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How to Get Guests to Leave

Apparently this can be an issue for some people, as in asking people for ideas on what they would like me to cover on this blog, one thing people asked about was how to get people to leave.  The majority of people are likely going to leave once they have put in the order, but you may have those people who just do not figure it out and you think may be planning to spend the night.  Here are a few things you can try:

Pabst Door

Pabst Door (Photo credit: Atelier Teee – 3 million views and counting)

Clean Up – One of the signs of an evening being over is cleaning up.  If you don’t want to ask people to leave, you can try cleaning up any snacks or treats and see if people get the idea.

State the Obvious – Chances are, once the consultant has left, you may want your friends to leave.  But they may not be getting the hint.  So one of the first things you can try is just asking everyone to leave.  You might try stating something like “Thanks for coming out everyone.  But it’s getting late, and I need to be …. “and see how that works.  They may not have realized how late that it has gotten.

Turn out the Lights – If people still do not get the hint when you politely ask them to leave, you could try turning out the lights.  If they are sitting in the living room and you turn off any lights in that room, they should get the idea that you are serious about them going.

Call a Cab – If any of your guests need a cab, or a ride home, let them know that you have already called their cab or if they are the last guest, you can tell them that you are ready to take them home.  If you have someone else who is driving them home, contact that person and have them come get them.

Call the Cops– If nothing else, you could try calling the cops to get people to leave your home, but depending on how busy they are, and how important they feel your complaint is, they may take a few hours to arrive.  It is likely best to handle it on your own.


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