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6 Tips to get Fall Hopping

Fall is here and we are entering one of the busiest times of the year for those in direct sales.  But yet some people are still facing an empty calendar.  If this is you, here are some ideas to help get people shopping and booking parties with you.

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Product Launch

If you have a new book for the fall, or an insert to go with your main book, make sure people know about it!  Have people come to your house to check out the new product or even invite them over to help you open the box of new goodies!  If you are going to have people help you unpack, keep it to a select group (prior hostesses, biggest party hosts, or some other criteria) and offer them something special if they book a party with you before they leave.

Hostess Only Party

Have a launch at your house that is exclusive for previous hostesses and give them first pick of the days available in your calendar.  Do not forget to set hot dates where they can get an extra incentive if they book that day!

Open House

Already have your fall products?  Have an open house where everyone comes over to check out the new goodies.  Offer them an incentive if they book a party with you at that time or if they bring a guest who books or purchases.  Make sure you give them a good reason to attend!

Extra Host Incentives

Offering your past customers and hostesses an extra incentive can be a great way to book.  Maybe you have special dates in your book that are only available to them to book.  You could also upgrade the hostess gift for anyone who has a party that makes over a certain amount in sales.  If you have nothing on the books, offer an extra incentive such as a half off item for booking on one specific day!

Theme Parties

A fun idea for a party can be creating a theme.  For August, it could be a back to school party and everyone could bring school supplies to donate.  Another option in October would be an Orange and Black party for Hallowe’en.   You could have a Margarita party and have alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions and bob for apples.  There are a lot of ideas of what you could do!

Use the Phone

If none of these ideas get you parties, it is time to get on the phone.  Better yet, use the phone in conjunction with these ideas and get your calendar so full that you have to start a waiting list!

No matter what industry you are in or what you are selling now is the time to get in touch with your customers and get that calendar booked up.  With the bookings you get now, you should start filling your calendar and those parties should get your bookings that will take you from now until December.

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Why hostess coach?

  • To help the hostess to be successful
  • To get the hostess all the products she wants for free
  • Make sure that your hostess knows what is expected of her
  • To let the hostess know what you expect from her
  • To make sure the party is a financial success from the consultant’s point of view
  • Let the hostess know she does not have to go overboard with snacks
  • Support your hostess to success
  • Lets your hostess know that the party is still on and allows them to feel comfortable with you

Why do you feel that it is important to coach your hostess before her party?

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How often to contact Direct Sales Customers?

There are a few different reasons that you are going to contact your customers and different ways you are going to approach them.  Some are direct and some are passive but they each have their own reasons.

Email Newsletters – You should have a newsletter that goes out each month to your customers.  Some companies will provide this but some will not.  If they do not, create your own and send it out.  It should have that month’s special in it and anything else your customer might want to know.

Party Hostess – If you have someone who has booked a party with you, you should be in touch with them weekly before their party to do any hostess coaching required.  A call a day or two before the party should be made to find out how many people are expected and to help you prepare for the event.

After a Party – Once a party is over, you want to stay in touch with your hostess to let her know when she will be receiving the order, especially if it ships to her directly.  If it is coming to you, then it is a good idea to give her an expected delivery date as her customers may be getting anxious for their product to arrive.

Two Weeks after Delivery – It is a good idea to contact the hostess and customers a few weeks after they have received their product to make sure that everything arrived satisfactorily.  If there were any issues, you can use this time to find out and resolve them.  Bad customer service will not grow your business.

Three Months After – It can be a smart idea to contact a hostess again three months after their party, or if there is a big sale/new catalogue that has come out to see if they are interested in hosting again.  Even though they may be receiving your newsletter, many people do not bother to read these or they may mean to contact you and forget.  Be pro-active and keep in touch with them.

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Tips for a Successful Catalogue Party

Hostess Wish List – Have your hostess create her wish list when she first decides to have her party.  Then, get the list from her and figure out the sales she needs to make in order to get that product for free.  If it takes 300 dollars, remind her it only takes 10 $30 orders or 5 $60 dollars, which depending on your product, probably is not difficult.

Guest List – There are many different lists out there that you can provide your hostess with so she remembers to talk to people.  If your company hasn’t provided one in your manual, you can create one yourself.  Just search for “guest lists” or “people to invite” and you likely will get all sorts of ideas to pass on.

