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Why do Direct Sales Consultants do Hostess Coaching?

You may wonder why the direct sales consultant that you have booked a party with keeps calling you before your event.  There are actually a few very valid reasons for doing this.  That said, it is not something that all reps do and some prefer to do hostess coaching via email or other means instead of over the telephone.

Preparation – A lot of times a hostess does not know what all to do to get maximum attendance when she has her direct sales event.  By doing hostess coaching, the consultant can help to get a maximum amount of attendees which gives the host a larger customer base which will help to get all the items that she wants for free.

Outside Orders– Quite often the hostess has people who cannot attend but want to order.  By staying in touch, the consultant is able to answer any questions these other people may have and also get the totals for the hostess.  Some hostesses are not comfortable with adding up orders themselves so this helps them out.

Reliability – While this may not seem like an obvious reason to stay in touch, when the direct sales consultant gets in touch with you on a regular basis, you know that you can trust them to show up when they are supposed to.  I have had people who told me that they booked with someone and they never heard from them as their date got closer so they found me instead.  Their loss, I once had a $1,000 party due to this!

Space – Many consultants require space when they arrive whether it is for setting up their display or a place for ordering.  When talking to the hostess beforehand, they can let her know what they require to make sure that the hostess can have it ready when they arrive.

Wish List – It is beneficial for both the hostess and the consultant if the hostess has her wish list made up in advance.  With the coaching, the direct sales consultant can make sure that she has thought about this and knows what she wants to earn free at her party.

While you may find it a bit of a hassle when the direct sales consultant calls you and wants to know how things are going and if you have any questions, they are really doing it for both of your benefits.


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Why hostess coach?

  • To help the hostess to be successful
  • To get the hostess all the products she wants for free
  • Make sure that your hostess knows what is expected of her
  • To let the hostess know what you expect from her
  • To make sure the party is a financial success from the consultant’s point of view
  • Let the hostess know she does not have to go overboard with snacks
  • Support your hostess to success
  • Lets your hostess know that the party is still on and allows them to feel comfortable with you

Why do you feel that it is important to coach your hostess before her party?

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Hostess Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe.

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This is a great little game to encourage your hostess to do a little bit more before you arrive for her party.

You want to create a tic tac toe board and each square is going to have a different activity for them to do. At the top, you list what they will get if they get a line on the board. You may also want to offer something extra for each line and if they complete all the items on the board. This would be on top of the normal hostess credit. Indicate on the form what they are going to receive.

Ideas to fill your tic-tac-toe board

  • Have 3 outside orders
  • Have someone who wants to book a party before I arrive
  • Have someone who asks about the business
  • Party starts on time
  • Have 7 people attending
  • Someone shares a testimonial at the party
  • Party sales are over $X
  • Receive $100 in outside orders
  • Have 2 of Y product purchased
  • Sending out an invite on Facebook/sending out an Evite

Essentially, you can add anything to this that you want your hostesses to do. If you find that they are always missing certain steps, then add it onto this checklist.

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Hostess Package

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You may be wondering what exactly a hostess package is and why you should use one.  Keep on reading to find out.

I like to create hostess packages in advance of going to a party or to a trade show or any other event.  I use an envelope which is big enough to hold several pieces of paper and a catalogue as well as some other information which I will list.

What to put in your Hostess package:

  • Hostess letters – Mine is a one page write up with information about hosting a party
  • Monthly specials – The specials for the month they are hosting
  • Catalogue
  • Several order forms & envelopes for money and orders
  • Hostess Tic Tac Toe (will be posting tomorrow)
  • Business Cards
  • Business Opportunity Letter
  • Guest list ideas

I give these to the hostess when they book their party.  If they book at someone else’s party, they will get it at that time if their party is within a month.  Otherwise, I will mail it out to them later.  This would be true as well if they book at a trade show.

Remember to put your contact information onto everything you can, as people tend to misplace things and you want them to contact you if they have questions.

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Creating a Hostess Checklist


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Everyone in direct sales wants to have a successful party. One of the keys to be successful is hostess coaching. Don’t know what it is? It means being in touch with your hostess before her party and helping her with her party to make it a success.

For me, I like checklists that remind me what I need to do so I do not have to think about it. I have seen a variety of checklists out there so it is best to find a method that works for you. Some people organize their lists by what they are doing each week before the party, others organize it based on how many phone calls they typically like to do. It is best for you to sort it out how you prefer.

The biggest benefit I find is that the checklist reminds me of things that I need to speak to the hostesss about so that I do not have to think about it or remember.


  • Hostess Name, Phone number, email address, Address
  • Date of party, Date hostess package mailed/given
  • Notes

First contact:

  • Get the header information if you do not already have it
  • Make arrangements to get the hostess package sent out
  • Go over the expectations of your hostess for the party
  • Go over any rules that you may have at your party
  • Make sure she knows how to get a hold of you
  • Discuss guest list

Other contacts:

  • Did she receive the hostess package?
  • Ask her to make a wish list based on your average party
  • Remind her of any hostess/customer specials
  • Go over how to add up any outside orders
  • Discuss payment methods
  • Call before party (typically a day or two before the event):
  • How many people are attending
  • Go over the rules again
  • Confirm the time and the address – get directions if needed

You may also want to track your after party steps on this form as well.

  • Date party entered
  • Date party delivered
  • Leads to follow up on – Parties, Recruits

For someone who is not currently doing hostess coaching, or who is looking to be more efficient, this is a great place to start.

Did I miss anything you feel is important? Please let me know in the comments

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