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I have heard people mention the term “red hot dates”. What are these?

I have heard people mention the term “red hot dates”.  What are these?

A red hot date is a day that you want to have a party.  It is typically a date within the next week or two that you have not booked up and you are willing to give an extra incentive in order for someone to book it.

A great way to do this is to take a copy of a calendar page with you to a party and circle the dates you want in red market.  You can then choose to write in there what the extra benefit is or you can play a game with it and make it a bit of a mystery.

Take this calendar with you to a party, to trade shows or anywhere else you think you could get a booking at.  Do not have more than one or two in a month or else it starts to look bad and that you are desperate.

How to Create your Own Fundraiser

What a great thing you are doing, I’m sure the organizations you help out will appreciate it!

There are a couple different ways that you can approach this.

1)      Have a Party, Give Commission – The first option is for the organization to basically have a party, and you donate a portion of your commission.  If you make 25%, you might want to offer 20% commission.  If your commission goes up with sales, then you could offer them a bit more as their sales go up.  You want to make sure you get paid as well, so unless the cause is near and dear to your heart, I do not recommend giving it all away.  The other great benefit to this is that you can put some of their items in the host rewards which will increase their proceeds.

2)     Limited Party – If it is a big group that is doing the fundraiser, to make your life and theirs easier, I would recommend that you give them a limited amount of products to sell.  If you can choose 10 or 15 best sellers, offer them those only.  Handle the commissions and hostess credit as noted above.

One of the best things you can do is having the organization add up all their orders, and then you double check them.  Make sure that your numbers agree so that you make sure that you are ordering the correct product.

Make sure you give them a time limit for the fundraiser or you may find that it will go on and on.

What exactly is a catalogue party?

A catalogue party is when you give your host some catalogue and order forms and they go out and collect orders for you.  If you are able to, it is helpful to lend your host some samples or product so they can show them to people.  This will help to get more sales as people are visual.

Provide them with all the information that they will need such as the methods of payment, how to calculate shipping, taxes and anything else that they may require.  A copy of the monthly specials that are available to them or customers is a good idea.

Contact your hostess about halfway through the catalogue party to see how things are going.  It is best to give no more than two weeks for them to submit their orders to you, more than that and people start to get antsy and wonder where their products are.

Make sure that you give your hostess lots of catalogues.  This way she can leave them with people in different places to help gather orders.  Tell her to point out her favourite products to people as testimonials will help to get more orders.

What to expect for Party Perks

A lot depends on the company that you are having the party with.  There tend to be the standard rewards – free product and discounted product.  How much and at what rate is dependent on the company.  If you are trying to pick between companies in regards to which to have a party with, the benefits may be a good way to help you select.

Some companies will also offer specials where if you order a certain amount of product you will get something free.  This offer is typically to induce customers to make purchases, but they not usually discriminate against the hostess.

Many consultants will offer some time of gift to you for inviting them into your home and allowing them to show their product.  They may give you a product, a discount on your own order, or an extra amount of free credit.

Direct Sales Followup

People keep telling me that the key in Direct Sales is follow-up?  What do you recommend?

A lot depends on what exactly you are following up on in regards to what you do.  As well, different people will give you different recommendations on when you should be making contact with people.

Party Bookings – You should touch base with them 3 times.   Always confirm the date and time, and then go through other details on the calls.  The last call should be the day before the party go to through any last minute details, find out how many people are expected, and get directions or an address if need be.  Beyond that, when you make the calls will be up to you.  If they have booked the party many months out, it is best to call each month to make sure it is still a go, or call a month before its scheduled to make sure it is a go.  This is considered Hostess Coaching.

Customers – It is a good idea to follow up with your customers after they have received their product and have had a chance to use it.  A week after delivery may be a good time for this as they have likely tried it out and have a feeling about it.  Call and see how it is going, if they have any problems or questions, and depending on how they react, you can see if they are interested in their own party.

Potential Teammates – Depending on how you meet them will determine when you call them.   A good rule of thumb is to call the day after the party if you gave them a recruit packet at the event.  If you mailed them a packet, give it approximately a week or however long you feel the mail will take to get to them.

Two big phone tips:

1)      Ask if now is a good time to talk – if it is not, ask when would be better and call then.

2)      If they need time to think, or you need to follow up the call, setup an appointment for the next call.