Favourite Product – Have your hostess point out her favourite item to everyone that looks at a book.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to make sales!  While she may feel a bit awkward, one of the easiest ways to do this is have her put a sticky sticking out on her favourite page, and when she hands a book off to someone; she can simply say “Do you see that sticky?  It’s on my favourite item, the X!  I have this in my house and love it!”  The sticky helps her guest to remember what it was later on as well and sales will likely increase as well.

Keep the Catalogues moving– Make sure that the hostess always has a few books out with people to look at.  This helps to keep the sales adding up so that the party will close on time with the most sales possible.

Deliver Products Yourself – Depending on where the party is, you may want to deliver the products yourself.  This way you have a chance to meet your customers and you can offer a little bit more customer service.  You can also ask if they would be okay with you calling in a few days to see if they have any questions about their products.

Offer to Make Calls – If your hostess doesn’t feel comfortable talking to some people about the products, tell her to get their phone numbers for you and you will call.  Make sure she talks to them first as you do not want to call and have them tell you they have no interest.

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5 Ideas to Quiet the Crowd at a Direct Sales Event

Sometimes when doing an in home party, the crowd can get a bit loud and rowdy and you cannot be heard over their voices.  But fear not, there are a few things that you can do to get their attention again to allow you to finish your presentation.  (Remember, keep it short, people have short attention spans!)

There are a few techniques you can use, so decide what you feel comfortable with, or try them all and see what works best for you.

1)      Talk Quieter – A great thing to do is start talking more quietly.  Chances are someone who is trying to listen will start shushing the crowd because they cannot hear what you are saying anymore.

2)      Play a Game – Depending on the game you play, this will allow them to get a bit of their wildness out or else capture their attention.  Play even if people are not paying attention, and maybe when they see you giving out a prize they will stop talking.

3)      Ask a Question – Ask the group a question about something you said.  Those that were paying attention should know the answer and those that were talking may stop when they realize what is going on.  You could give a gift to those who can tell you what you said.

4)      Hostess – Make sure you tell your hostesses in advance that if the group gets out of control, she will in charge of quieting them down.  Work out some sort of signal in advance or just simply ask her to get her guests quieted down.

5)      Ask for Help – Another idea is to ask one of the talkers to come help you with your demo.  Say that you need an assistant and ask them to come up.  Or you could ask them to try demonstrating a product that you have.  This is especially fun to do if you can hear them talking about how they could do a better job.

6)      Blow a Whistle – Some people carry a whistle that they can blow to get people’s attention back.

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Party for One, Please

Sometimes it happens where your hostess is excited and she tells you that she has 10 people who are coming to the direct sales party.  You arrive at the appointed time, get into the house and get your display all set up.  The appointed time comes and no one is there.  You and the hostess decide to wait a little bit, still no one.  Getting antsy as she has all this food and no people, she starts calling around to her friends to find out that no one is coming.  But there is no need to panic; this can still turn out okay!

Do a Modified Presentation

You still have one attendee – your hostess.  You have already driven there, setup and booked your evening.  So you may as well do your presentation for her.  With only one person, it should be relatively easy, painless and quick.  You know she is interested in the product or she wouldn’t have booked the party.

One on One

A great thing about this party is that it is one and one and cozy.  Your hostess will feel comfortable asking you questions that she may not have with all her friends around.  You can also get to know her a little bit better and share information that you may have not been able to with everyone else around.


This is where it can get tricky.  Hopefully she had already gotten a few outside orders before you showed up.  Now that she has seen the product, she can be a spokesperson and try to get a few more orders.   If she saw a few items she had been hemming and hawing about, and decides that she wants them, she will hopefully go to the effort of drumming up more business.

Another Party

It is a good idea to try and get this hostess to book another party with you.  While there is no guarantee this will not happen again, it is a rare occasion when no one shows up so hopefully next time will be more successful.

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Booking Challenge

An early 20th century candlestick phone being ...

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Challenge your team, a teammate, another consultant, someone to a booking challenge.  If you cannot find someone to do it with you, create a mini self challenge.

