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The Gambling Game

It's A Gamble
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Materials Needed:

Ÿ  10 – 14 Wrapped boxes or decorated envelopesŸ  4-6 small gifts

Ÿ  1 big gift

Ÿ  4-6 slips of paper on which you’ve written:  “Congratulations!  You’ve won a gift!”

Ÿ  1 slip of paper saying:  “Hurray!-You’ve won the TOP PRIZE!”

Ÿ  5-7 slips of paper which say:  “Congratulations!  You’ve won ME J”

Pre-Show Preparation:

Place one slip of paper into each box or envelope.  Tip:  Be sure to make a visual note for yourself of which holds the “Top Prize” slip.

Suggested Script:

The best time to play this game is after your show demonstration ends, but before the you begin the ordering.

“I’d like to thank you all again for coming.  I’ve had a great time tonight, so before we end the show, I think we should play one more game…..the GAMBLING GAME.  This game is designed to help our Hostess, ____________, earn all her favorite items tonight.  Participation in this game is strictly voluntary, so let me explain how it works.  Tonight I have ____ gift boxes (or decorated envelopes) with me.  Inside of ____ of these is a slip of paper saying, “Congratulations!-You’ve won a gift!”

(hold up and describe the special prize for all to see–samples, make it appealing)

“If you decide to take a chance and choose one of these boxes (or envelopes), this is what you will take home with you tonight!  Inside one of the other boxes (or envelopes), is a slip of paper that says, “Hurray!-You’ve won the TOP PRIZE!”  Now, look at what I’ll send you home with if you pick that envelope!”

(Again, Demonstrate  and describe the top prize,–basket with vibe, such as wp bullet, ladyfinger, coochy, etc or even a massage basket with massage mit/lotion-MAKE THIS ONE VERY APPEALING)

“And inside each one of the remaining boxes (or envelopes), the slip of paper says,  “Congratulations!  You’ve won ME J”  Now you can see why we call this the Gambling Game-because if you play, you’ll have to take a chance.  I’m on my honor to give you a special gift if you select that box (or envelope).  So, you’ll need to be on your honor to hold a For Your Pleasure show with me if you select one of those booking boxes (or envelopes).  So, Let’s get started….”

At this point, approach the guest who has been the most enthusiastic throughout the show.  Ask her if she would like to play and if she says “Yes”, let her select a box, but remind her NOT to open it.  Then continue around the room doing the same thing until everyone has had a chance to play.  Now, go back to the first guest and say:

(But remember your visual note for the top prize, APPROACH THE PERSON WITH THE TOP PRIZE LAST!!  If something happens and the first person you approach has the top prize and opens it, everyone else knows they will not be receiving the top prize and it will ruin the anticipation of wondering ‘Who has the top prize’)

“The name of the game has changed,  Now let’s play ‘Let’s make a deal’.  You can choose to keep you box, open it and take whatever is inside home with you.  Remember that It could be a small gift, the top prize, or an agreement to host a show with my smiling face J.  If you’re unsure of what to do, you can give the box back to me right now-unopened-say yes to holding a show, and I will bring you that very special top prize (describe big gift) the night I do your show.  By making this choice, you’re guaranteed a big gift and you’re helping your Hostess, ____________, to get her favorite items FREE!  Plus, you will also have the chance to earn your favorite items FREE.  Now what would you like to do?

If she chooses to open it, give her the gift or write her name down for booking.  As soon as you have finished going around the room with your “Let’s Make a Deal” offer, Thank the guests again and announce those booking are actually the TOP PRIZE winners because not only will they receive that big gift but they will  be earning more of their favorite items FREE while having a blast at their show!  Then ask the guest who are booking to meet you in the ordering room to claim you  as their prize by setting their date.


Judy Garey, aka the Party Plan Booking Queen, trained hundreds of distributors via company conventions and teleconferences in booking parties and hostess coaching.  Her ability to book and hold unbelievable amounts of parties led her to being the top sales producer, earned her several trip promotions and invitations to serve on many leadership teams.   She continues to serve the industry by providing training on understanding personality styles to increase sales, bookings, and sponsoring.  You can find more information at http://www.judygarey.com

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