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Check out My Direct Sales Books!

If you have been following this blog for any amount of time, or you are a new reader, you know that there is a lot of content here.  While you can view it all by going through the various categories and reading the posts that interest you, I have created several eBooks that I think will be much more helpful as all the information is in one place and in order.

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I have posted prior about the first book I published on Kindle, well, I have published four more.  So please check them out and give me feedback!

Everything about Getting Sales, Trade Shows and FundraisersThis book is all about what you can do to get sales, how to find trade shows and do well at them and where the fundraisers are hiding.   This is a great book to get for the person who is starting, re-starting or is struggling to keep their business going.

What You Need to Know About Recruiting – Recruiting is not for everyone which is why I have made it a separate book.  Some people need help here and do not know why they might want to recruit or how to find people who want to join their team.  It also gets into how to train and get their teammates started.

Assistance with Advertising and Social MediaIf you are looking to do more business, or just keep your business where it is, you likely need to do some advertising.  Whether you are looking for online or offline, free or paid, there are a lot of ideas here to help you.  There is also a lot of information about social media and how you should and should not use it to promote your business.

The Business End of Direct Sales – Accounting and TaxesAs with any business, there is always bookwork and taxes.  This book gives you information about how to get organized, how to keep current and gives you ideas about what you can and cannot use for your taxes.

And of course, don’t forget my first book “Picking a Direct Sales Company and Getting Started

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