Start by making a list of all those people who were interested in a party but you were not able to pin down or you have forgotten to call.  Then the list of those who have purchased but you never heard from again.  Basically, anyone who has ever come in contact with you and your business.   Start with those that were more receiptive and work your way down if you can.

Then, set aside an hour and just start dialling.  Some people call this dialling for dollars are you are looking for bookings which will make you money.


To get started:

  • Script
  • Phone
  • Phone List
  • Calendar
  • Notebook
  • Pen

“Hi Jane, this is Sharon with ABC Company.  Do you have a few minutes?”  When she says yes, you can continue.  If now isn’t good, ask her when would be better, and make sure to call them.

“Great!  I’m calling as this is an exciting time with ABC Company!  I have been challenged to book (the most parties, 20 parties) in the next 24 hours!  Whoever gets the most bookings that hold in the next two months, will get a _____ from our team leader who issued the challenge.  I am offering X to anyone who can help me win this contest.  This is in addition to all the regular free hostess credits that you already get!  I have _____ available right now”


Wait to see what she says and proceed from there.

You will get some that will not be interested at all, some that do not feel right now is a good time, and those that will book.  Women like to help others and by telling them the booking has to be done by a certain time, you are creating urgency.

If they tell you they will call you back, mark them down and call them back in a day or two, especially if your challenge lasts for a few days.  Tell them that you are calling as you don’t want them to miss out on this opportunity and that you only have a few days left.

For those that are interested, but cannot do it right now, you can try to get them to pencil in a few months out, or the better method is to ask if you can call them back again in two months.  Sometimes their situation will change by then and you can then book them.

With this type of calling, it is best not to leave a message if no one is home

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*****Incentives to Promote More Bookings*****

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Below are a few of my favorite Booking incentives to Book parties on the dates I want to work. Don’t forget::: You control your calendar!:

Open Date Card: Only List Dates that you prefer to work in the next 3 weeks and have them select from those dates. Great info on this from Karen Phelps. www.karenphelps.com

Calendar: This is my personal preferred method. I would only suggest this after your dates are pretty well full for 2 months in advance. Have 2 calendars:

~~1 will be your actual planner with your parties and info in it. This is your Master Calendar (if you want to stay in control of the dates you work (do parties) don’t show the calendar pages of this one.)

~~ The other is a calendar that you go through and take a pencil and scribble out dates that you are not available. I like to take a very small calendar, cut it up per month then staple it together and paper clip it to the front of the master calendar. Then when you’re booking your dates only show the month you are promoting parties in. Once they pick a date that is not scribbled off by pencil, scribble out that date on your calendar then write that hostesses info on the index card with the date she has selected then put the index card with the hostesses party date, time, name, address, and phone # behind the calendar on that paperclip. When you get home, transfer that index card info to your Master Calendar.

Star Hostess Date: *Star Hostess is where you pick 4 dates in the next 3 wks (I normally make my week nights star hostess nights to free up my weekends) you’d like to work and put stars on them. When a hostess chooses one of those dates, she is a STAR HOSTESS and will receive an additional gift or whatever bonus you’d like to add

Envelopes with your open dates on it: Go through your calendar before you leave for your show. Decide on 4-6 dates that you want to work over the next 3 weeks. Make these envelopes really pretty and put on it; Shopping Spree date: Fill in that date, then put FREE product stickers, etc on it. Pass these around the room closer to the end of the show. (Put them in a basket). Instruct your guests to write their name on the envelope they prefer and when you’ve put them on your calendar in the ordering room they can open that envelope to see what their extra FREE goodie is for that particular day.

Double Base Hostess Credits: One of My Favorite Incentives. This really gets the hostess excited about picking your particular date. I normally do this when there is a date that I really want filled. You could use if for hosting a week night party, office party, catalog party, last minute party, etc.

Balloon Incentive: Give everyone balloons when they come in but do not tell them what they are for. Trust me they will question you. Just say “it’s a surprise” with a cute smile.

At the end of the party, tell them that each balloon has a FREE gift in it. When they date their show with you tonight they can pop their balloon and see what their special gift will be when their show holds.

Judy Garey, aka the Party Plan Booking Queen, trained hundreds of distributors via company conventions and teleconferences in booking parties and hostess coaching. Her ability to book and hold unbelievable amounts of parties led her to being the top sales producer, earned her several trip promotions and invitations to serve on many leadership teams. She continues to serve the industry by providing training on understanding personality styles to increase sales, bookings, and sponsoring. You can find more information at http://www.judygarey.com

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Getting to the “Roots” of your Business–Bookings!

