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Methods to Increase Sales

There are many different things that you can do to increase the amount of sales that you are submitting each month.  I have discussed these methods over the last two years so feel free to peek at some of the past articles to see what you have been missing or you could improve.

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Offering free shipping?  You may be better off to offer free product instead!  Read more here

Are you telling your customers about all the different ways that they can use a product?  Do you ask them if they can come up with more ideas?  The more ways to use something, the more likely someone will buy it.

How about upselling?  Don’t know what that is?  Learn about upselling and more simple methods to increase your sales.  Increasing sales with simple methods

Have a hard time remembering all these things? What to upsell together, what ways to use a product?  Use cue cards to make some notes and tell people its so you don’t forget all the wonderful information about a product!

Another great method to increase sales is to put packages together and discount them.  You don’t need to discount them by much, just enough to make people think that they are getting a great deal.  Sometimes just making the decision for the customer is enough, as it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

Of course, having more parties will increase your sales.  If this is a method you want to explore, here are ways that you can get more parties.

How about shopping clubs?  These are popular with a lot of people.  Get a set amount of people to commit to a certain amount in purchase each month and you are set.  More about shopping clubs.

Here are a few other articles that you may find helpful when it comes to taking steps to increase your sales.

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Increase Sales by Getting More Parties

Sometimes it can be hard to increase your sales as people only have so much money and no matter what incentives you throw at them, they are not biting. But, if you do it right, you can get bookings from your desire to increase sales and it works, because you now have another party to get sales at, right?

When you do a party, you should always have guests writing down what they want to buy. Whether you give them a checklist, a mini catalogue or a scrap paper, they should have a writing utensil and somewhere to mark items on. Tell them to mark with a star the items they really want and a check on those they are not sure of and to bring it with them to order.

When assisting them with their order, you want them to bring their list with them and give it a quick glance. If they are already ordering everything on it, you can ask them if they are interested in getting some of it cheaper/free if they have a party. Accept their answer either way and finish the process. If you see that they have a lot of items marked, but their order sheet is short, ask them if they are still interested in those other items that they weren’t able to order and discuss with them having a party. Even if they turn you down, encourage them to keep their sheet (which should have your contact information) as they may decide later that they truly want that one item.

If you can get a booking out of this method, then you have in essence increased your sales on this party as you got another party you may not have gotten otherwise.

Increasing Sales: Package Deals

Increasing Sales: Package Deals

A lot of people suggest that to increase your sales to offer package deals.  I agree, it makes life easier for your customers as they do not have to think, but how do you offer a package deal for the best benefit?

Selection – I suggest keeping selection to a minimum.  Have a few different priced packages so that people with different spending levels have an option but do not give them a million different options.  Suggest complimentary products that go together and if there are options within that such as colour or scent, give them the option to pick between 2 or 3 of your best sellers.  If they ask if they can switch it out for a different scent, definitely let them, but the majority will go with what you suggest so they do not have to think.

Price – I have heard a few different trains of thought on how to price these packages and what you do is ultimately up to you, but this is what I believe.  Do not discount your packages, or if you do, not by much.  If your package adds up to $47.65, you may want to list it at $47 for simplicity, but I would not recommend marking it down to $35.  You are not doing yourself any favours and your customer likely is not going to bother adding the individual items up.  If you mark it as “All this for only $47!” they will think they are getting a deal and not question anything.

Price Points – As I suggested above, have a few different packages that people can buy.  Have an economy package with two or three items priced between $20 and 30.  People who feel the need to buy something but do not want to spend a lot will gravitate to this.  Create another one around $50 or 60 dollars and then a third one around $100.  By creating these packages, you may also see your average sales per person go up.

When it comes to packages, make sure your customers know there are no substitutions beyond flavor/color/ scent or you may as well not even bother with the packages.

Have you tried packages before?  Do you find they help your business?

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Top Ten Ways to Increase your Sales During a Recession

It holds true in any business; when your customers suffer, your business suffer. Especially when faced with such a slow recovery and talk of double recession in the Europe and the UK.

To keep afloat during rough times, you have to change the way you think about your business and advertising. What worked in the past does not work anymore. Businesses have to adjust to the ‘new normal’ or they will be wiped from the face of the earth.

Here are some ways to increase your sales during a recession:

  1. Offer bargains. In hard times people are looking for bargains more than before. Offer temporary price reduction to increase interest.
  2. Build up morale among your sales people. They are the front of the company and the more optimistic they are the more it instills a sense of security. Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter says this is not the time to cut back on treating your team. Anxious customers need to see friendly faces. Treat morale building as an investment.
  3. Spend time on market research. If you are not busy selling, see what others are doing and think of ways to improve your outreach. Find what customers are not buying now and adjust your business model.
  4. Shift your resources and spend more on marketing. During a recession marketing is cheaper to buy and you have to reach more customers from different circles. Some of the marketing can be done online for free. Educate yourself or hire someone who knows social media.
  5. Follow up on old leads. Things might have changed. When things slow down it’s time to reach into the deep drawer and pull out all those business cards you haven’t seen in a while. Every little bit helps and few connections with old clients can expend your circle.
  6. Good customer service will make them come back. In a recession, when everyone is cutting prices, the way to excel is with customer service. Cherish your clients and be sensitive to their needs. Deliver on your promises and resolve complaints quickly.
  7. Find ways to attract new customers by offering payment plans, small orders or bulk prices, things you might have rejected in the past. Be more flexible than you have been before.
  8. Give your clients something more. Additional serviced such as warranty, telephone support or on-site visits, included in the purchase price, will make them feel supported and will cost you very little.
  9. Expend on partnerships. You are not the only one who is suffering right now, so search around to see if there’s someone you can partner with. You can share the cost of advertising, among other things.
  1. Re-negotiate. See what you can do to lower your costs. Find new and cheaper suppliers, maybe alternative shipping methods which will reduce the price per item

The way to increase your sales during a recession is to understand how important each and every client is to your bottom line. Good service, expert advice, and personal attention will make your clients want to come back and bring their friends.

