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How to Market Your Product Using a Free Gift with Purchase Incentive

Getting customers to pay attention to your marketing message long enough to purchase your products is a constant struggle. Consumers are literally bombarded with numerous advertisements each day. In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace you should use proven strategies that work. Giving away free gifts is the quickest way to build momentum and boost sales of your products. There are several popular ways to set up a gift incentive program.   Free Gift

Gift Cards

Gift cards are extremely popular with consumers. People like them because the cards make perfect last minute gifts for friends and relatives. Some customers will choose to keep them for their own use. You decide the amount of monetary value to give to the card. It could be for $10, $25, $50 or $100. The value can be determined on factors such as how much more each customer will spend when using the card. Gift cards can be applied to specific items you wish to sell. For instance, customers can save money on a high-ticket item that costs over $500 by using their $100 gift card. You can also offer hidden gift cards with smaller values that the customer doesn’t know the value of until use. This way they may come in because they have a gift card, but you will still earn money from their purchase.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers work in much the same way as gift cards. They are more flexible in that they can be used in various formats. Vouchers can be created as a printable certificate and handed to the customer. They can be automatically printed out on receipts. They can also be online vouchers that are applied to purchases during check out. Customers will hang on to their gift voucher and redeem it on their next visit to your shop. They are great for luring customers back to buy more. A good rule of thumb is to offer a product with purchase of another product. An example of this would be a salon that offers a voucher for a free eye brow waxing with a full cost haircut.

Promotional Items

All sorts of businesses use customized promotional items as free gifts. These fun and practical items are personalized with your company logo and message. Among the most popular giveaway items are buttons from custombuttonco.com , keychains and t-shirts. Customer love free gifts. Whenever they use these promotional items, other people will see your company name and they may be interested in learning more about what your business has to offer. Promotional gifts keep your business fresh in the minds of customers.

Reward Points

Consider rewarding your customers for their loyalty to your business. Set up a rewards program and invite your best customers to join. Each time customers buy certain items, they receive points. They can use these points towards purchasing special items or receive a discount.

Punch Cards

Give each of your customers a card. Have a certain number of products or services on the card and each time they come in sign off on one of the lines. After they have come in the designated number of times, give them a free product or a discounted product.

One of the fastest ways to get consumers interested in products is to offer them a free gift with purchase. Incentive programs are simple to set up and are a powerful way to stimulate more sales. You will still earn money from these purchases and can gain loyal customers for the future.

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Gifts for Direct Sellers: Business Related

If you have a direct seller in your life, there are some things that they may be wishing for as a gift.   It may be something that they cannot justify for themselves or something that they have not been able to find.  Regardless of the reason, here are a few ideas to consider.


Gifts (Photo credit: Guudmorning!)

Planner – Depending on the type of planner that someone uses, the price of them can add up.   But, once they have one, it does not have to be too pricey to buy refills each year to keep it useful.  If you know that they have been dreaming of a certain planner, the holidays may be a good excuse to get it for them.

Tote Bag – Carrying everything a person needs can be a hassle.   But with a good tote bag, it does not have to be.  One with zippers is always great as you can put items in those pockets and not have to worry about losing it.  Too many pockets can be a hassle though as you can spend a lot of time searching all the pockets to find something.

Gift Cards – If you are not sure what they may want, or are afraid you may pick the wrong thing; you cannot go wrong with a gift card.  Office supply stores can be a good choice or a general store like Wal-Mart or Target can be good as they are one stop shops for everything.

Time – Time is always a great gift to give!  It does not cost you anything except giving of some of your time.  Maybe you know your direct seller friend has a trade show coming up and they would love some assistance; volunteer to help.  You might know that they have a huge order coming in and you could offer to help sort it.  Or if they have little kids, you may offer to help by babysitting sometime.

Books – There are so many books out there that can be helpful for a direct seller – how to increase sales, how to better use your time, building a social media following or even how to relax.  What books would be helpful depends on the specific person and what they may need help figuring out.


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Gearing Up for Prime Time in Direct Sales

The holiday season is upon us.  If you do not already have the supplies you need to get those holiday sales, it is time to get them and get yourself prepared to party!

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Fall and Holiday Season (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make sure that you have the following:

Hostess Packages – Even if you don’t have the current catalogues, you can get everything else ready for a hostess package.  Make as many packages as you want parties and then 10% more for good measure.  It never hurts to shoot to the moon and ideally, you want to run out and need to create more.

