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I want to do a fundraiser, but I have no clue how to get one. Any ideas?

The sky is the limit on where you can find fundraisers but actually landing one is the hard part.  You can also cold call/cold mail/cold email locations, but without following up, you likely are wasting your time.  Regardless, here is a list of places you can try.  Some are free, some will cost you money.

  • Ask people you know if they know anyone who is looking
  • Talk to people you know who are involved in different activities
  • Contact your local schools and churches
  • Make sure to tell customers at your home parties
  • Advertise them when you do events
  • Put an ad up on classifieds that you offer fundraisers
  • Check the classifieds to see who is advertising a fundraiser – car wash, steak night – and see if they are interested in another type of fundraiser
  • Put up posters wherever you can
  • Contact any type of community organization or hall to let them know you do fundraisers – while they may not do them, they may know people who do that they can pass your information on to
  • Get in touch with your local chamber of commerce to see if you can get listed with them
  • Put ads in the newspaper


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