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Corporate Social Media: 5 Ways To Bolster Your Brand With Social Media

If you are a business owneBranding with Social Mediar or manager and are looking to improve your marketing, then you have undoubtedly been exploring the concept of social media. Social media is the fastest growing communication platform in the world. More people than ever before are using social networking websites to stay in touch with their friends and family, as well as look for the products and services they need. This is what makes social media marketing such an excellent opportunity for any business. Below are five of the most important ways that you can bolster your brand by having a strong presence on social media.

1. Provide Valuable Content

Social media websites are set up in a way that makes sharing links to various types of content extremely easy for their users. Because of this, businesses that are consistently providing valuable, entertaining and useful content to their social media followings are seeing excellent growth in their marketing results. By sharing high quality content across all of your social media accounts that is relevant to your industry, you can establish your brand as an authority in it. This content can either be your own or something created by someone else, properly attributed, of course.  However, some industry professionals argue that you may not want to share your best stuff through these channels.  This is certainly debatable. They suggest, though, that your most sharable stuff should initially be generated on your site—on your blog for example (see section 4), and that the content can then be shared from there.

2. Connect With Leaders

Another one of the greatest ways that social media can improve your branding efforts is that it can allow you to easily connect with social leaders across a wide range of industries and topics. Connections mean everything in the business world, and it could clearly be good for your business to have connections with smart or influential people all over the globe. The possible benefits that could arise from this are virtually endless.

3. Communicate Openly

Social media presents a unique opportunity for you as a business owner or manager, which is that you will be able to communicate with your current and potential customers instantly and publicly at any time. Communication across social media websites is very open and visible, which can be a great way for you to show excellent customer service and really prove to your followers that you care. Brands that communicate honestly and transparently with their followings often see the best results on social media.

4. Start A Blog

By having a blog that is updated regularly, your business can see some great improvements. To start, you will have a steady stream of new content that will be picked up by search engines, which can increase your website visitors and attract targeted customers. In addition to that, this content can be shared through your social media accounts. People can read it, share it and communicate with you about it, which reinforces your brand in their minds.

5. Highlight Your Customers

Shining some light on your most loyal and interesting customers through your social media accounts is one of the best ways for you to cast a positive light on your brand. This will give you a chance to attract new customers while also letting your dedicated followers know that they are appreciated. This can only reflect positively on your brand, and is something that people will often strongly connect to.

These are just a few of the ways in which social media marketing can allow you to bolster your brand and see more success in your business than ever before. You can find the best online marketing company today to get started and learn exactly how to implement these strategies.

Direct Sales Target Audience

Do you know who your target is?  I think the majority of those in direct sales would tend to say that their ideal customer is in their late 20’s to early 40’s, female with disposable income.  But is this truly accurate?  My thoughts would be for the majority of companies; it likely is, but what about the direct sales companies which sell products with a different demographic?

Food – Do you think a direct sales company only targets these individuals?  My guess is no.  The food companies are going to target anyone who cooks or maybe those that do not like cooking by telling them that food will be much easier to make with their products.  The products that food companies sell (at least the ones I have bought from) have a lot of products that are under $10 making them affordable from the student right on up to the senior with a limited income.  Some of the other products that they may offer, such as cookware or other home supplies may be more targeted, but I cannot think of too many people that might not like to add some spice to their food.

Clothing – Recently I have heard of some new clothing companies.  I am not sure if they are new to my area or to the direct sales arena in general, but again, their target consumer is likely different. For instance, the one company makes children’s clothing.  Of course, they need to target mom to buy the clothing but if the kid doesn’t like it, nothing mom says will make the kid wear it.  So the true target here is the child as they are brought to the event, they try on the clothes and decisions are made.

Vitamins/Supplements – With our population aging, there are more companies getting on the bandwagon in selling products to the aging market.  As a result, companies that make vitamins or beauty products may be changing their ideal demographic a bit.  They likely are still targeting the main female market but they will be expanding their age groups right up until retirement with vitamins that help you with energy, menopause or other health issues.  Right up there are beauty products that would help with wrinkles or age spots.

