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Getting Ready for 2014

As you are wrapping up things for 2013, you can start getting items ready for the 2014 year.  Some tasks can be done in 15 minutes where some are a bit more time intensive.

Oh so much to do, to do today, tomorrow, the n...

Oh so much to do, to do today, tomorrow, the next day (Photo credit: Chapendra)


While you are sorting out all your paper work for 2013, start your folders and fields for 2014.  This is a great time to do them as you know what did and did not work for you and you can make modifications or changes at this time.  If you wait until March, you may have forgotten what you wanted to change and spend another year not being as productive as you could be.

Reorganize Your Space

Chances are during the year, you haven’t had the time to keep your space neat and tidy.  Take this time to do that.  Find those shelving units you bought but never put together, the pen organizer that is still in the bag and put all the paper away.  Put the expired books in a cabinet to be used for trade shows or other events.

Restock Your Packages

If you have gone through a lot of hostess and recruit packages, start making new ones.  Depending on the timing of your company, you may not be able to put in catalogues but you can get everything else ready.

Prepare Mail-outs

If you do a mail out in the New Year with new catalogues, you can also get these ready while you wait.  Find envelopes and get the addresses onto them.  Print out any paperwork that you put into the envelope and put it in them.  Throw some business cards into the envelope or anything else that needs to go in that you have already.

Read Company Information

If you have gotten behind on some of the information relating to your company, take this time to get caught up.  I know I don’t always read the company emails that come out (the general information ones) so now is a good time to do it.  You never know what questions may get answered when you do this.

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Keeping Track of your Accounting Paperwork

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Unfortunately, any type of business generates paper and you have to organize it in some way that you can find it again if needed.  You may need to find it due to warranty issues, to see what a customer ordered last, or heaven forbid, you get audited and you have to show the paperwork to the auditors.   Here are some suggestions on how to organize it all.  If this doesn’t sound like a good system to you, use it to figure out your own method – we don’t all work the same!

For me, as I do not put through a lot of parties and orders each month, I find an envelope system works well.  I picked up a box of about 200 9 ½ by 12 envelopes at Costco for about 10 bucks and I have barely used any.


I take all the sales slips from each party and staple them together.  I mark the top one with the order number and the date I submitted the order to my company and put them in a folder labeled for the appropriate month.  In an effort to save paper, I save the order from my company in a PDF format to my computer with the order number.  You could easily print the page down and staple it to the front.


I have another folder for expenses throughout the year.  Again, I keep PDF copies on the computer for as many items as I can (for instance, utility bills as I get them all electronically).  For receipts for other things, such as trade shows or supplies bought at the store, I keep them in an envelope labeled “Expenses”.  I make sure to photocopy all the ones that are on thermal paper as they tend to fade which will not help you in the future.

If the expense envelope gets too full, or if you have a lot of expenses through the year, you could easily sub-divide it.  Select the divisions that make the most sense to you.


Another folder you should create is for banking.  I would recommend taking your bank statement and attaching any receipts behind it that are not already accounted for in your sales or expense folders.   You may not have anything left but bank charges and interest.  Make sure to account for those in your bookkeeping and put these in their own envelope.  If you use a credit card, it should be in an envelope separate from your bank account simply due to the amount of paper generated.

Whichever folders or envelopes you create, start new ones on January 1.


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What to Provide your Hostess for a Catalogue Party

Catalogues – While these can be pricey, you want to make sure your hostess has enough catalogues to collect orders.  At a minimum, I recommend three books but you should ask her how many she needs.

Order forms – This is another no brainer.  As these are cheaper, you should give them at least 10 to start out with.  Pre-fill in the shipping rate (flat rate or %) so people don’t have to ask and mark the tax if possible (i.e. 5%).

Envelope – It is a good idea to provide your hostess somewhere to put any money and orders collected.  An  8 1/2 x 11 envelope is great for this purpose.  Depending on your product, you may want to give smaller envelopes for each order and then a larger one to collect them all in.

Instructions – Instructions on how to have a successful catalogue party as well as how to fill out the order forms.  I will discuss this in more depth tomorrow.

Samples – If you can, lend your hostess some products or samples for them to show to their friends and family.   This likely will help to increase sales as well – people need to see things to order them.  I will also discuss this more tomorrow.

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*****Incentives to Promote More Bookings*****

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Below are a few of my favorite Booking incentives to Book parties on the dates I want to work. Don’t forget::: You control your calendar!:

Open Date Card: Only List Dates that you prefer to work in the next 3 weeks and have them select from those dates. Great info on this from Karen Phelps. www.karenphelps.com

Calendar: This is my personal preferred method. I would only suggest this after your dates are pretty well full for 2 months in advance. Have 2 calendars:

~~1 will be your actual planner with your parties and info in it. This is your Master Calendar (if you want to stay in control of the dates you work (do parties) don’t show the calendar pages of this one.)

~~ The other is a calendar that you go through and take a pencil and scribble out dates that you are not available. I like to take a very small calendar, cut it up per month then staple it together and paper clip it to the front of the master calendar. Then when you’re booking your dates only show the month you are promoting parties in. Once they pick a date that is not scribbled off by pencil, scribble out that date on your calendar then write that hostesses info on the index card with the date she has selected then put the index card with the hostesses party date, time, name, address, and phone # behind the calendar on that paperclip. When you get home, transfer that index card info to your Master Calendar.

Star Hostess Date: *Star Hostess is where you pick 4 dates in the next 3 wks (I normally make my week nights star hostess nights to free up my weekends) you’d like to work and put stars on them. When a hostess chooses one of those dates, she is a STAR HOSTESS and will receive an additional gift or whatever bonus you’d like to add

Envelopes with your open dates on it: Go through your calendar before you leave for your show. Decide on 4-6 dates that you want to work over the next 3 weeks. Make these envelopes really pretty and put on it; Shopping Spree date: Fill in that date, then put FREE product stickers, etc on it. Pass these around the room closer to the end of the show. (Put them in a basket). Instruct your guests to write their name on the envelope they prefer and when you’ve put them on your calendar in the ordering room they can open that envelope to see what their extra FREE goodie is for that particular day.

Double Base Hostess Credits: One of My Favorite Incentives. This really gets the hostess excited about picking your particular date. I normally do this when there is a date that I really want filled. You could use if for hosting a week night party, office party, catalog party, last minute party, etc.

Balloon Incentive: Give everyone balloons when they come in but do not tell them what they are for. Trust me they will question you. Just say “it’s a surprise” with a cute smile.

At the end of the party, tell them that each balloon has a FREE gift in it. When they date their show with you tonight they can pop their balloon and see what their special gift will be when their show holds.

Judy Garey, aka the Party Plan Booking Queen, trained hundreds of distributors via company conventions and teleconferences in booking parties and hostess coaching. Her ability to book and hold unbelievable amounts of parties led her to being the top sales producer, earned her several trip promotions and invitations to serve on many leadership teams. She continues to serve the industry by providing training on understanding personality styles to increase sales, bookings, and sponsoring. You can find more information at http://www.judygarey.com

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