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Social Media and Search Rankings: Keywords Are Your Friend!

You’re probably aware of how companies go to great lengths to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. High rankings usually mean increased traffic and better sales. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are also great places to be noticed. Keywords — a tried and tested SEO element — are becoming an important part of social networking.

keyword blueprint

keyword blueprint (Photo credit: SocialMediaScience)

Optimizing a website with keywords and phrases helps search engine algorithms rank it. While significant for companies, individuals can also take advantage of keywords when starting a business or looking for a job. Companies have gone the distance to optimizing their websites, even hiring an SEO company to maximize success.

Can a Profile Be Search Optimized?

Major social sites are increasingly being used to find information on companies, for example by HR departments to vet candidates, and to search for experts in different fields. In effect, their search functions are often used in a similar way to larger search engines. As such, you need to decide which words will best optimize your profile.

The individual site can make all the difference in the keywords. On professional networking sites like LinkedIn, industry terms and job positions are better listed in their full form. You may, however, get away with abbreviating words and giving the actual product more priority on Facebook. Study the tone of the site, the competition, and the keywords most associated with your type of company before proceeding.

Is There a Smart Way to Add Keywords?

Most social media sites offer you a chance to write summaries, headlines, and status updates. All are excellent opportunities to include keywords; the ideal word in a headline, for example, will make your profile more visible on the social site and Google at the same time. Any chance you get to provide a description, like with a summary, is an opportunity to steam ahead of the competition.

Photos, a common thread with most social networks, are another focal point for profile optimization. When you write a caption, including keywords can help search algorithms index your profile. Plus, most people cannot resist looking at images and reading their captions, which enables you to hone in on your social media marketing. In addition, don’t forget about the words you place in status updates; getting this right can put you at the top of the search results.

When Keywords Are Not Your Friend

Basically the same rules apply to optimizing a website as a social media profile, as far as keyword stuffing and other questionable SEO tactics are concerned. Use your phrase too many times and in an unnatural way and the rankings will likely suffer. The search engine powers that be will strip your high rankings title, or eliminate your profile from any search queries.

Do your research and don’t jump into things too quickly. A good profile takes time anyway, so you can get a start on things while social media picks up steam as a marketing tool. Begin planning your strategy for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Google+ now and once the competition discovers the benefits, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Byline: Carly is an aspiring writer who currently works for a SEO company. She’s passionate about everything related to marketing, specifically Internet marketing. In her spare time she loves writing about anything and everything. She loves that blogging allows her to share her writing with people all over the world.

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Social Media

There is a good chance that you are using your Facebook or Twitter to promote your business. But is it working for you or do you need to figure out how to use these methods better?   Maybe you haven’t started using them but would like to be but are not sure how to get started.  Here are a variety of posts on different social media platforms.  Most of these were guest posts as I do not know a lot about social media myself but am always trying to learn.   


Will Social Media help my Direct Sale Business?

Using Social Media to Promote your Direct Sales Business

Where Social Media Lets You Stand Between Your Business and Customers

Social Media Marketing and Direct Selling: 3 Fast Ways to the Young Consumer’s Heart



Based on what I see, Facebook is the most used social media platform out there.  If you are not on there and promoting yourself, what is holding you back?

Creating a Facebook Fanpage for Direct Sales

Using Facebook to Promote your Business


Twitter can be a little intimidating and has scared of many people but if you use it properly, you can do quite well with it.

Twitter and Direct Sales


There are so many different platforms out there that it can be hard to keep track of them all.  Here are a few other ones out there that people have written about.  Check them out and see if you think they can be helpful for you.

Interesting Pinterest Marketing Campaigns

Why Instagram is Great for Your Business

Using BizBrag to Promote Your BusinessAre there other social media platforms you are interested in learning about?  If so, let me know and I will see what I can do about getting you information.
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Embrace the Craze of Social Media

The Impact: Like it or not, undeniable is the fact that the impact of social media on the lives of the ordinary have gone crazy and huge past few years.On one hand, where the personal life is often shamelessly going public, the world of economy is constantly being rewarded on its own respective terms. It is amazing to learn how a huge number of the population is utilizing the platform of social media to built and sustain a decent career for their own selves as well as many others.

