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Trade Show Tips as a Guest

Trade shows can be a lot of fun.  You get to see a lot of companies and products that you may not have heard of before.  You may be able to find product that was discontinued but that the rep still had in their stock or you may get to try new products that you haven’t experienced before.  Regardless, there are a few tips to help you get the most of your trade show experience.

2008 Display Taiwan.

2008 Display Taiwan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Labels – If you have access to a printer, pre-make labels with your name, phone number and email address to use to enter draws.  It saves you time as you do not have to write it all out and it assists the vendor as the information is actually legible.  You would hate to miss out on a prize because they couldn’t read your writing, right?

Cash – I am always surprised how many people come to trade shows without any cash.  Maybe this is because they want to guarantee they do not purchase anything?   Vendors may not be willing to accept cheques or credit cards at events for a variety of reasons – they may not be able to process them, they do not know you and worry about them bouncing or because you already have the product and there is no recourse if payment does not clear.

Shopping Bag – Bring a bag with you to the event.  You may end up with catalogues or other various materials that you take home not to mention you may end up making a purchase.  Many vendors do not seem to carry bags with them and you can use a re-usable canvas bag instead of a plastic bag.

Patience – Trade shows are not typically events to go to if you only have five minutes.  All you can do in that amount of time is come in and see who is there.  If you want to check out any of the booths, you will need time to stop there, talk to the vendor and possibly sniff, sample, try on or examine the product.  If you book a party, you will need to pick a date if possible at the event.

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Offering Party Perks on your Own

There are some consultants that find that their company does not offer incentives that they feel their customers want.  For that reason, these direct sales consultants go out of their way to offer their own perks to the hostess and customers.   There are several ways that you can do this without cutting too far into your profits.

Bundles – Your company may offer some sort of bundle, but restrict the colours/scents/flavor to the ones that they select.  One thing that you can do is offer your customer a customized bundle but at the same price.  Make sure that yShopping Bag, Orangeou state that it is only those specific items but they can select what colour/scent/flavor they want at the same price point.  Be careful that customers do not try to substitute here as they might to try and get a better deal.

Packages – Maybe your company offers items that would go together well but yo find customers do not tend to buy the items together.  Try offering packages putting the items together and allowing them to still customize the colour/scent/flavor that they want but you put together a package that includes three complimentary items for one price.  You do not even need to discount it much as people will be happy that they can just pick a package and be done.  A package that might cost $78 retail could be marked to $75 retail and it will sell just fine.  Create a few packages at different price points but do not go crazy with a dozen different ones – it will just confuse people and they will not buy anything.

Free Gift – Another perk that I have seen offered is a free gift with purchase.  This can be something that you ordered on a supply order for cheap or a sample of a different product.  People do not tend to be picky about what they get for free; they are just happy to get something extra.

There is no rule that says you have to offer above and beyond what your company offers when working in direct sales, but sometimes it can be beneficial and help you to meet goals and quotas.

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