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Promote Events with Twitter

Twitter has become a powerful tool over the years for businesses. Contacting colleagues, talking to customers, answering questions – it’s all right there at your fingertips.


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One aspect of Twitter that’s sometimes ignored is the ability to promote your events. Sure, you tweet about them from time to time, but they can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. To really take it to the next step, use the following tips.


Hashtags are keywords tagged with the “#” sign on Twitter. By creating a Hashtag around your event, you make it easy for others to track info, news, and conversations about your event.  Make it something specific yet simple for the best results. #meetinginsanfranciscoforbrainstorming may be detailed but it’s way too long – go for #SFbrainstorm so people have room to add their thoughts.

Twitter Tools

Tweetvite  – Tweetvite allows you to create invitations for events you’re hosting through Twitter. There’s no sign-up-you register with your Twitter account. Tweetvite offers step-by-step instructions on creating your tweetvite, allows for customization of colors and themes, and even allows you to add your own pictures or video. You then publish your invitation, which  makes it live so other people can view it and RSVP. It also can be found in the listing of Tweetups on the site.

TweetMyEvents  – TweetMyEvents is a real-time event sharing platform for Twitter. It allows you to create an event and then tweet it. Events can then be retweeted by viewers to help increase your exposure. TweetMyEvents also has a real-time tracking counter so you can monitor your page and see how many people have retweeted your event. You can also search for events directly on TweetMyEvents.

Event Tools

Eventbrite – Eventbrite allows you to create a customized online event registration page, and includes the ability for professional ticketing and to sell the tickets directly from your website. As far as promoting the event goes, Eventbrite lets you leverage search engines, use email marketing, create custom contact lists, and offers 1-click integration with a variety of social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Meetup – Meetup allows you to find or create a meetup group around an event. It’s a very simple interface to use and allows you to connect with friends, fans, and followers on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. 

Other Ideas: 

Tweet Your Press Release – One of the easiest ways to get the word out about your event is to tweet the event’s press release using the event hashtag mentioned at the beginning of the post. This way users get the whole idea of the event instead of having to search through old posts to find out where the event is and other details.

TwitPic – Don’t forget to follow up to the event by posting pictures of it using TwitPic. TwitPic is a tool that allows you to take a photo and then upload it directly to Twitter. Anyone following you on Twitter will see your Tweet and then click the link to view the photo.

mickieBy Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases, the online leader in affordable PR distribution since 1998.   Download a free copy of The PR Checklist, a must-read 24-point list of Press Release Dos and Don’ts.  Follow eReleases on Facebook and Twitter.


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Social Media Pet Peeves

It seems I have been discussing my pet peeves for the last few posts so I figured I may as well continue the trend this week.


I know a lot of people who have multiple accounts which is not my issue.  Personally, I have 3 different twitter accounts and each has its own purpose.  But, what annoys me is when I happen to follow someone’s multiple accounts and I see them posting the exact same thing to each account and every time they post.  Yes, sometimes the double post is relevant as they mostly have different audiences but sometimes the posts are not relevant to both accounts.


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Follow Friday is another one.  It is a great event to get involved with but at the same time, lists of people to follow are pretty generic and not as likely to get you new followers.  But, by listing someone that people should follow and including a reason why they should be followed is a much better use of this tool.

Facebook Invitations

Another issue I have is when people invite me to events but they live a long ways away from me.  I think a lot of this is due to them just inviting everyone on their entire friend list.  I’ve also had people add me to groups where you are automatically added.  Many times these groups are not ones I have any interest in and I have to go to the effort of removing myself.  I would much prefer someone asking me if I would be interested and then sending me an invitation that I could follow at my convenience.

I’m sure if I used other social media like LinkedIn or one of the many other sites out there I could come up with some other pet peeves but this is it for now.



How can I get more accomplished in a day?

My first question for you is what are you doing all day?  Do you have applications like Facebook, Twitter, games or even email open all day?  These can suck you and take your productivity down to 0.  I would recommend shutting them down including your email and working on other projects.  You may be wondering about email, but I will explain.