Youth and Social Media: Every day more and more number of new apps for social media are making their ways into the world of Internet, and the youth are getting amazing opportunities to explore it in all possible ways. Social media is informative with ‘n’ number of educational sites; it allows the fresh mind to speak of new ideas, get feedback for the same, often ending up to be productive; and of course most importantly, social media means cheap connectivity across the globe.

Social Media Week 2012 SP

Social Media Week 2012 SP (Photo credit: Fora do Eixo)

Social Work and Social Media: Not just money making, social media is being actively used as a social platform to endorse various non-profit organizations who aim in the development of a nation.

Social Media as the Voice of Crowd: Be it about sharing fresh ideas or forming opinion about some cause, social media is being a medium to involve large number of voices at the same time. When one person has something to say to the higher authority of some organization or nation, it might not be heard. On the other hand, social media, by involving many voices to speak for the same cause generally becomes very difficult to avoid.

Senior Citizen and Social Media: Social media is crawling in the lives of senior citizens these days. It is not a surprise that the craze for social media is more amongst the younger generation because this lot have grown up in the world of growing technology. They have always been very comfortable with the same. But as days are passing more and more number of senior citizens, mostly retired ones are finding social media interesting. They are learning with patience to deal with technology so that they may also get the taste of it, to be able to stay in touch with people and family to be more precise.

Social Media Often Faster than television Media: Be it a sudden natural calamity or a man made one, we often get to know about it even before the news channels brings it out to us. A Facebook post from a random somebody, a tweet in Twitter or any other site alike does the trick! This, while it often leads to a distorted version of the news causing distorted opinion or panic, often also ends up being more authentic at times.

Social Media Exists: Every thing has their respective merits and demerits and social media is no exception. One can choose to like it or not, avoiding is just not a possibility.

About the author: Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She contributes to Juan Domingo Cordero Venezuela

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Generating new business with online marketing: How

Online marketing has emerged out as an indispensible tool for generating new business. In today’s cut throat competition, it has become mandatory to advertise your business online. The moment you build your business website, you set forth a profit target or revenue which you look forward to generate from your business site. It is required to clearly communicate to your prospective customers about your business along with enlisting the different benefits of procuring your products. Besides, you need to monitor your business including the revenues which your business has generated. The following are ways of generating new business with the help of online marketing.

Define your business goals

Before you device any online marketing strategy for your new business, you need to set your business goals and objectives. To be specific, you can categorize you goals as general goals and online marketing goals. The former would help you in understanding the amount of money you want to make every month along with working out the number of leads you want to achieve and lastly the profit you look ahead to make. Whereas in your online marketing goals, you need to set a target of generating the number of leads from your website along with the estimating the amount of money you look ahead to invest per lead along and the total money you want to spend through other ways of lead generation.

Optimize your website

This is among the most important step when you talk about generating new business with online marketing. You need to optimize your site as per your exact requirements. You are supposed to make your value plan extremely clear over each and every page of your website, so that when visitors come there, they simply understand what they have found out. This step would require a couple of things starting with a competent website design. Your site should be easy to navigate, competent enough to cater the right message instantly along with addressing the needs of your prospective customers. In terms of marketing this is known as designing for a persona.

Secondly, your site should have a proper call to action backed by a clear business proposition since without that the action call will simply not work. Take your visitors to pages where you have exact information which your prospective clients are looking out for. Thirdly, you need to check the competition of your niche area over the web. You need to search out keywords which match your business. This will help you in search engine optimization and other forms of internet marketing like Adwords and PPC. Lastly, you require a proper SEO strategy for your websites so that when your prospective clients search products or service related to your business; your site should come over the top at different search results.

Content marketing

The best way to attract your prospective clients is to via content marketing. With content marketing you can help in rendering information to your visitors in various forms including newsletter, articles, PRs, reports, books, etc. The best way is to create a blog showcasing your business and the products or service you deal with. This can pull good traffic towards your blog or website and thus can help you in getting new business. In this way, effective content marketing pulls your prospective clients and convince them to produce products from you.

Social media

Today, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have become more than networking sites. Here, the online marketers use several marketing tools to promote their brands. There are many opportunities to promote your business over these platforms. All you need to do is to exploit these opportunities and pull good traffic towards your business site or blogs. People coming towards your site could be then converted into your clients thus giving your new business.