It’s time to put your booking caps on and think, bookings! Ok are we all in a “booking frame of mind“?

Let’s change our thinking for a moment! You can relate things that happen every day to put you in a “booking frame of mind”!

We have to start from the very beginning, where the booking begins.

For example:
Is a show actually an interview? Are you being interviewed?

Let’s see, what are things that would make a successful interview (or show)?

I pulled this from an article on how to have a successful interview, but we’re gonna change it up a tad bit.

The Interview (the show) is the pivotal and most stressful part of any job search (hostess search). Whether you are a recent college graduate (new consultant) or seasoned professional (higher levels in company), preparation is paramount to secure the job (hostess) of your dreams. Here are some tips to make your next interview (show) a success:

*First Impression
Dress For Success: Would you go to an interview looking sloppy? Sweats on? Or would you wear professional, nice casual attire that is clean, and looks good?
Hygiene: How would your hair, makeup, smell be like if you was being interviewed? I’d assume you’d agree that smelling good is great but don’t overdue it with strong perfume that gives everyone a headache.
Personality, be personable, likeable: Would you be rude? Snobby? Know it all? I’d hope not!
Confidence: How would you carry yourself? Head down droopy, half asleep? Oh no! or would you walk with your head held high with confidence knowing you’re the perfect person for the job!

*Knowledge: very powerful!
Learn as much as you can about your potential employer (hostess). Visit the premises (get to know your guests before, during, and after your presentation) Responding knowledgeably about the company (FYP and Products) during an interview (show) will make you stand above the competition.

*Practice Makes Permanent

Practice answering typical interview questions (objections, hostess program, company compensation, etc) A good Idea is to Have a friend or family member act as an interviewer (potential hostess). A better idea is to videotape the mock interviews (shows) and review them in order to hone your presentation. This practice will strengthen your confidence and make your more comfortable during the “real” interview (show)

Ask yourself this question: Who do you REALLY WORK FOR?
Yourself? Your company? The hostess?

Do you all agree that WE WORK FOR HOSTESSES???? ARE YOU BEING INTERVIEWED AT EACH SHOW? WHAT DO YOU THINK? So as you can see your guests evaluate you from the moment they meet you to the end of your presentation to see if they would like “to hire” you to be their Product Representative, just like someone from a corporate office that is interviewing you for a honorable position. And let‘s face it when a hostess holds a party with you she is paying you the highest compliment one woman can to another. She is inviting you into her home, (the very heart of her). Where everything she holds dear is at. She has invited you in to meet her family and closest friends. You should feel very honored to be there. Not only should you act like it, you should appear (dress, makeup, and actions) like you are the guest of honor. You are there because of YOU. She can order your products from any consultant or novelty shop, but she chose YOU. Remember, you are the Consultant she has chosen to work with. YOU are as important if not more so than the products that she wants to earn. It’s her House, her family and friends, her show but it’s YOUR JOB and your link to continuing success. So are you someone that you’d invite into your home? Are you positive even in the worst of situations?

Now that we’ve figured out who we work for let’s move on…………

Judy Garey, aka the Party Plan Booking Queen, trained hundreds of distributors via company conventions and teleconferences in booking parties and hostess coaching. Her ability to book and hold unbelievable amounts of parties led her to being the top sales producer, earned her several trip promotions and invitations to serve on many leadership teams. She continues to serve the industry by providing training on understanding personality styles to increase sales, bookings, and sponsoring. You can find more information at http://www.judygarey.com

What to expect for Party Perks

A lot depends on the company that you are having the party with.  There tend to be the standard rewards – free product and discounted product.  How much and at what rate is dependent on the company.  If you are trying to pick between companies in regards to which to have a party with, the benefits may be a good way to help you select.

Some companies will also offer specials where if you order a certain amount of product you will get something free.  This offer is typically to induce customers to make purchases, but they not usually discriminate against the hostess.

Many consultants will offer some time of gift to you for inviting them into your home and allowing them to show their product.  They may give you a product, a discount on your own order, or an extra amount of free credit.