An hourglass

An hourglass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Email is a time waster as you either get a lot of messages or you get none.  If you get none and you keep hitting the refresh button, you are wasting time.  If you get a lot, chances are you are pouncing on each one when it comes in to deal with it.  This wastes a lot of time as you lose productivity switching from task to task.

What I recommend:  turn off you email and only check it every hour or two.  You will be more focused and resolve more issues when doing this.  I have done this myself and found it definitely made a difference!

A to do list and a timer are your friend.  Make a list of what you want to accomplish that day and approximately how long it will take.  Set the timer and off you go!  If you have time leftover, start the next task.  You could end up with spare time at the end of the day and then you can play.

If you take a break to check Facebook or other items, set your time for this too and stop when it goes off.  These can suck you in and two hours will go by without you noticing.

Getting those Direct Sales Bookings when Restarting

Now that you are up to date on what is happening with your company and you have your kit updated, you are ready to get bookings.  Actually, you can work on getting these bookings while you wait for our new products.  So how should you get your calendar booked up?

Contact prior customers

The best method to get your business running again is to contact those that you have already dealt with.  You know that they are interested in the product and they may be in need of more or different product.  Whether they hosted a party or attended and purchased, contact them.

“Hi Jane, its Sharon calling with XYZ company.  You previously hosted a party/purchased from me.  I am trying to get my business going again and I wanted to know if you needed anything or if you would be interested in hosting a party”.

You may find it beneficial to offer an incentive if they book with you.  If they are not interested, you could try asking if they know anyone that they would refer you to.  Do not forget to ask them if you can call them again in a few months time – this can be especially helpful if they say now is not a good time due to moving, a new baby or family stress.


Make sure that you get out there and advertise yourself.  This could be ads online or putting up posters wherever you can.  You may want to look for trade shows that you can get involved in and promote yourself.  There are a lot of avenues available to you to advertise that do not have to cost you much or anything.  See my ideas on Free Advertising Offline and Free Online Advertising.

Social Media

Do not forget to promote yourself on social media.  If you have a Facebook, Twitter or any other type of account, make sure that you post that you are back in business and looking for party hosts.  Ask your friends to also post for you to expand the circle.  You don’t know who is out there looking for your company and they see the post and contact you.

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5 Ways to Find More Guests for Your Parties

Finding people to host a party in exchange for cash or products is usually pretty simple.  Finding people to attend each party isn’t.  If you’ve built up a dependable group of customers but have trouble finding new folks to sell your stuff to, experiment with different ways to find party guests.  After all, more guests equal more income, right?


Craigslist isn’t just a creepy hangout for predators and scam artists.  Many direct sales experts use this site to advertise upcoming parties and events, post product specials, and link to their website.  Place your ad in the “General” section if you’re worried about getting flagged.


Good old-fashioned flyers never go out of style, so print a few colorful pieces and hand them out around town. Put them on grocery store boards, in the waiting room at your doctor’s office, and at the local laundromat.


Reward current clients for referrals with a fun gift, like a full-sized bottle of moisturizer or an exclusive sample of a new scented candle.  Cash prizes and gift cards also work well, so consider offering them to the person who brings the most party guests to your next event.


You can’t invite more people to your parties if you never meet anybody new.  Attend local networking events in your city, or chat with other business owners online.  Your new Avon friend might know a few people who want to buy your Pampered Chef products.


Social networking is an excellent way to find attendees for your next event, but tread with caution.  Post too often, and people will unsubscribe to your posts.  Post too little, and nobody will even know that you sell Scentsy.  Aim for 3 to 5 posts per week, and make sure you balance them out with other non-sales posts about your life.


It’s easy to fall into a comfortable rut after you’ve been doing direct sales for awhile.  No matter how much you make now, you can always make more.  Find more party guests and watch as your income grows each month.

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Social Media

There is a good chance that you are using your Facebook or Twitter to promote your business. But is it working for you or do you need to figure out how to use these methods better?   Maybe you haven’t started using them but would like to be but are not sure how to get started.  Here are a variety of posts on different social media platforms.  Most of these were guest posts as I do not know a lot about social media myself but am always trying to learn.   


Will Social Media help my Direct Sale Business?

