busy with customers then) you will still extend the same specials.

Contact Customers – Do all your customers know that your fall book is ready for ordering and the sooner the better to get their favourite items?  I know my company has run out of some items in the fall season as there are surprises as to what is popular.  Convince your customers to book early to avoid disappointment!

Contact Maybes – Do you have a list of people who were interested in hosting an event but keep humming and hawing and never set a date?  Contact them and tell them this is the time, your fall catalogue is out and it is full of great stuff that they and their friends are going to want!  Get them booked!

Offer Incentives – If you are having a hard time getting people to book/commit for the fall, offer them an extra incentive.  Maybe it is something you can buy at an extra discount from the company; maybe it is extra hostess incentives.  Whatever you offer, it has to have value to your customers.

Regardless of what you offer, now is a great time to get people booking before they start going crazy with all their other fall plans.  This may also make it a bit harder to get them to commit, but if you can get them penciled in and then follow through with hostess coaching, you should be off to a wonderful fall season!

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