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Home based business vs a Retail business?

Chances are you already know the benefits to having a home based business instead of having a retail business, but just in case, let us review them. Maybe we will stumble upon something you are not aware of.

Flexibility – When you work out of your home, you have the flexibility to do things when you want and how you want.  This is especially important with direct sales as you can book events when you want to do them.  Have a kid’s birthday party?  No problem, don’t schedule an event that day.

Time Commitment – You can make just as much money in a few hours in direct sales as you can working an eight hour shift somewhere else.  If you work your business well, you can pretty much be guaranteed whatever income you are looking for.

Cost – Ever wanted to start your own business but you only have a few hundred dollars?  No problem!  I have not run into any company that costs more than $500 to start up!  And depending on the company, you may even be able to earn that sign up fee back!   Have you ever heard of starting a retail business for that amount?  Chances are you going to pay more than that in rent per month.

Profits – Not only is it cheap to get into direct sales, but you make profits fast!  Even if you do not get your kit for free, within doing a few thousand dollars worth of sales (depending on kit cost and commission level) you have made back your investment and are into profits!  Try doing that in a retail setting.

Tax Write-offs – This is a favourite for everyone, the write-offs you get working from home.  You are able to write off portions of your car, your fuel, the products you buy for yourself and family (product testing is important, right?) and so many other things.  Always check with your tax accountant or buy a proper tax program to help you with this.  But make sure to keep a mileage book and all receipts until tax time.

I have heard some people say that if you own your home, it is stupid not to run some sort of home based business, at least for the tax write offs.  But imagine getting into direct sales and being able to make money relatively easy, and get the write offs to go with it.  Win win!


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Working with your Team

Not only do you have to focus on your personal sales and keeping them up but you need to work with your team.  You may have teammates that do not need your help and are pulling in great numbers monthly but then you have those who are not doing much of anything.  How do you decide where you should spend your time and what you should not do?

Just because one of your team mates is doing great does not mean that they do not require help.  Maybe they are doing a lot of sales but cannot recruit for the life of them.  Maybe you have teammates that have no issue getting a recruit but they cannot get the sales and are frustrated because they are missing out on commissions.

The first thing I recommend doing is contacting your team.  This should be through the phone instead of through email.  Ask them how things are going, do they need help or do they have any questions.  If there have been big changes, or if they are close to some sort of incentive, ask them if they are aware of it.  If this call only lasts three minutes, that is okay too.

If you cannot get a hold of someone, leave a message and suggest you will try again in a few days.  If you get the machine again, you can leave a message.  If you are unsuccessful after two or three calls, an email or text may be the way to go.  Just mention you tried to get a hold of them, there was no answer, and to let you know if there is a better time or method for them.

There are those that do not want your help, and that is okay.  Do not force yourself upon a person because you feel that you should.  They will just get frustrated with you and they will never communicate with you again.  But on the plus side, if someone is constantly asking for help, and you never see results, it may be time to pull back a bit there too.

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