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Why Every Business Should Use Email to Increase Sales

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Over the years, email has proven itself invaluable to raising businesses’ sales. Many of today’s biggest companies began on an email base, in fact. An extremely widespread and inexpensive form of marketing, it even allows businesses to track the results of their ads. For these reasons, every business should use email to increase their sales.

Everyone has an Email Account

Nearly everybody owns an email address. Students and working people often check their email daily, and everybody with an email address checks it from time to time. The number of people that email marketing extends to vastly outnumber the numbers that billboards, radio advertisements, and TV advertisements reach.

Quickly Track ROI

Another benefit is that email marketing offers one of the easiest forms of ROI to track. One dollar spent in sending emails can return up a direct profit due to its ability of sending custom, client-tailored messages for new subscribers or frequent buyers. This means a firm can mostly bypass billboards, radios, and TVs advertisements, which cost thousands of dollars yet only permit a very simplified, brief explanation of a product, unlike an email with pictures and links.

Tailored Campaigns

Email marketing means more direct opportunities to motivate people to buy. To take full advantage of those opportunities, a company should track the results of various emailed ads, observe which ones bring the most clicks, reads, and most importantly sales, and improve the less successful campaigns.

Knowing how to craft an email ad, however, calls for a little thought. Experts consistently advise companies to relativize email advertisements (especially the subject line) to the individual, wisely stating that people tend to respond more when they feel a company is going to them, rather than asking them to come to the company. The experts recommend targeting emails based on interests, purchase history and how often the customers have engaged with past emails (e.g. a clothing store that is tracking buyers that bought shirts would do well advertising shirt sales in emails or relevant accessories such as scarves and jackets).

Advertise Deals

In addition, coupons and discounts can incentivize a reader to subscribe, and drum up interest from current subscribers as well. A business that acts like it is giving something earns popularity and increases its sales. Sending such emails on holidays and weekends, some say, bring special business, but they help year round, too.

Control of Messaging

Lastly, focus on the text of the email, as many email recipients install picture-blocking software. So pack the most important information about a product into the first two sentences, and, when including links (a useful idea), incorporate them into the text, not only into the pictures. Following these tips pays off. One company reports that, over the course of a month, 94% of their email recipients spent money at their car shop. And a shoe business raised sales on a particular shoe by 700% with a course of emails. Numerous additional success stories exist; to see them, visit the following link: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article/case-study/
Widely used in mass marketing, email marketing effectively and quickly raises sales, and allows businesses to have one on one catered interactions with their customers every step of the way.

Bonnie Mahan is the owner of Skyvertising.com, a leader in aerial banners.

Increase your Sales with some Simple Ideas

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Chances are, no matter what the sales are like at your parties, you would like to increase them. This week I am going to focus on a variety of things that you can try to accomplish this. There is no guarantee that these will work but it does not hurt to try something a few times to see what happens with it.

Simple Techniques to try:

Raffle Squares – Create a grid and sell the squares. You can decide on the size of the grid based on how many people are attending or some other method. You won’t want to have 50 squares if only 4 people are attending the party. Sell each square for $1, $2, $5 or any combination, or offer a deal if they purchase 3 so you could do 1 for $2 or 3 for $5. Sell the squares before the party and remind people of their existence throughout. The trick to make this work is to not pick a winner until after people have ordered, and they get the winnings ON TOP of their order – not to discount what they already ordered. Rolling a dice may be the best way to determine a winner – label the top of the grid 1 to 6, and the side 1 to 6, and roll until you have a winner.

Packages – Another easy method to increase orders is to offer packages for your customers. Sometimes they get overwhelmed by all the choices and decide not to buy anything instead of trying to make a decision. For this reason, make it easy for them. Put three popular items together and put a price on it. Some people recommend discounting, some don’t, so you decide. Create a few of these items, make a pretty flyer, and give it to them to look through while they have a book. If there are a lot of decisions within that group (ie. 1 popular candle size, but 50 scents to choose from) make the decision easier with a listing of the top 3 or top 5 scents/colours.

Incentive – Offer the customer something with their purchase. It may be a special item that is not in your catalogue, it may be a discount or it may be a free product. I always recommend something in your catalogue as it helps to increase personal sales levels. Set this offer just above your average order amount. For instance, if your average customer spends $35 (before shipping and taxes), offer them something if they spend $45 dollars. While it may cost you a bit, you should easily make it up with your sales, and it may raise you from one level to the next in personal sales making you extra money.

Do you do something other than these techniques that get you get results? Please share and I will integrate them all into another post! 🙂

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