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Watching Your Status

It is important to pay attention to your status with your direct sales company especially if there are repercussions for not making certain sales levels.


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My company has changed their criteria a few times in the last year or two so it has become that much more confusing.   This year, I almost didn’t make my quota but I got a few phone calls, post cards and email reminders to let me know that I had the possibility of losing my status.  But, one of my demonstrators was on the list to not make it and did not get any of these reminders.  She didn’t end up having the sales required and she was de-activated as a consultant.

I found all this out when she contacted me to find out why she could no longer log in.  She was able to sign back up and move on, but this could have all been avoided if she had been watching her own status and where her sales were.

I also realize that I let her down as a leader as I was not paying attention to where my tea was at in regards to their sales and their status and warning them but at the same time, everyone is adults and i should not have to.

That said, it is a good idea to make sure that you are always familiar with your companies policies in regards to maintaining your status and where you on that list.  Are you short by a few dollars or do you still need a few hundred dollars before the end of the month?  Depending on what your requirements are, it’s a good idea to start drumming up business ASAP if you will need a few orders in order to make it.

Do you really want to lose your status due to not paying attention?


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Methods to Increase Sales

There are many different things that you can do to increase the amount of sales that you are submitting each month.  I have discussed these methods over the last two years so feel free to peek at some of the past articles to see what you have been missing or you could improve.   

Offering free shipping?  You may be better off to offer free product instead!  Read more here

Are you telling your customers about all the different ways that they can use a product?  Do you ask them if they can come up with more ideas?  The more ways to use something, the more likely someone will buy it.

How about upselling?  Don’t know what that is?  Learn about upselling and more simple methods to increase your sales.  Increasing sales with simple methods

Have a hard time remembering all these things? What to upsell together, what ways to use a product?  Use cue cards to make some notes and tell people its so you don’t forget all the wonderful information about a product!

Another great method to increase sales is to put packages together and discount them.  You don’t need to discount them by much, just enough to make people think that they are getting a great deal.  Sometimes just making the decision for the customer is enough, as it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

Of course, having more parties will increase your sales.

How about shopping clubs?  These are popular with a lot of people.  Get a set amount of people to commit to a certain amount in purchase each month and you are set.  More about shopping clubs.

Here are a few other articles that you may find helpful when it comes to taking steps to increase your sales.

Increasing your Sales
Offering Party Perks on your Own
Why Discounts can Be Dangerous in Direct SalesReferral Program
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Parties can Equal Direct Sales Recruits

Fall is in the air.  Many people are getting ready to send their children back to school.  But the direct sales consultant is excited about more than the return of the school year – they are excited about people holding parties!  They have been to convention and are revitalized with the new product that has been released and want to share it with everyone!

The fall season is the busiest time for direct sellers when it comes to sales and accumulating any points for incentives.  Not only do many companies unveil more new products for this selling season but consumers are in the mood to spend and are prepared and willing to host parties for the benefits.  But, while they are looking to purchase, they are also looking for methods to create an income stream to pay for the holiday spending.

With this, it is important that you are prepared to talk about the benefits of joining your direct sales company when you are doing a party presentation.  Show them how they can start their business and have a debt free Christmas with just a bit of work on their end. Depending on their success, they may continue well on past the holidays to help with other financial goals.

There is a good chance that your hostess may have already thought about joining up with a direct sales company.  She may not have decided which one or is using her party as a chance to make a decision.  More and more people are getting into direct sales as a way to generate extra income for a multitude of reasons.

One of the biggest benefits people see in direct sales is the ability to control their income and to take home their money the night of the party.  Of course, there are expenses that must be accounted for or money put aside for, but depending on your commission rate and the party sales, a person can easily clear $100 and up for a few hours of work.

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Where Should You Recruit?

The short answer is everywhere you possibly can.

You want to recruit locally and you want to recruit those who are at a distance to you.  Recruiting those who do not live near you can be harder but it is not impossible by any means.  This allows your team to grow wide and then deep where if you only recruit locally it can become tough to recruit after a while (especially in a small community). Of course, it all depends what your goals are with your direct sales business.

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.

Skip the Army and Join Direct Sales

Local Recruiting

These recruits are easy to find.  They are the ones that come to your parties, ask questions about the product and are curious.  They may approach you after the party and ask about joining or you may have to talk to them a bit afterwards to find if they are interested.   Obviously not everyone you talk to about the opportunity will sign but if you talk to enough people, you will gain a teammate.