Wrapping up

Today, the online marketing has become an integral method of attracting new customers and making business profits. If you are interested in using this method, the above steps could certainly help you in generating new business with online marketing. Hence online marketing is not just a tool but could be called as a key to success.

About The author: Margaret Jules is an internet marketer/blogger. She loves travelling, meeting new peoples and SEO Services. These days she is working on feature that is related to SEO Morpheus that has affected due to recent Google and penguin update.

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The Internet Hasn’t Killed Trade Shows – A Guest Post

The internet has become one of the biggest forces to help businesses generate sales. As a result, many businesses have stopped using many of their other marketing mediums. Trade shows have traditionally been one of the most common ways for businesses to market their products and services. As a small business owner, you may find that trade shows can still be a powerful means to find new customers.

Taipei Telecom 2006 closed without a vision be...

Taipei Telecom 2006 closed without a vision because the quality and purpose of the show were uncertained. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been an Internet marketing professional for several years now. Many people I have met praise my field by telling me that it is replacing all other forms of marketing. That’s flattering to hear, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The internet is certainly a powerful way to reach customers, but it is has a number of limitations you need to be wary of. Don’t fully neglect your other marketing mediums, either.

Many businesses still use trade shows. They find they are still effective marketing tools, but they have noticed they don’t get quite as much benefit from them. You may want to leverage social media and other internet technologies to get more of a benefit from your trade show.

Why Trade Shows Still Work

Sometimes you need a face-to-face connection with your users. There are two reasons why personal networking opportunities are often necessary:

  • Many demographics don’t like to spend time online. If you are trying to reach older people or more active people who want to spend time outside, you may find that a personal networking connection will be more valuable.
  • Many people are nervous to buy a product from someone over the internet.

Many professions still spend about 80 percent of their energy on building personal face-to-face networking connections. Trade shows are still a powerful means to reach a rich number of people in your target market.

Attending a trade show gives you the opportunity to connect with people who will ultimately decide whether or not to buy your product. You have enough face time to earn their attention and convince them that your product can provide them a real value. Although you can reach more people on the Internet, you generally will only have a few seconds to hold their attention.

You can also provide physical live demonstrations to your prospective buyers. People can make more informed buying decisions if they see the product in action. This gives you the opportunity to showcase the qualities of your product and differentiate yourself from the dozens of companies offering a different variation.

According to a report from the National Retail Federation, trade shows remain a powerful tool to help draw new customers. One expert said that even if there was a decline in participation at the last trade show they attended, the participants were still highly inspired by the events.

You can still benefit from holding a booth at a trade show. You might find that you won’t generate as much business as you would have in previous years. At the same time, you can take advantage of the fact that many of your competitors have given up on trade shows as a means of getting business.

You may also want to use trade shows to draw new fans to your social networking sites and vice versa. Rather than using them as separate entities, many people have found that they get the most by combining the two marketing mediums.


Kalen Smith is a business and marketing writer. He is currently writing tips on using the best trade show giveaways to drive more business.

Tips and Tricks Beyond the Home Party

You’ve mastered the home party, and you think you’re ready to take on some recruits.  Before you commit your time and energy to expand your role in direct sales, you need to have working systems in place for client management.

Client Management and Follow-Up Tips

Before you take on recruits, your client management system needs to be foolproof. If you have to flip through three different notebooks to find a client’s information, you’re not ready. If you don’t have a follow-up system in place, don’t even think about it.

Building your Client Management System

  • A spreadsheet document that contains each client’s contact information, date of purchase and hostess.
  • The spreadsheet should also include the amount of the purchase and the status of the purchase (Backordered, ordered, delivered) with the ETA or the delivery state.
  • Because you read left from right, leave the first column blank for special notes. This will allow you to manage issues like single-item backorders and customer complaints efficiently.
  • It is also a good idea to keep physical copies of invoices to keep track of which products the customer has purchased. In my opinion, the best practice is to maintain an alphabetical file for a year before moving the invoices into a bank box or shredding them to maintain client confidentiality. This generally requires an end-of-the-month purge.
  • For the uber-organized direct salesperson, color-coding can help manage follow-up phone calls. I like to use a 3-color system: (yellow) passive follow-up is needed, (red) when active follow-up is needed and (gray) when all follow-up has been completed. Obviously, uncolored rows will be orders that have been ordered but not delivered. As soon as deliveries are made, the information should be highlighted in yellow to indicate that follow-up phone calls are needed. This may be difficult for salespeople who are mobile, but making notes to update the system will make it easier to manage a large client base.