While the target audience and the majority of your direct sales target audience, may be the typical one, chances are you likely have some markets you have not considered based on your product mix.  You may have 75% of your product that hits this group but the rest could be marketed elsewhere.  What can you do to reach out to these buyers?


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How Customers pick a Direct Sales Consultant

When it comes to your customers and how they pick a direct sales consultant to deal with, some of them pick the first person they encounter whereas others do some research.  If you know what they use to pick a person, it may help you get found more easily.

The Consultant they know – The easiest way to get new customers is to do parties.  Chances are, when those people are ready to book their own direct sales event, they will contact you as they know you already.  They know that they are able to trust you to show up, take the orders and deliver the product in a timely manner.  But, if you did not do that or if they did not like you for whatever reason, they are likely to look for someone else.

Ask Friends – If a person has not been to a direct sales event in a while and is looking for a consultant, chances are they are going to be looking around to find one.  A method they use is to then ask their friends if they know any consultants with the company they want to have a party with.

Company Website – Many times people will head to the company’s website to find a consultant.  Check your company’s site occasionally to make sure that you are listed there.  If you are not, you may want to check with your company to see what they require to make sure you get a listing.  People may also choose to contact the company directly to find a direct sales consultant, especially if no one comes up on the list.

Local Classified – Another option for someone is to check out the local classifieds to see if they can find a representative.  You should always have an active ad if you can for this reason.  It does not have to be an ad about booking a party – it could be a stock sale, a link to like your fanpage or information about a new catalogue that just came out.

Facebook – If you do not have a fanpage, you may want to consider getting one.  I have had a few customers find me by typing in the company name in the search box.  My fanpage is titled with my name and then independent consultant and my company’s name.  This meets the requirements that my company has as well as letting people know what company I am with.

Search Engines – Have you ever checked the search engines to see if you come up?  Chances are, you may not if you only have your site through your company, but if you have done some other things to advertise yourself, you may be surprised.  Just type in “Your Company Your City” and see what comes up.  I know my Facebook fanpage has been found that way several times.

The easier you are to find, the easier it will be for people who do not know about you to locate you and engage your services.  If you do not find yourself with these searches, you may want to work on having people find you.


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Top 5 Ways to Promote Your New Business

Starting a home based business may not be as easy a task as many would think. The market is full of new competition and seasoned players. It is challenging and many lose hope. However, you can always start and run a new business in an effortless way by making wise and informed decisions. You also need to employ the right marketing tips to promote a business and enhance your profitability.

The use of custom promotional wristbands is an innovative and effective method to promote your business. They are popular and effective because you can use a custom message that suits your business to achieve the marketing goals that you have in mind. Additionally, a company logo can be incorporated in a wrist band to enhance its efficiency. Since many people love wristbands and they are products that can use efficiently over a long haul, you will always know that the marketing message has been delivered. They are also stylish and durable. Because of this, you can use them to target prospects on different occasions. They are an effective promotional tool and allow you to achieve your marketing or advertisement goals in a cost effective way.

Using giveaways is an effective way to promote a new business. Giveaways can be used during contests which are targeted at prospects to win prizes and freebies. Many people across the globe love free offers, promotions and to participate in competitions where they can win lots of prizes. They are effective promotional products in the sense that you can print a marketing message on the products so clients can know of the products and services you offer.

The use of social media is an effective and top way to promote a new business. Many people today are active users of social sites such as Facebook. In this reason, it is important to have a social page on different networks where you can reach out to target customers. Run competitions, open chats and interact with clients. Learn what they expect of you and promise to deliver services that meet and surpass their expectations. Identify a network that most of your prospects use and utilize it efficiently to promote the business.

Uses of PR and publicity methods are an excellent way to promote your business. Design an effective press release and send it to media outlets. More importantly, ensure your story has high quality content and an interesting angle because it increases chances of being included in news headlines. This allows many people to learn of the business as well as products and services you provide.

Blogging is another effective way to promote a new business. Set up a blog that will be used solely to enhance brand visibility. Communicate all details about your products, services and business on the blog. More importantly, ensure the information is factual, interesting and informative. This will help to attract more target prospects hence promoting your business in a cost effective way.

Natasha is blogger and writer, interested in various topics, currently exploring best ways to advertise and promote new business from different angles.

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