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Party plan or Independent seller?

While you are an independent consultant within your party plan, for my purposes here, someone who is independent is a person who gets a wholesale account and does their own thing.  Which is better?  Let us look at both.

Party Plan:

Support – You have support from your upline, other consultants and the company.

Costs – Minimal costs to get started.

Research – The party plan does the research to help you determine what products should sell best.  This may not be true in your particular region, but overall, the company feels these are the best products.

Brand – If you stay with your company for any amount of time, and there are other consultants, you will help to develop the company’s brand which will help to increase your business over time.

Technical – You do not have to set up your own website or find suppliers to buy product from.


Control – You control everything that you do – from your website, the products you sell and the price you sell them at.

Support – Chances are the wholesalers you are buying your product from will help you to a degree as they want you to keep buying from them, but they are not on the frontlines, you are.

Costs – The cost of getting setup and running varies depending on what you are selling and how much product you want to offer.  Expect to spend several hundred at a minimum for product and then you likely will need a website.  If you plan to sell like a party plan, you will also have to come up with incentives, etc which will come out of your own pocket.

Research – You will need to figure out what types of product are going to sell where you live and where you are selling as well as a good price point.

Brand – Consider yourself starting from the ground up, as you have no personal store brand to assist you.  Your product may have its own brand which will help you to get started, but it may not carry you that far.

If you are looking for simple and easy, a party plan is likely the way to go.  But if you prefer to do things yourself, then being totally independent may be your preference.

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How to Host a Party

No matter your reason for throwing a party, it is important to be a proper host. Take the time out of your schedule to plan the perfect party for your situation. It will depend greatly on the reason for hosting the party, and the space you have available. Take this into account before starting the process.

A birthday party in Oregon. Taken by me.

Party in Oregon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Direct sales

One common reason to host a party comes from a form of direct sales. The party plan is when a party is hosted from the home or other place with the intention of selling a product. This can be helpful for both the host and party goers to get the most from their party experience. This can be any product from kitchen appliances to makeup and other facial accessories.

The important thing to remember about planning this type of party is to not focus the entire thing on the product. Although it will be the focal point, make sure there are other elements. Set up the party in a space where guests can talk and get to know each other. Have food and beverages available whether it is simple snacks or a full on meal. These elements will keep your guests happy.

Being a good host

For those who get nervous about hosting a party, there are many different options to ensure your event is a success. The first and potentially most important is to give yourself plenty of time. Start planning the party as early as possible by putting it together one piece at a time until the actual date. This will keep you from frantically running around at the last minute and make it an allover success. Don’t try and do it all on your own, but get the help of your family and friends whenever possible.

The first thing to decide on is why you are throwing a party. Is it for a direct sale, a birthday party, the holidays, or something else entirely? Make the theme correspond with the reason for the party. From there you can plan the games and activities that will fit in with the plans the best. Choose those that your guests will enjoy, and that will work best for your own situation.

One of the biggest mistakes a host can make is not letting others know about their event far enough in advance. Send out invites at least a full week before the party is scheduled to take place. If you send it out too far in advance, some may forget about the event by the time the date rolls around. If you have guests that are coming from far away, be sure to send the invites far in advance, but also send a follow up reminder. This reminder can be a text or an email, something simple to reiterate your plans.

There are many aspects of being a good host. Make sure that you start out planning your party right. No matter your reason for throwing the event, be prepared and organized way beforehand to ensure everything will run smoothly on the actual event.

By +Cassie Costner

Cassie writes for www.eventrentalutah.com, a company dealing with tent rentals in Salt Lake City. She has written on the best methods for party planning, and how to get the most for your ideas.

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Do you really provide an in home party?

This may seem like a silly question and one that you reply “Duh!” to, but hear me out.

When you mention to someone that you do home parties, how often does someone give you a horrified look and then runs away from you as fast as they can?  Quite often?  Then maybe it is time to re-look at what you do and consider renaming your event.

Oohh.. did you see that?  I called it an event!  That is a start!  Let us start by calling these “In HomEnglish: Screenshot taken from the video link ...e Events”.  Doesn’t that sound a bit nicer than an in home party and something that maybe isn’t so scary?

Let’s take it one step further.  What type of products do you sell that you could have an event for?  If you sell food products, maybe you want to have a “Tasting Event” instead of a tasting party.  Its interesting how one word can make a difference as an event just sounds that much nicer and less intimidating.  It also tells people that something is going on with food, they get to taste it but an event says that they do not have to come out and spend money if they do not want to.  There are too many people that associate an in home party to spending money that they run far away from you.

As well, in this context, event becomes a bit of a novel idea which may compel more people to come out and see what is going on.   They have not been to an event before and they are curious.  As a direct sales consultant, you can run these differently than your regular in home party and make it more interesting and interactive for the guest.  Get them involved – taste the products, help you put them together, or whatever they can help you with – and see if it doesn’t help to increase your sales at the end of the night.