While you may think that local recruits are the best, sometimes they can be more difficult to work with.

Distance Recruiting

There are several methods you can use to find these people:

Attend a local party but are not actually from the area

Find your website through a variety of methods

Someone you strike up a conversation with while you are on the road

These recruits can be tougher to work with as they are not local.  Find out what they want to do with their direct sales business and help them the best you can.  Find them local meetings they can attend or other consultants in their area that they can get together with.  Help them advertise to get parties going and invite them to join any team training you do through online methods or through the phone.

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Why Discounts can Be Dangerous in Direct Sales

Everyone loves a discount, except the person selling the product.  But, keep in mind that depending on where you are shopping, their markup could be at least double their cost, making a 50% markdown equivalent to their cost.  Unless you are receiving that much in commission or you enjoy losing money, you cannot afford to give that type of discount within your direct sales business.

De-valuing Product – One of the biggest arguments against giving a discount to customer is the fact that they will come to expect it in the future.  This is especially true if you offer the discount to a hostess and her customers in order to get them to book a party.  Once you do this, it will be expected the next time and they likely will not even book until you promise them the same incentive.  You may even have to increase the discount to the point that you are losing money on the party.  Not only will this hurt your business but it will hurt other direct sales consultants as the customer will approach others in the same business expecting the same deal.  They may even try approaching consultants with other companies to get the same benefit.

That said, there are times that a discount is appropriate such as clearing out older inventory that is no longer in season or that there is an issue with such as a crack or tear which does not affect performance.

If you feel the need to give a discount, you may want to consider offering a bonus or gift with the purchase instead as an incentive.  One good reason to support this is that if they try something else, they may like it and purchase that in the future as well.  This can be a great way to increase your sales instead of decreasing them with a discount.


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Increasing your Sales

Upselling is a great way to increase the total sales at a direct sales party, but there are also some other methods that you can use to increase sales.  Here are a few ideas and how to implement them.  See which one feels comfortable to you – it may vary depending on the party as well so be familiar with all the options.

“Did you see our specials?” – Do you have a customer special going on that the customer qualifies for?  Quite often people get caught up in making sure that they ordered the things they wanted, they forget to look for the specials.  Point them out so that they are not forgotten about.

“Is that everything?” – Another great way to get the total of the order to be higher is to ask them “is that everything?”  Quite often they will say something like, “well, I was thinking of getting this, what do you think of it?” or they will just add it to their order.

Your Own Specials – Do you offer your own specials?  Maybe you have a deal where they spend X amount of dollars and they get an item at half off.  Point out to them that if they spend just $5 more they will qualify to get the item of their choice (or of your choice if you have created a special).  Quite often, people will spend the extra money to get the incentive.  You could also entice them with a free gift once they spend Y dollars.

Another good method to increase sales is to accept credit cards.  When people can charge their purchases, they do not think about how much they are spending.  Customers who pay cash or cheque tend to be watching their money a bit closer and will stick to what they planned to spend.

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News: Direct Selling Has Been a Benefit For People In The Recession

Direct Selling Is Recession-Proof

Neil Offen, president of the Direct Selling Association says of the direct sales industry, “We’re recession-resistant in the sense that more people come to us during economic hard times for supplemental income or replacement of a lost job.”  The prolonged recession has acted as a tool that direct sellers have used for recruitment purposes.  Large direct sales companies like the makeup and clothing giant, Avon, and Silpada Designs, a jewelry manufacturer, are encouraging their sales consultants to inform people that direct selling is a tool they can use to keep producing income even when the economy is performing poorly.
Read more:  http://www.secaucusnewjersey.org/direct-selling-a-way-to-overcome-a-sluggish-economy-2308.html

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Do you have to be in direct sales more than a few months?

I have never heard any rules against this.  In fact, some people sign up, get their kits, and are never heard from again (these are called “kitnappers”).  You may discover that you enjoy the extra income that you are making from your direct sales business that you do not want to quit when you make your goal which would be great!

I would recommend that you let the person you signed up with know that you are only in direct sales for a short amount of time.  Some sponsors spend a lot of time on team training and getting people to move up the ranks.  While you will still get this training, they may ask if you still want to participate or they may choose not to focus on you as much when it comes to recruiting and other training.

Mostly, be honest.  If your direct sales upline contacts you and asks why you haven’t made sales in 2 months, tell them this was just a temporary thing, you hit your goals, and now you’re moving on.  They will appreciate it.

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