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How should I approach someone about a fundraiser?

It is a good idea to have a letter that gives a brief overview of your fundraiser that is one to two pages.  This is a letter you can give to anyone who seems interested at all.  You could also put it in your hostess packages and your recruiting packages.  A bulleted list is great for the introduction letter so they can see at a glance what it involves.

  • Organization makes 35% of sales
  • 15 of our top selling products are available to you
  • Product ships to location of your choice
  • Selling packets provided with information about product

From there, a second letter, or information packet can be prepared.  You could give this out with the first letter or you may choose to wait and see if they have an interest before you give them one.  This will be a more detailed letter which explains more about the fundraiser and how the process works.  Some suggested topics:

  • Comparison to other fundraisers (ie. Chocolate bars, popcorn)
  • Different sales levels equal what profits
  • Selling price of products
  • What will be supplied to help organization be successful
  • What the organizations responsibilities will be
  • What your responsibilities will be as a consultant
  • A suggestion for time frame of fundraiser as well as shipping
  • Acceptable payment methods
  • Information about tax exempt status is that is an option
  • Application form is one is required
  • Who pays for the supplies – ie. Order forms

What else would you include?

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