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How to Use Instagram for Business

  1. Show Your Products/Services -Everyone loves browsing images. Everyone loves to browse products just like everyone loves window-shopping. Let your followers do some mobile window-shopping by showing them your collection of products that you are offering. If you are in a service-oriented business, you can show them how you provide your services to your clients. Using Instagram, you can show what your products can do, you can also bring them to your office by sharing a photo. You can always take your customers with you when you are using Instagram.   instagram-for-business
  1. Engage with Audience -Engaging with your audience does not only mean following each other on Instagram, or like and comment on their photos. It is about sharing a beautiful, high quality photos that users can’t see anywhere else. A not so common image of a product/service that can catch people’s attention. Share them photos that will let them experience your brand even just by looking at it.
  1. Post Regularly -If you just post one or two in a day, it may not be seen by too many audiences. Users can follow a lot of people in Instagram, your chance of being seen will increase if you post quality photos regularly
  1. Use Hashtag -Remember to always use the hashtag feature to get more followers. It is also a good way you can engage with your customers. You can do a contest asking them to use a particular hashtag for your contest by tagging their pictures of them with your products.

You can use Instagram for any type of brand that you want for marketing purposes. What you only need to do is show a picture to people.

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This was written by a college student named Dawn Atkins. She is a techie person using her smartphone when she’s working in as part-time writer for bestessays.com.au . Dawn is also into traveling and playing soccer.

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5 Simple Steps for Improving Your Sales Appearance – Part 1

When you are dealing with direct sales, such as in party planning, door-to-door product pitch, or even in a brick and mortar establishment, your appearance means everything.  There is nothing that can turn a potential sale away faster than a poorly managed salesman, which is precisely the effect you want to avoid.

Here we will discuss the five simple steps that can help to improve your appearance and raise your chances of success in a sales based environment.

Dress for Your Product

Imagine a car salesperson from Ferrari walking up to you in a concert t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a pair of beat up tennis shoes.  While the cars they are selling might be top of the line, their mode of dress is not a good reflection of their product.  It is not only unprofessional, but distasteful to the majority of their potential customers.

While this concept may sound silly, it is a simple truth in sales.  Salespeople must exemplify the reputation and quality of the products they sell, or risk a lack of sales, thus cementing their own failure.  By dressing for the product they sell, they are telling potential clients how they feel about the product itself.

Know Your Product

Simply knowing the average usage information or a long list of technical terms for your product is no longer enough.  In the age of the Internet, consumers expect more from a salesperson.  If they want to know all the technical jargon they will Google, Bing, or Wiki the information themselves.

Impress your potential customers with direct knowledge of your product.  Use the product yourself.  In cases where that is not possible (we cannot all afford a Ferrari), at least test-drive the product to get a better idea of what it is capable of.  Consumers are impressed by first-hand knowledge.  Use this fact to your advantage and make a great impression.

Smile, Smile, Smile

No one wants to deal with a sour salesperson.  Remember to keep your personal life at home and your work in the workplace.  Greet your customer with a smile.  This is also a good time to mention dental hygiene.  Not everyone cares about perfect, straight, dazzling white teeth.  However, they do care about obvious yellow plaque, coffee stains, poppy seeds, and onion bagels.

Nothing conveys a bright mood better than a smile, except of course in the instances mentioned above, in which case you are going to regret smiling if you have forgotten to brush your teeth.  A smiling, cheerful, and engaging salesperson is far more likely to land a sale.

Come back Monday for Part 2!

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Kathryn Baughman is a writer for Franklin Debt Relief, a  leading debt reduction firm in Chicago, Illinois.

Basic Benefits to a Direct Sales Business

Everyone gets into direct sales for different reasons.  For some, it is in the income aspect of it whether it is to pay bills, stay home with children or to build up savings.  For others, direct sales give them a chance to share a product they love with others.  Yet there are others who do it for the socialization aspect.  No matter what your reason, direct sales can be a rewarding and profitable career.  If you are not sure if this is for you, here is some information to help you out.

Starting Cost

One of the greatest things about direct sales is the ability to start your own business for a minimal investment.  Depending on the company you are looking at, and their signup options, you can start for less than $100.  The company may also have a method for you to earn your kit for free as well if you meet certain requirements.  Chances are you will need to do a certain amount in sales in so many days for this to happen.


With direct sales, you are not committing to working 40 hours a week, 5 days a week.  You work when you want to work.  This is great for the stay at home mom who wants to spend time with her kids.  She can schedule parties during school hours if her kids are old enough or she can schedule them in evenings when her kids are in bed.  If she only wants to do one party a week, she has the ability to do that.  If she prefers to work five nights a week, that is possible as well.


Another benefit to direct sales, depending on the company you join, is brand recognition.  Chances are if you tell someone you sell Tupperware, they already know the product and likely have only good things to say about it.  The same would be true of Avon, Mary Kay and other companies.  Some are well known regionally such as Epicure in Canada.


Some people dream of having a business but do not want to do all the research and work involved with starting a business.  Direct sales are like a business in a box.  You sign up, they send you a kit, and you are ready to go.  Your kit likely includes product for showing people to get sales as well as training information to help you get started.  You do not have to figure out what product to sell, what to price it at, where to buy the product and a myriad of other issues with having to source your own inventory.

These are just some of the benefits to starting a direct sales career. Tomorrow we will talk about how these same factors can be a downside.

Did you join your company for one of these reasons or something else?

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