Fun Follow-Ups for Retention

  • Send holiday cards to your clients at the end of the year along with your business’s holiday catalog. The more personal you can make it, the better!
  • Send a newsletter via e-mail to clients to coincide with major product roll-outs. (Note: This will require you to maintain an e-mail directory. You may have to remove people upon request, and you should never include an unsatisfied customer in the directory.) As your client base begins to grow, you may find that some clients will return to you frequently for information. If you feel it would be more efficient to create a weekly or monthly e-mail newsletter for a specific group of clients who are especially loyal, then you can whip up a short e-mail about a featured product or even use promotional material from your company.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to a client individually to pitch them a new product that you know they will love. The more often you can match up someone’s personal needs with your product, the more trusted you will become. (In the beginning, you can rely on invoices to pitch related items to multiple clients, but eventually, your client base will grow too large. This is why maintaining personal connection is important. After parties, make notes about the personal information you gathered from your clients.)

Granted, you may already have a great client management system in place. In fact, you may be able to offer more advice (please do so in the comment section), but for those of you who haven’t gotten the kinks ironed out yet, you will need to work on adopting a system that works seamlessly and efficiently.

If you are interested in recruiting others, you will need have an organizational system in place (with guidelines such as “follow-up all delivered orders within 2 weeks”) so that you can manage your team and streamline productivity. If everyone is working with the same structure, then it will be easier to lead them to success.

The second element, fun follow-up, is something that you can actually provide for your entire downline – to an extent. Remember, their success is your success; but you also want to allow them to be independent. For example, you can write the mass newsletters and maintain the e-mail director for everyone, but your recruits will need to pitch individual products to their clients and write holiday cards. You can’t require them to follow in your footsteps, but you can certainly encourage the idea. (For example, you can offer to purchase the Christmas cards and host a writing party.) Encourage creativity and ask your team for fun follow-up ideas. Give prizes to the most innovative and effective ideas.

Karen Smith is a freelance writer and business blogger whose primary goal is to inform her readers about pursuing a business degree online. She also enjoys writing about small business trends, Internet marketing, personal development, and sustainable living. Karen welcomes your comments below!

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Digital Marketing How To

a chart to describe the search engine market

Image via Wikipedia

This is a guest post by Lily

Because the field of digital marketing is still so new, many businesses find that it can be tempting to become overzealous in their online marketing strategy. Here are several misconceptions about how online marketing can promote your business, and ideas for what you should do instead.

1) SEO

What not to do:

When it comes to SEO, the list of “what not to do” might very well be longer than the list of “what to do!” Because Google and other search engines are constantly working to improve the algorithm they use in their searches, many old SEO tricks are becoming outdated day by day.

These search engines are much smarter than you think! Today, search engines can determine the “authority” of pages that are linking to other pages, which makes buying paid links and using other cheap methods to spread your business’ URL around less effective. Many of the SEO programs you can purchase for your business employ these tactics, which could end up penalizing your business and destroying your search engine rankings in the long run.

Similarly, while “keyword stuffing” was once believed to be a useful method of improving your business’ rankings, search engines have become too smart for this as well. In order to effectively use SEO for your business, you will have to keep track of how search engine algorithms are changing and keep your website up to date.

What to do instead:

The answer is truly quite simple: make your website as useful to your customers as possible, because search engines know the difference! Rankings are being determined more and more by usefulness of content, relevancy to the user, and whether or not the user had a good experience on that site.

Yes, search engines can now determine all of these things. The lesson here? Work on improving your business in general and the experience that your customers have with you, and simply try to keep your website consistent with these good business practices. Keep your content as up to date and informative as possible. This way, the high rankings will happen naturally.

2) Facebook

What not to do:

Using a Facebook page for your business is still a brand new concept to most business owners, and therefore it can be easy to abuse it. First of all, don’t use a personal profile for your business – they created the page feature for a reason.