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Finding Time for Direct Sales Parties

My iCal synced with Google Calendar

Image by guccio@文房具社 via Flickr

When it comes to finding the time to work your direct sales business and finding time for direct sales parties, it can be difficult if you have a lot of commitments in your life.  But where there is a will there is a way, and it can be done with a bit of effort.


The first thing I recommend is making a copy of a page from a calendar that is big enough to allow you to write items into the boxes.  Or maybe you prefer a planner where you have the day outlined in hours, whichever you prefer is what you need to find.


Mark in any commitments that you already have.  This may be things such as kid’s activities, your day job, dentist appointments or anything else that is already planned in your life.  If you have a reoccurring appointment that you do not want to miss, such as a social event, then mark that in as well.

Check the Blanks

Now you know what time is taken and what time is available.  You want to book up those available times.  You need to determine how much you can realistically do.  For some people, they want every minute of their time scheduled; for others, they only want to do direct sales parties twice per week.  Pick the days you want to book and then go book them!

There are a variety of things you can do to get the parties booked, but that is another topic for another day.  Finding when you are available to work your direct sales business is important though.

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News: Party on! Tupperware still going strong after 65 years


Image via Wikipedia

Five years ago, Monica Luke quit her civil service job at U.S. Northern Command to sell Tupperware.

“It’s my full-time job,” the Colorado Springs woman says — a job that lets her be her own boss, set her own hours and make as little or as much money as she wants, she adds. She holds home parties — the traditional way to spread the word about and sell Tupperware — two to four times a week. She’s made about $50,000 in her top year.

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Where to find Recruits?

So you’ve decided to start recruiting but you aren’t sure where to start?

The best leads are from your parties.  Listen to the people and what they are saying.

Hints at a party:

  • She asks about the products.
  • She has a lot of the products and tells everyone about them.
  • She brings someone with her.
  • She lingers after the show waiting to speak to you.
  • She makes eye contact when giving your recruit spiel.
  • She spends time looking over the catalog, checking all the details, and looks at the recruiting information.

These are all hints that you should talk to them.   You want to plant seeds during your presentation saying things like, does this seem easy to you?  It is.  I earn on average $100 from doing a 2 hour party.  Or, you could buy that at 25% off if you were a demonstrator.  Things like that.  If someone is helping with your presentation, tell them you want to talk to them after, as you think they will make a wonderful consultant.

Make sure you ask every person if they are interested.  You never know who will sign up and be your next superstar!

You always want to have a recruit package, or three, with you at a party.  This should include a current catalogue, the current signup specials, several business cards, and whatever else you feel appropriate.  I have a cover letter outlining the business, an FAQ page, and the top 10 reasons to buy the product.

Make sure to talk to your potential recruit, ask if they have any questions, answer them, and make an appointment for a follow up call.  If you don’t know the answer, ask them if you may get back to them with the answer at the follow up appointment.  You may get lucky and have someone sign right there, but usually they need to discuss it with a partner, a family member, a friend.  Follow up within two or three days.

Important: Answer their questions honestly.  I do tell people, I personally…. X y and z.  But that doesn’t mean it will happen to you.  I know others who A b and c.  People can tell if you are lying, don’t.  You are better for it.

If you follow these steps, you should start getting some results from your recruiting efforts.  Not every person you talk to will sign, but for each person that says no, you are that much closer to the person that says yes.

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Booking Challenge

An early 20th century candlestick phone being ...

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Challenge your team, a teammate, another consultant, someone to a booking challenge.  If you cannot find someone to do it with you, create a mini self challenge.

Start by making a list of all those people who were interested in a party but you were not able to pin down or you have forgotten to call.  Then the list of those who have purchased but you never heard from again.  Basically, anyone who has ever come in contact with you and your business.   Start with those that were more receiptive and work your way down if you can.

Then, set aside an hour and just start dialling.  Some people call this dialling for dollars are you are looking for bookings which will make you money.


To get started:

  • Script
  • Phone
  • Phone List
  • Calendar
  • Notebook
  • Pen

“Hi Jane, this is Sharon with ABC Company.  Do you have a few minutes?”  When she says yes, you can continue.  If now isn’t good, ask her when would be better, and make sure to call them.

“Great!  I’m calling as this is an exciting time with ABC Company!  I have been challenged to book (the most parties, 20 parties) in the next 24 hours!  Whoever gets the most bookings that hold in the next two months, will get a _____ from our team leader who issued the challenge.  I am offering X to anyone who can help me win this contest.  This is in addition to all the regular free hostess credits that you already get!  I have _____ available right now”


Wait to see what she says and proceed from there.

You will get some that will not be interested at all, some that do not feel right now is a good time, and those that will book.  Women like to help others and by telling them the booking has to be done by a certain time, you are creating urgency.

If they tell you they will call you back, mark them down and call them back in a day or two, especially if your challenge lasts for a few days.  Tell them that you are calling as you don’t want them to miss out on this opportunity and that you only have a few days left.

For those that are interested, but cannot do it right now, you can try to get them to pencil in a few months out, or the better method is to ask if you can call them back again in two months.  Sometimes their situation will change by then and you can then book them.

With this type of calling, it is best not to leave a message if no one is home

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