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Loving a Product is Important in Choosing a Direct Sales Business

When it comes to direct sales, or truly, any business, picking your product is going to be one of the most important decisions you make.  Some people know immediately what product they love and they sign up to sell it without a second thought, but for others, it is a bit more difficult.

Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

The first company I signed up with, I really did like the product and I knew that it would sell well.  But after a year, and a variety of reasons, I decided it was time to leave the company.  Before I left, I did some research as to what I wanted to sell.  There were a lot of products out there but nothing that really jumped out at me and said “Sell Me!”.  But I did find a few that intrigued me enough to look into them further and once I did that I found a company that I could sell for.  But due to me not being “in love” with them when I started, I have struggled more than others have in selling the product.

Why do I tell you this story?   To show you the importance of really loving the product that you sell.  Now when I present at a party, I am able to highlight the products that I have come to know and love (products that came out shortly after I started) and as a result, I get sales.

Believability – When you believe in and love the product, the excitement comes through in your voice and people want it.  People can tell when you are honest and when you are not.  Point out the negatives – people will thank you for it and it will help increase your believability factor.

Excitement – If you love the product, you want to share the product with everyone you can which will increase your bookings and potentially your recruits.  They will want that excitement in their lives as well.

Personal Use – The best way to sell a product is to use it yourself.  This way you can easily promote it to others and give examples of how to use it.  If people ask you how it works for you and you have to tell them you don’t use it yourself, it looks bad.  There are valid reasons such as a nut allergy when selling food products but for the most part, you should give it at try.

Loving a product and having that come through is one of the best ways to make sales.  It is possible to sell products that you do not love but it will likely be more difficult and more of an uphill battle.

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