Once you create a Facebook page, don’t ignore it! Make sure all the content is filled out so your users know how to reach you, or at least access your website. Lastly, don’t become overenthusiastic while logged into your business’ Facebook page. Keep it professional and in line with your business’ customer service standards.

What to do instead:

Keep your customers informed about your Facebook page and encourage them to “like” it. This is essentially the same as having an email list, except many users now check their Facebook profiles more often than their email addresses.

Update your Facebook page whenever there is a new development with your business.

If something noteworthy happens at your business that you would like the public to know, a Facebook page is the perfect place to talk about it.

Conduct surveys and take advantage of the other useful resources provided by Facebook specifically for businesses.

3) Twitter

What not to do:

There is an art to using, and not abusing, your business’ Twitter account. Instead of “tweeting” every single time something happens at your business, try to keep your posts relevant and interesting. Don’t use hashtags after every other word in your tweet – this just makes your tweets incomprehensible. Hashtags actually serve little to no function on twitter unless the word or phrase you are hashtagging is already trending or is something that people would definitely search for.

What to do instead:

Tweet about recent blog posts or recent developments at your business.

Interact with your followers. When people message you on Twitter, always respond enthusiastically. This is an extremely useful method of cultivating good relationships with new and existing customers and expanding your customer base to new areas.

Lily is a blog writer for Entrust Cash Advance, a trusted merchant cash advance company.

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Outrageous Advertising – Bill Glazer

Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog - ...

Image by DavidErickson via Flickr

This book is all about advertising – outrageous advertising!  If you are stuck on things you can do to advertise your business and you want to make sure you get noticed, this book has some great ideas and tips to help you be successful.  From tips to ways to use the white space on your current mail outs or how to write attention grabbing headlines, you will find it in this book.

The thing I like about this book is that Bill gives you specific examples of what he has done in the past as well as how they worked out for him.  He also provides examples of what others have done with their business and how well they worked out for them.

Even if you are not doing snail mail advertising, a lot of these concepts can be used in the online world, and I would imagine they should be just as successful.  This is especially true of topics such as how to create headlines and how to get more responses when you do send out an advertisement.

As I am writing this, I have only gotten through half of the book due to many demands on my time.  In looking forward, I see upcoming topics are reminding customers of your presence as this can be a big reason they haven’t purchased from you recently.

This book was published in 2009, so I am kind of surprised that there is not much focus on online advertising.  This may be a case of teaching what you know, and the author may not have had a lot of Internet advertising experience.

The one thing that does concern me with this book is that some of the outrageous headlines he uses as examples could come off as spammy.  But for the cost of using an online newsletter or doing a mail out, it doesn’t hurt to try them and see what types of results you will receive.

Would I recommend this book?  I think it is a good book to look through and see what types of ideas you may garner from it.  While its focus is not on direct sales, but advertising is a part of direct sales, it definitely has some applications that can be used to help expand your business.

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Free Online Advertising

Computers Monitor

Image by yum9me via Flickr

We all know that to keep your business going, you need to do parties or make sales somehow.  But if you find your calendar is not as full as you want it, there are different things that you can do to advertise your business and book up that calendar.  I will be discussing free and paid methods this week.

Classifieds – There are many different classified sites out there that will allow you to post your advertisement for free.  They may have rules about what you can and cannot post or how often.  You should check their terms of service first to make sure your ads do not get pulled for something you did wrong.  Do not forget to include pictures if possible; they tend to get you more attention.  If you are not sure about where to find free advertising, try going to your favourite search engine and typing “free classifieds yourcity” and see what comes up.

Forums – Many forums allow you to have a signature on your profile.  Use it to your advantage.   It is best to get involved with the forum first though, as some require you to post a certain amount of times before you can have a signature.  You may also be allowed to put up ads for no cost.  Check the rules.

Blog – You may choose to create a blog to help promote yourself.  There is no end of possibilities as to the types of topics you can choose to write about.  You can find free blogs in a variety of places but Blogger and WordPress.com tend to be the more popular places.

Social Media – if you do not already have an account on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, you could be missing out.  You can use these to promote specials, to promote the product and to find bookings.  I know I have personally had people find me on Facebook who have booked parties and joined my team.

Do you have a favourite way to get free advertising on the Internet?

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