About the Author:
Patrick Del Rosario is part of the team behind Open Colleges. It is one of Australia’s pioneer and leading providers of TAFE courses and business management courses. When not working, Patrick enjoys blogging about career and business. Patrick is also a photography enthusiast and is currently running a photography studio in the Philippines.

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Offering Party Perks on your Own

There are some consultants that find that their company does not offer incentives that they feel their customers want.  For that reason, these direct sales consultants go out of their way to offer their own perks to the hostess and customers.   There are several ways that you can do this without cutting too far into your profits.

Bundles – Your company may offer some sort of bundle, but restrict the colours/scents/flavor to the ones that they select.  One thing that you can do is offer your customer a customized bundle but at the same price.  Make sure that yShopping Bag, Orangeou state that it is only those specific items but they can select what colour/scent/flavor they want at the same price point.  Be careful that customers do not try to substitute here as they might to try and get a better deal.

Packages – Maybe your company offers items that would go together well but yo find customers do not tend to buy the items together.  Try offering packages putting the items together and allowing them to still customize the colour/scent/flavor that they want but you put together a package that includes three complimentary items for one price.  You do not even need to discount it much as people will be happy that they can just pick a package and be done.  A package that might cost $78 retail could be marked to $75 retail and it will sell just fine.  Create a few packages at different price points but do not go crazy with a dozen different ones – it will just confuse people and they will not buy anything.

Free Gift – Another perk that I have seen offered is a free gift with purchase.  This can be something that you ordered on a supply order for cheap or a sample of a different product.  People do not tend to be picky about what they get for free; they are just happy to get something extra.

There is no rule that says you have to offer above and beyond what your company offers when working in direct sales, but sometimes it can be beneficial and help you to meet goals and quotas.

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Increase Sales by Explaining More Uses for the same Product

Another method to increase your sales is to change up your presentation a little bit. Depending on your presentation method, you may be focusing more on showing products than really talking about them and their advantages. But if you focus more on a few of your best products, instead of on all your products, you may find your sales increase. This is because people get overwhelmed with options and they just want you to help them make their decision.

For instance:

Widget Presentation 1 – This widget is a great item to add to your house as it looks pretty and will fill that blank spot.

Widget Presentation 2 – This widget is great to fill in that spot that you know needs something but you cannot decide what. If you feel a need to change things up after a while, you can then take the widget, lay it flat, and it becomes a floor mat. Another option with the widget is that you can purchase a stand or a frame if you prefer, and with proper mounting and hanging, it could become a lovely wall hanging. I bet with a bit of thought, you could even come up with more uses. (Poll the audience; offer a prize for most creative use).

Which presentation is likely to cause you to buy the product? While it will not cause everyone to buy this product, those that are on the fence will likely be swayed when you show them what all it can be used for.

Do not do this for 10 products as people will quickly get tired of you and will quit listening. This is best to use with a top 3 format or to feature one or two items.

Increase your Sales with some Simple Ideas

Sales-courveof Embraer

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Chances are, no matter what the sales are like at your parties, you would like to increase them. This week I am going to focus on a variety of things that you can try to accomplish this. There is no guarantee that these will work but it does not hurt to try something a few times to see what happens with it.

Simple Techniques to try:

Raffle Squares – Create a grid and sell the squares. You can decide on the size of the grid based on how many people are attending or some other method. You won’t want to have 50 squares if only 4 people are attending the party. Sell each square for $1, $2, $5 or any combination, or offer a deal if they purchase 3 so you could do 1 for $2 or 3 for $5. Sell the squares before the party and remind people of their existence throughout. The trick to make this work is to not pick a winner until after people have ordered, and they get the winnings ON TOP of their order – not to discount what they already ordered. Rolling a dice may be the best way to determine a winner – label the top of the grid 1 to 6, and the side 1 to 6, and roll until you have a winner.

Packages – Another easy method to increase orders is to offer packages for your customers. Sometimes they get overwhelmed by all the choices and decide not to buy anything instead of trying to make a decision. For this reason, make it easy for them. Put three popular items together and put a price on it. Some people recommend discounting, some don’t, so you decide. Create a few of these items, make a pretty flyer, and give it to them to look through while they have a book. If there are a lot of decisions within that group (ie. 1 popular candle size, but 50 scents to choose from) make the decision easier with a listing of the top 3 or top 5 scents/colours.

Incentive – Offer the customer something with their purchase. It may be a special item that is not in your catalogue, it may be a discount or it may be a free product. I always recommend something in your catalogue as it helps to increase personal sales levels. Set this offer just above your average order amount. For instance, if your average customer spends $35 (before shipping and taxes), offer them something if they spend $45 dollars. While it may cost you a bit, you should easily make it up with your sales, and it may raise you from one level to the next in personal sales making you extra money.

Do you do something other than these techniques that get you get results? Please share and I will integrate them all into another post! 🙂

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