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Promote Events with Twitter

Twitter has become a powerful tool over the years for businesses. Contacting colleagues, talking to customers, answering questions – it’s all right there at your fingertips.


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One aspect of Twitter that’s sometimes ignored is the ability to promote your events. Sure, you tweet about them from time to time, but they can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. To really take it to the next step, use the following tips.


Hashtags are keywords tagged with the “#” sign on Twitter. By creating a Hashtag around your event, you make it easy for others to track info, news, and conversations about your event.  Make it something specific yet simple for the best results. #meetinginsanfranciscoforbrainstorming may be detailed but it’s way too long – go for #SFbrainstorm so people have room to add their thoughts.

Twitter Tools

Tweetvite  – Tweetvite allows you to create invitations for events you’re hosting through Twitter. There’s no sign-up-you register with your Twitter account. Tweetvite offers step-by-step instructions on creating your tweetvite, allows for customization of colors and themes, and even allows you to add your own pictures or video. You then publish your invitation, which  makes it live so other people can view it and RSVP. It also can be found in the listing of Tweetups on the site.

TweetMyEvents  – TweetMyEvents is a real-time event sharing platform for Twitter. It allows you to create an event and then tweet it. Events can then be retweeted by viewers to help increase your exposure. TweetMyEvents also has a real-time tracking counter so you can monitor your page and see how many people have retweeted your event. You can also search for events directly on TweetMyEvents.

Event Tools

Eventbrite – Eventbrite allows you to create a customized online event registration page, and includes the ability for professional ticketing and to sell the tickets directly from your website. As far as promoting the event goes, Eventbrite lets you leverage search engines, use email marketing, create custom contact lists, and offers 1-click integration with a variety of social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Meetup – Meetup allows you to find or create a meetup group around an event. It’s a very simple interface to use and allows you to connect with friends, fans, and followers on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. 

Other Ideas: 

Tweet Your Press Release – One of the easiest ways to get the word out about your event is to tweet the event’s press release using the event hashtag mentioned at the beginning of the post. This way users get the whole idea of the event instead of having to search through old posts to find out where the event is and other details.

TwitPic – Don’t forget to follow up to the event by posting pictures of it using TwitPic. TwitPic is a tool that allows you to take a photo and then upload it directly to Twitter. Anyone following you on Twitter will see your Tweet and then click the link to view the photo.

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How can I get more accomplished in a day?

My first question for you is what are you doing all day?  Do you have applications like Facebook, Twitter, games or even email open all day?  These can suck you and take your productivity down to 0.  I would recommend shutting them down including your email and working on other projects.  You may be wondering about email, but I will explain.

An hourglass

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Email is a time waster as you either get a lot of messages or you get none.  If you get none and you keep hitting the refresh button, you are wasting time.  If you get a lot, chances are you are pouncing on each one when it comes in to deal with it.  This wastes a lot of time as you lose productivity switching from task to task.

What I recommend:  turn off you email and only check it every hour or two.  You will be more focused and resolve more issues when doing this.  I have done this myself and found it definitely made a difference!

A to do list and a timer are your friend.  Make a list of what you want to accomplish that day and approximately how long it will take.  Set the timer and off you go!  If you have time leftover, start the next task.  You could end up with spare time at the end of the day and then you can play.

If you take a break to check Facebook or other items, set your time for this too and stop when it goes off.  These can suck you in and two hours will go by without you noticing.

Use Your Customers Preferred Communication Method

A big part of your direct sales business is learning how to communicate with your customers.  You may have a method that you prefer but it may not be the same one as your customers.  For the best results, it is ideal to find the one that you both like or can agree on.

I have a story about this I want to share.

I was looking for a new massage person as the one I was seeing left.  I saw a recommendation on Twitter for this lady whose contact was through Facebook.  I don’t have an issue with Facebook communication so I went over there and sent her a message.  And waited for a reply.  When I did get a reply, she told me she does not check her Facebook private messages very often and to please text her instead.  I do not have texting on my phone (I’m a bit of a dinosaur in that regard) and as a result, she lost out on my business to another location that communicates in a way that I can which is via regular phone.  Even if this person had given me an email address to contact her at we could have come out to some sort of arrangement as that is my ideal method of communication but that option was not given.  There goes my business.  And while I do not go for a massage all that often, I probably go at least half a dozen times a year.

The point of my slightly long winded story is that it is important to communicate with your customers and use the various methods available to you.  We know that small orders can make the difference and that they add up so why not stay in touch and make sure we are not losing those orders?

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Facebook as a Platform for Social Networking and Marketing

It’s amazing how much controversy as well as addiction a social networking site can create. From the time of its conception Facebook (FB) has faced the heat of both fans as well as detractors; the latter consider it a waste of time and an identity threat. Given the current rise in usage of social media and the need people have to connect on the go, FB has become indispensible though there are people who consciously do without it.

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Marketing and advertising are features that are attracting not only companies but private entrepreneurs too.  For those starting out as freelancers or doing gigs, the page making facility helps get one posted for free on a platform that’s bound to win an audience.

However, 2012 has brought in some amusing incidents where it seems the Facebook team will have to admit, you just can’t please them all. It all started out with the new enemy list application. Now instead of just being able to elevate friends to the status of best buddies or close chums, Facebook allows you to also display an enemy list! It’s rather amusing as some enthusiastic users have waged a war against tomatoes by adding it to this enemy list!  But on the more serious side, the advertisement offering services as most users will note, are a big hit as you have ‘n’ amount of people who’ll have a look at your ad .

William Shakespeare had asked, ‘What’s in a name?’ According to Facebook, it could be fake or fabricated and so worthy of being blocked. That’s what happened recently to a community of thousands of Facebook subscribers from the Indian state of Assam as they are named ‘Chutia’ pronounced ‘Sutiya’ whose spelling in Hindi is an expletive.

Another name that generated a lot of heat but unfortunately little light is the controversy about Salman’s Rushdie’s first name which the site insisted was not Salman but a more Islamic sounding one. For his part, Salman insisted that it should be ‘Salman’ as that is the name fans of his books know him.

If you go through the community lists on Facebook, you might end up finding your favorite café digging cyber space with your favorite brand of chocolate or even favorite movie. The marketers have used the fan attracting facility to their advantage as well as the ‘like’ button. What can be a better way to get friends of friends interested in a product or concert than by an advert of it popping up stating so many mutual friends are game on this? Funnily, it has been noted that around three million people have signed a petition for an ‘unlike’ button too!

Our educators too are showing themselves Facebook savvy and many a time you’ll find a professor posting about new notes being distributed or a scheduled class test. Nor are budding writers deterred as making a page devoted to their writings is just a click away. Thus, the world is in its own individual ways using Facebook as a means of social connectivity as well as marketing. Perhaps its ease of use and well designed layout lend it charm that has made many a college student an addict.


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