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How much does the person who I signed up with make?

This is a question you will have to figure out based on your company and what the commission schedule is.  The best thing to do is to talk to your upline and ask them what they are making.  This is especially important if you do not understand the schedule yourself or are working on goals or what you need to do to make the income you want.

Commissions can be based on several factors – management level, team size or team sales.

Do I have to recruit people or build a team?

When it comes to direct sales, one of the components is building a team.  But there are some people that do not want to take part in this for whatever their reason is.  If this is you, that is fine.  There is no requirement that you recruit and build a team.  Some people do not want the responsibility, some do not have the time, and others are just in direct sales for personal discounts so do not have any need for a team.

Recruiting in Direct Sales

If you have been in direct sales for any amount of time, likely someone has talked to you about recruiting and building a team.  Maybe it was because someone approached you about signing up or you were interested because you wanted to expand and increase your income.  Regardless, there are several things that you will want to know when it comes to finding direct sales recruits and to help you decide if recruiting is something that you want to do.  

Should you be recruiting in direct sales?

Where to find Recruits

Recruiting Using the Internet

Building a Team in Direct Sales

Who to Recruit to Direct Sales?

One thing that I have found handy is to have a recruit kit ready to go.  Having a paper one that you can mail out to potential recruits or hand out at parties is important and it is also important to have one that you can email.  I also created a FAQ that I could include as I found it much easier than typing/answering the same questions every time.

Create a Recruit Package

Create a Recruit Letter

Recruiting Questions You Will be Asked

Once you have people on your team, you can’t just ignore them.  It is important that you help them with their business and get them going.  Some people will not require much from you while there will be others who you will need to take under your wing and help out.  It can be tough to figure out where to spend your time and who to work with, but hopefully I can provide you with some assistance in the below articles.

Helping your Recruit Wait for Their Kit

Working with your Team

Team Recognition in Direct Sales


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Where Should You Recruit?

The short answer is everywhere you possibly can.

You want to recruit locally and you want to recruit those who are at a distance to you.  Recruiting those who do not live near you can be harder but it is not impossible by any means.  This allows your team to grow wide and then deep where if you only recruit locally it can become tough to recruit after a while (especially in a small community). Of course, it all depends what your goals are with your direct sales business.

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.

Skip the Army and Join Direct Sales

Local Recruiting

These recruits are easy to find.  They are the ones that come to your parties, ask questions about the product and are curious.  They may approach you after the party and ask about joining or you may have to talk to them a bit afterwards to find if they are interested.   Obviously not everyone you talk to about the opportunity will sign but if you talk to enough people, you will gain a teammate.

While you may think that local recruits are the best, sometimes they can be more difficult to work with.

Distance Recruiting

There are several methods you can use to find these people:

Attend a local party but are not actually from the area

Find your website through a variety of methods

Someone you strike up a conversation with while you are on the road

These recruits can be tougher to work with as they are not local.  Find out what they want to do with their direct sales business and help them the best you can.  Find them local meetings they can attend or other consultants in their area that they can get together with.  Help them advertise to get parties going and invite them to join any team training you do through online methods or through the phone.

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Can I sponsor people across the border?

I wish I could give you a straight answer, but this is truly dependent on the company you are with.

Personally, the companies that I have been with do allow cross bordering sponsoring.  This can be an interesting adventure as sometimes the quotas can be a bit different between the two countries as well as the override schedules.  Customer incentives also have different levels in each country.  The two different dollars can cause a bit of an issue as well.

That said, I have a friend with another company and she cannot sponsor people in another country.  This is unfortunate as she has friends who would sell if they could sign with her, but they cannot.

It is best to call your corporate head office and ask them if you can sponsor a friend across the border, especially if the company is already doing business in both countries.  If you cannot, ask them why not and if they are considering setting it up in the near future.

Creating a Recruit Interest Letter

Your company may already provide a letter for you, or maybe your upline does.  But if not, you may prefer to create your own letter.  Here are a few ideas for your recruit letter.

First of all, you want to thank them for their interest in the opportunity that you have for them.

Next, you want to get into the commissions that they can make when they sell product, as this is a big factor for a lot of people.   If the rates change based on monthly sales, or on recruiting, you may want to include it here as well.

Include information about what they get in their kit as this is also important.  If your company offers different kits, you may want to include the options here and why one is better over the other one.

You want to make sure you include any pertinent information bout your company but not too much that they are overwhelmed.  You should have set up an appointment to discuss this is more depth, so you can get into more details then.

Creating a Recruit Package

When you are doing events and parties, you may have people ask you about joining your company.  It is always to your benefit to be able to whip out a package full of information that you can call them about in a few days.  If you are not sure what to put in a recruit package, here are some ideas for you.

  • Letter about the company
  • Catalogue – current or expired
  • The current signup specials
  • Business card
  • Application
  • Kit List

Direct Sales Followup

People keep telling me that the key in Direct Sales is follow-up?  What do you recommend?

A lot depends on what exactly you are following up on in regards to what you do.  As well, different people will give you different recommendations on when you should be making contact with people.

Party Bookings – You should touch base with them 3 times.   Always confirm the date and time, and then go through other details on the calls.  The last call should be the day before the party go to through any last minute details, find out how many people are expected, and get directions or an address if need be.  Beyond that, when you make the calls will be up to you.  If they have booked the party many months out, it is best to call each month to make sure it is still a go, or call a month before its scheduled to make sure it is a go.  This is considered Hostess Coaching.

Customers – It is a good idea to follow up with your customers after they have received their product and have had a chance to use it.  A week after delivery may be a good time for this as they have likely tried it out and have a feeling about it.  Call and see how it is going, if they have any problems or questions, and depending on how they react, you can see if they are interested in their own party.

Potential Teammates – Depending on how you meet them will determine when you call them.   A good rule of thumb is to call the day after the party if you gave them a recruit packet at the event.  If you mailed them a packet, give it approximately a week or however long you feel the mail will take to get to them.

Two big phone tips:

1)      Ask if now is a good time to talk – if it is not, ask when would be better and call then.

2)      If they need time to think, or you need to follow up the call, setup an appointment for the next call.