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Referral Program

If you are having a hard time getting parties, you may want to consider offering some sort of referral program for your customers.

For instance, I offer a program where any customer will get $10 product credit if they refer someone to me who books and holds a party. Each person they refer, they earn $10 and there is no limit to how many times they can do this. What you give your referral is up to you.

Sure, it costs me a little bit of money, but considering I am getting a party when I didn’t have one before, it is well worth the cost.

I got some nice cards printed at Vistaprint that specifically say that they are a referral card and how the program works. There is a spot on the back where the current customer can write their name and then pass it on to their friend. I give every person at my parties 3 cards for them to pass on.

I also let people know that they do not have to hold a party in order for the referral card to work. I recently had someone who used earned the credit by getting her sister to book a party. Win win for both of them!

8 Incentives you can Offer to Increase Bookings

8 Incentives you can Offer to Increase Bookings

Offer the hostess an incentive to get her to book may help you to fill up your calendar.  While you may not want to cut into your earnings, consider that no party means 0 dollars earned.

While the incentive may cost you $10 or $15 depending on what you offer, you should more than make it up by having a party.  You can also make the incentive dependent on sales hitting a certain level so that you know it pays for itself.

Of course, make sure you know what your calendar looks like and only offer incentives for times that you have a hard time booking or that you want to make sure you have a party on.

–          Extra incentive if they book on a weeknight

–          Book a community room somewhere and have multi parties.  Have several hostesses who invite their guests, but no one will have to clean house.  You may want to share the space with other consultants in the same company to keep costs down.

–          Offer your own home to have the party in.

–          Give the hostess something extra if they book another party within a certain time period

–          Offer a referral program

–          Get people to do catalogue parties – give an extra bonus for the hostess gift as these can be difficult to do

–          Do trade shows and promote yourself and your business

–          Have a mini party where you guarantee to be in and out in half the normal time.  Give everyone a free gift or discount if you don’t make it.
What do you find works for you and your business?

Offer your Own Incentives

Some companies have customer incentives that they fund on your behalf to help you make more sales.  But sometimes these offers are not something that your customers will want to take advantage of or they do not offer enough for people to want them.

In the case, you may want to offer your own incentives to try and encourage people to purchase product.

Some ideas of incentives:

  • Free X if they spend a certain amount
  • Discount of a % if they spend over a certain amount
  • Free gift with their order
  • Buy 1, get 1 half off
  • Bundles of product
  • Preferred customer discount card

Can you earn things such as car or house?

Every company is different in regards to what incentives they offer, so you do need to look into the specifics for your company.

Generally a trip is one of the easier incentives to earn, but you will still need to do a significant amount of selling and recuiting to earn it, most likely.  If you are just a hobbiest putting through a thousand bucks every few months, you will not qualify.  If you are working your business full time, putting through a few thousand every month, and recruiting and qualifying people, then you should have no problem.

Cars and houses are larger prizes, and again, you will have to do more work to get these.  See how many in your company are actually earning them, and that will give you an idea how hard they can be to get.  From what I have heard, you are given an allowance to put towards the car or house of your choosing.   If you earn a car, you might get $400 a month from your company towards it, and chances are you have to keep your business at a certain level to keep it.  This would be same with the house reward, you would get a certain amount per month to put towards it, and you would have to maintain to keep the reward.

These rewards are definitely attainable, but you must be willing to work hard for them.  Good luck and bon voyage!