Recruit packages – You may get recruits right now but you also want to plant the seeds for when they start seeing holiday bills so be prepared to give out information about joining your company.  Put some information about recruiting in all your hostess packages as well, quite often hostesses will roll into consultants.

Customer List – If you haven’t contacted your customers recently, get in touch.  Get them to book their party early for best selection.  Depending on the company you represent, you may get items that go onto back order quickly and may not be back in time for the holidays.

Stock Your Bag – Put a selection of business cards in your wallet or purse to have with you.  Hand them out wherever you are without being a pest.   If you have a pin, a bag, or something else with your information and to book a party with you, carry it with you and have cards ready to give to anyone who asks.

Supplies – Make sure that you have all the supplies you need.  Order forms, pens, a calculator, business cards, and stickers, whatever it takes.  Get organized and be ready to go.  You never know when someone will call and want to have you over tomorrow.  One of my best parties was due to another consultant never following up and the hostess had a dozen women coming over and no consultant.

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Dealing with Stock

If you have been in direct sales for any amount of time, there is a good chance you have accumulated some stock that is sitting in a corner collecting dust. But it does not have to be, there are many different things that you can do with it!

Sell It – The most obvious use of extra stock is to tell it.  While this sounds easy, it does not always work that way.   If you try to sell it at a flea market or garage sale, people aren’t willing to pay the price and unless you are willing to sell it for cheap, you likely will still have it after the event.   You can try trade shows; I find they can be hit and miss.  You also have to watch what your company rules allow.

Substitute – Depending on what you sell, and the shelf life, you may want to substitute stock in when people place an order.  Use your own discretion on this one.

Give-ways – Consider hosting a giveaway.  This could be at a trade show, for orders placed in a month, or just because.   Of course you will not make any money on this inventory but you will potentially get more orders depending on how you use it.

Host Gift – Do you give your party hosts a gift for having you do a party for them? Give them something out of your stock.  This can be especially great if you know that they love a particular scent and it is no longer current but you have some.  Plus, you get a tax write off for it.

Gifts – Have someone on your gift list that you do not know what to buy for?   Consider giving them something that you already own.   You do need to be careful who you give items to as they may consider it you trying to push your product.  But if they love it, then they likely will have no issue with it.


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Are you running your Direct Sales business how you want to?

I don’t know about you, but when I started my direct sales business I had all these plans – especially once I started building my team.  I was going to do all this training and totally be on top of it and everyone was going to be rocking the business.  But, it didn’t happen that way and now I regret it.  I know that I can still get on the bandwagon, but can be hard to go back and start new habits.

Where am I going with this post? I guess what I want to say is that if you plan to do things a certain Running your Direct Sales Businessway in your direct sales business such as checklists, it is important to start doing that and continue.  It will make a huge difference in your business and how it goes.

I was talking to someone the other day about their direct sales business.  She is busy.  She is making sales and building an active team.  She has already beaten her recruiting goals for the year.  But she said she is tired from working hard which makes sense.  Her sales are over four thousand a month and growing.

She said her biggest reasons for success though is keeping a checklist that she uses with every single hostess and coaching (yep, this was on my list of things I planned to do).  And using that five thousand pound phone!

Here are a few things she does:

  • She doesn’t let her hostesses use a Facebook page for their invitations; she gets their list instead and sends it out on their behalf.  Call it an additional service that you provide – it’s all in how you spin it!
  • Makes sure her hostesses follow up on the invitations with phone calls personally inviting her guests.
  • She screens those who join her team for those that she can work with and whatever else she feels is important.
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What to give as a hostess gift?

Most people that I know give out some sort of gift to their hostess for having a party.  What you choose to give is totally up to you, but I have a few suggestions for what you may want to do or not do.

I always suggest to my team to give something that is a current item in our catalogue.  This way they can tell everyone how wonderful it is and encourage them to purchase it.

If I am running a special where I am trying to increase bookings, then I may offer a larger version of my usual gift or I may offer extra credit to my hostess.

Some companies offer special items that are not available in the catalogue and that the consultant can buy at a great price to give away.  These could be test products; products discontinued a while back, a variety of things.  Be cautious using these as giveaways at a party as someone may fall in love with an item, recommend it to everyone, and then you disappoint them when you cannot get them one.