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Where Social Media Lets You Stand Between Your Business and Customers

Social Media Marketing and Direct Selling: 3 Fast Ways to the Young Consumer’s Heart



Based on what I see, Facebook is the most used social media platform out there.  If you are not on there and promoting yourself, what is holding you back?

Creating a Facebook Fanpage for Direct Sales

Using Facebook to Promote your Business


Twitter can be a little intimidating and has scared of many people but if you use it properly, you can do quite well with it.

Twitter and Direct Sales


There are so many different platforms out there that it can be hard to keep track of them all.  Here are a few other ones out there that people have written about.  Check them out and see if you think they can be helpful for you.

Interesting Pinterest Marketing Campaigns

Why Instagram is Great for Your Business

Using BizBrag to Promote Your BusinessAre there other social media platforms you are interested in learning about?  If so, let me know and I will see what I can do about getting you information.
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Recruiting using the Internet

The Internet can be a great source for recruits. Many people have successfully built their direct sales business by using the Internet for both sales and sponsoring.

One thing you have to remember is that email is impersonal, and easy to ignore. You will get inquiries, and not necessarily many sign ups. Try and get phone numbers for follow up if at all possible.

Look for places with free advertising – Some companies do not allow you to pay for online advertising. Write up ads either based on info from your company website, or from your own head. If you are using your own head, make sure to verify your information from the company website though if it is a more factual advertisement. Make sure you check the terms of the classified site you are using, as some are very fast to delete your ads if they feels they are against the terms.

You can get bogged down with finding free places to advertise. Try and find sites that are popular and people around you have heard of. The more eyes that see your ad, the more likely you will get a response. If you aren’t sure of what a good site might be, ask friends and family what sites they use when looking for something.

Disclaimer: If you are doing any online promotion, you need to make sure you get online at least once or twice a day to check emails. The Internet world is a fast one, and if you don’t respond quickly, they will find someone else or lose interest.

Message Boards/Yahoo Groups:
There are a lot of these out there, and a person could spend days on them. When you are on message boards to recruit, there are a few pieces of advice to follow. Get onto the site, introduce yourself, and get involved. Don’t just post your business, post in the chatter threads – ask questions, get known. Make sure you check out their advertising policies. Some boards only allow you to advertise in certain folders, or on certain days of the week.

Social networking Sites:
Do you have a profile on Facebook/MySpace or any of the other popular sites? If not, you should have one. If you already have a profile, then create a fanpage. This is a great place to post when there are promotions, monthly specials – both sales and recruit, and any other information. On a fanpage, you can keep all the information strictly about your business. On a regular profile, you should have both personal and business, you don’t want to sound like an ad only and have people ignore you.

Nowadays a business must have an Internet presence, but they can also use it to their advantage to advertise and build their business.

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Free Online Advertising

Computers Monitor

Image by yum9me via Flickr

We all know that to keep your business going, you need to do parties or make sales somehow.  But if you find your calendar is not as full as you want it, there are different things that you can do to advertise your business and book up that calendar.  I will be discussing free and paid methods this week.

Classifieds – There are many different classified sites out there that will allow you to post your advertisement for free.  They may have rules about what you can and cannot post or how often.  You should check their terms of service first to make sure your ads do not get pulled for something you did wrong.  Do not forget to include pictures if possible; they tend to get you more attention.  If you are not sure about where to find free advertising, try going to your favourite search engine and typing “free classifieds yourcity” and see what comes up.

Forums – Many forums allow you to have a signature on your profile.  Use it to your advantage.   It is best to get involved with the forum first though, as some require you to post a certain amount of times before you can have a signature.  You may also be allowed to put up ads for no cost.  Check the rules.

Blog – You may choose to create a blog to help promote yourself.  There is no end of possibilities as to the types of topics you can choose to write about.  You can find free blogs in a variety of places but Blogger and WordPress.com tend to be the more popular places.

Social Media – if you do not already have an account on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, you could be missing out.  You can use these to promote specials, to promote the product and to find bookings.  I know I have personally had people find me on Facebook who have booked parties and joined my team.

Do you have a favourite way to get free advertising on the Internet?

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