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Five Ways to Motivate your Team

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If you have built a multilevel marketing sales team, you have probably noticed that their performance increases when they feel more motivated. Here are five good ways to light a fire under your sales team to increase revenue for everyone.

Send motivational letters and emails.

One great way to keep your team motivated is to share stories with them of others in the direct sales business who have been successful. Everyone feels more confident when they see that other regular people who they can identify with can achieve something great.

Encourage some friendly competition.

Offer a gift or bonus to the first team member who reaches a particular goal if you want to foster a sudden growth spurt. If you’re trying to encourage long-term growth, set a date in the future and offer the reward to whoever sells the most by then.

Meet with team members one-on-one.

Make the effort to meet with each of the members of your sales team individually so you can get a feel for their specific strengths and weaknesses. Listen to their concerns and try to get to know them. Some direct contact with the leader can help build a good rapport and increase their desire to be successful for both of you.

Break up your team into smaller groups.

If you have a bigger team, it might be helpful to break the group up into mini-teams so each member has a very close network of support.

Create performance charts.

Compile data from all your team members and create charts to show growth. You may want to do this anonymously if protecting sales figures is important, or attach names so the top earners can feel more rewarded. Most people find that viewing data graphically gives a better feel of the big picture and it can become a sort of “game” to try to make the chart grow.

Leadership Ideas: 5 Ideas to Motivate Your Team

You’re a team leader for a reason. Now that you’re in this position, it’s up to you to keep your team feeling excited and motivated about what they’re doing. There will be times when team members hit road blocks. Who do they look to for guidance? You, of course! Following are 5 ideas to keep them motivated:

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1. Get them excited: Nothing motivates more than excitement and it’s up to you to create it. If you’re excited about what you’re doing, the rest of the team will “catch” that excitement. Pull them into your frame of mind.  Offer contests, host training meetings, whatever you think will add that sparkle back into their business.

2. Keep it fun: Nothing’s worse than being miserable in your career. Consider that your team members entered into this arena to build something for themselves. Keeping things fun and active will remind them of why they wanted to do this.

3. Involve your team members: Let them see that their contributions and ideas are valued. Supporting your team members and listening to what they have to say energizes them to keep moving forward.  Ask them to come up with ideas for a team newsletter or why they love their business.  Share this with the others on your team and give them the credit for it.

4. Help out: No one can force another person to do what they need to do to be successful, but you can be a team leader and offer your support. Let them do the work but also let them know you’re interested in what they’re doing. Offer advice and suggestions.  Give them one on one time with you, send them emails with suggestions they can follow, whatever you feel that they need based on talking to them.

5. Don’t hover but be available: Be there to offer guidance and check in from time to time. But remember it’s their business. Let them run it. They’ll let you know if they need you.  It is important to learn when to back off and give them their space.  Sometimes people have things going on in their life where their business is not their first priority.  They will let you know when they are ready to come back.

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Motivating your Direct Sales Team

If you have a direct sales team, one thing you may have to do occasionally is help motivate your team and get them going.  This can be difficult if you do not know what their goals are or what they want to accomplish.  Thankfully, it can be relatively easy to ask them this question.

The first thing you need to be able to do to motivate them is to know what they want to accomplish.  Do they want to make sales, recruit or do something else like fundraisers?  What are they currently doing?  What is holding them back from doing something if they are not doing anything?  If you do not know what they want, you cannot provide ideas.

Next, give them ideas or create challenges for them to make these goals.  For instance, if they want fundraisers but they have not approached anyone, challenge them to approach five people in the next week.  They may protest that they do not know five people that would want a fundraiser but they could be surprised.  Ask if they know anyone involved in sports, in music, or even anyone who may be battling an illness and could use some extra funds to help pay medical bills.  These are all people they could potentially approach about a fundraiser.  Is everyone going to jump at the chance to do a fundraiser – no – but, it will help the person get comfortable talking about it and you never know what may come of it.

Make sure to check in with them a week later or whatever deadline you set to find out how it went.  If they were successful, congratulate them and ask them how it felt, if they feel confident doing that going forward and possibly give them another challenge.  If they were not successful, ask them what happened.  Was it something they chose not to do, did they ignore the challenge or did something come up in life that just prevented them from being to do this?  Maybe you can re-challenge them or change the challenge a bit to make it easier for them.

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