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Making Sure Customers Can Find You

Once you have a customer, you want to make sure that you continue to get their orders in the future.   There are a variety of different methods you can employ to ensure that your customer will always have your contact information handy.

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Reorder Labels

The first thing I recommend is that you have re-order labels that you put on your product.  Depending on what you sell, this may not always be possible, but try to locate a place where you can put your name and contact information on your products.  I recently was looking for a consultant I had ordered from in the past, but as she didn’t use re-order labels on her product, I couldn’t find her.  I even went through my emails but there was nothing.


A catalogue is an obvious location to put your information but people may not always keep them.  But due to the small cost of the label, make sure you put one on every catalogue that you hand out.  I have had people contact me a year later with their catalogue and wanting to place an order.

Business Cards

Another no brainer is to give out business cards to everyone you meet.  I always put three business cards in every order I deliver.  It does not matter if it is the person’s first order with me or their tenth, they still get cards.  You never know when they are going to want to contact you for something or a friend will want your contact information.  Women tend to hold onto cards for a very long time, so you should be giving these out to everyone.


I suggest that you place your contact information on your invoices.  Whether you use a stamp or a sticker is your choice.  Not only does that allow them to contact you if they need to make a change with their order but chances are they will keep that invoice around and will have your information for the future.


Magnets are a great option as your customer can put it up on their fridge and they will likely never lose it.  I do not know about you, but the magnets on my fridge have been there for years.  They are useful for holding things in place even if they are not places I have patronized for a long time.  But if I need to contact those places, the information is right there.

Regardless, it is important that you customers have a way to contact you whether it is a week since they last saw you or a year.  Make it easier for them by giving them your information multiple times and hopefully they will hold onto one to use later.

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Good Books for Direct Sales

I know there are a lot of people that enjoy having books to help them with their business.   I always recommend looking at the library but I find direct sales books are more specialized, so the libraries do not tend to carry them.

Otherwise, check out these books on Amazon (below are affiliate links)

Karen Phelps is a well known direct sales expert. Great information in this book.

A great book with tips from those that have been highly successful

Creating a Recruit Interest Letter

Your company may already provide a letter for you, or maybe your upline does.  But if not, you may prefer to create your own letter.  Here are a few ideas for your recruit letter.

First of all, you want to thank them for their interest in the opportunity that you have for them.

Next, you want to get into the commissions that they can make when they sell product, as this is a big factor for a lot of people.   If the rates change based on monthly sales, or on recruiting, you may want to include it here as well.

Include information about what they get in their kit as this is also important.  If your company offers different kits, you may want to include the options here and why one is better over the other one.

You want to make sure you include any pertinent information bout your company but not too much that they are overwhelmed.  You should have set up an appointment to discuss this is more depth, so you can get into more details then.

Creating a Recruit Package

When you are doing events and parties, you may have people ask you about joining your company.  It is always to your benefit to be able to whip out a package full of information that you can call them about in a few days.  If you are not sure what to put in a recruit package, here are some ideas for you.

  • Letter about the company
  • Catalogue – current or expired
  • The current signup specials
  • Business card
  • Application
  • Kit List